“Get a Room, Mom!”

“Get a room, Mom!”

Several years ago, my husband Tom and I were on a four-hour road trip. We were going to watch our daughter’s college soccer match. For those of you who have kids who play sports, you know the drill. Tom took Friday off and we left around midday to our daughter’s college. We were hoping to be able to take some of the girls out for dinner.

One of our favorite ways to pass the time in the car is to talk about, what else, SEX! We both get turned on by talking about what turns us on. We have found this keeps our sex life fun and exciting. Intimate communication is so important to a healthy marriage.

As I expected, soon into the trip our conversation turned from day to day subjects to our favorite topic. So, to help things along, I had dressed for the occasion and brought along a little friend. It was a six-inch purple vibrator. It had so many different settings I felt like I needed a pilot’s license to operate it!

The fall weather was warm. I was wearing a short white jean skirt, a yellow tank top and my cutest sandals. Tom had remarked that I looked fantastic, and that made me feel very sexy and playful.

About an hour into the trip, Tom asked me if I had ever masturbated while driving. I was a little embarrassed, but I said yes, I had. I told him that when I was alone in the car on long boring trips, my hand sometimes found its way inside my panties. It usually happened when I was wearing a skirt or dress. I also admitted to teasing my breasts and nipples while behind the wheel. Sometimes, passing truck drivers had even gotten a brief glimpse of my best features and given an appreciative honk in return.

Now, I certainly hope our highways aren’t full of horny women playing with themselves while driving! But, I do suspect I’m not the only one.

As I thought, this turned Tom on immediately. “Show me,” he begged.

I looked around to make sure the coast was clear. I pulled the straps of my tank top off my shoulders, exposing the tops of my boobs. I reclined the seat and closed my eyes. I began to imagine Tom, standing naked in the shower, stroking his hard cock while watching me get dressed that morning.

I started caressing my breasts, moving my hands over my top. Then I pulled one out of my bra and began to squeeze and pull my nipple. I wet it with my finger and angled the air conditioner to blow cold air right at my chest. That got both nipples standing at full attention.

I have large breasts and can get my tongue on my own nipples without much effort. This drives Tom wild, so when he looked my way again I began to lick them. That made him moan with desire as he dragged his eyes back to the road.

I am very fortunate that my nipples seem to be hard-wired to my pussy. As I licked, I could feel my pussy begin to moisten and tingle. I moved my hips into a better angle and began to stroke the insides of my thighs.

Tom angled the rearview mirror to get a better look at what was happening between my legs. After a few minutes, I smiled and said, “I have a little surprise for you. I brought a little friend along with us, hoping for some hotel fun tonight. But there is no reason to wait, right?”

“Be my guest, babe,” Tom enthusiastically agreed.

I unhooked my seat belt (not recommended!) and reached into my bag in the back seat. I pulled out my new toy from it.

I showed it to Tom. Then I slowly and seductively licked and sucked it like I was giving him a blow job. I could see from the bulge in his shorts that this was working. He reached over and began stroking and kneading my thigh.

“Two hands on the wheel, mister,” I instructed. I then slid my panties down my legs and off in one deft move.

“Looks like you have done that before,” Tom observed wryly. He was loving this!

I took my panties and rubbed them gently across Tom’s face. He loves the way I smell when I get aroused.

“This seems to be working on both of us,” he said. His erection was showing in his golf shorts.

I turned on the vibrator, and we giggled about all the different settings. I found a pulsating one I had never tried. I ran it over my thighs and labia and then settled in on my clit. In a short few minutes, I brought myself to my first orgasm.

I have become multi-orgasmic as I have gotten more in touch with my body, so I wanted more. I kept the vibrator going, stroking it in and out of my pussy and “riding the wave.” I became absorbed in my own pleasure. I did not even notice that Tom had pulled his cock out of his pants.

He was stroking his hard manhood as I was working on myself! He had his left hand on the steering wheel and his right hand on his cock.

“Pull over, Sir,” I said. “Do you know how fast you were going?”

“I’m sorry, Officer, but my wife was masturbating in front of me! I lost track of the speed limit.”

He pulled into the next rest stop we could find, and we parked far away from the other cars. I got up on my knees and he reclined his seat. I wrapped my white silk panties around his swollen cock. Then I brought my mouth down and began sucking the head and stroking him with both hands. Within about a minute, his cum blasted out in large spurts of sticky white semen. I cleaned him up with my panties and tucked them away into my bag.

We resumed our trip, but it wasn’t long before I had the vibrator back out. By the time we reached our destination, I was ready to get him alone and devour him.

The soccer girls at dinner were fun and sweet. Afterward, one of my daughter’s close friends said to me, “We talk all the time about how great Allison’s parents are. We love to watch you together. It sort of gives us hope that we could have a marriage like you guys do some day.”

That brought tears to my eyes. I wanted to sit her down right there and tell her about the challenges and the ups and downs of a 25-year marriage. But she wasn’t ready for that yet. I just hugged her tightly and told her how much it meant to us that our daughter had such great friends. I said that I hoped for them someday the happiness that Tom and I felt.

But I couldn’t help but smile inside. I doubt any of them would have guessed in a hundred years what Allison’s parents had been doing that afternoon.

As we walked with the team out to the restaurant parking lot, I put my arm around Tom’s waist. I squeezed his cute ass and kissed him on the cheek. Then I heard Allison ahead of me shout, “Mom! Get a room!” The girls laughed and so did we.

Little did they know…

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15 replies
    • BradMona13 says:

      Mona and I love to masturbate on long trips. Usually she will discuss a fantasy of hers while she pinches a nipple and slides a hand down her pants. Of course, she has a much easier time when wearing a skirt. I'll pull out my cock and stroke away while listening to her stories. Usually doesn't take either of us long to cum…..unless we want to edge ourselves for an hour or more. It's a good thing we carry plenty of wipes to clean up with in the glove compartment…..as well as some air freshener. Although…..I do love the smell of pussy in the air. 🙂

    • mrandmrshumperdink says:

      I have also prepped my car. I have a small vibe I keep in the glovebox for really bad traffic.

  1. kmg902 says:

    What a great story and awesome connection between spouses! I love hearing about others that appreciate the scent of a woman and incorporate that into their marital play. Inspiring.

  2. secretcouple says:

    This is such a fun story and makes us want to take a road trip! We have played a few times in the car but she has a hard time relaxing her mind enough to let the vibrator work! Our best time was on a full airplane flight to Vegas and I was able to slide my hand inside her jeans and on top of her silky panties and rub her to a couple of orgasms. She was hesitant the first time, but for the second had unzipped her jeans for me! Thank you airline for blankets!

  3. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    I really enjoyed the end where your love could be seen and you're right, it's not easy to get and stay there, but it's about the intimacy and the heat of the sex. My wife and I are seeing the end of our kids at home, but have similar stories of sexual exploits in cars because it was away from our kids at events or even at home. When they were younger, and sleeping in the back, we'd get a little playful as well. Gotta get it when you can and they often have no idea!

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