Fantasy Comes to Life (L)

My wildest sexual experience was on our second honeymoon trip to Dubai. We are a couple from India, and we travel a lot to international destinations. We’ve been married for three years, and we were in a relationship for three years before that. We both love vaginal, oral, anal, and all other types of pleasures.

We stayed in the Dubai Marina area and were lucky to get a hotel room facing a river where lots of speed boats were moving. It was a romantic view from our room. We were enjoying the view and thought we might like to roam around. But first, my wife wanted to take a bath.

The restroom was beautifully decorated with scented candles and rose petals, and it had a Jacuzzi. Beside the tub, there was a bottle of red wine and some essential oils. My wife got in the Jacuzzi and, after a few moments, she insisted that I too come inside. I joined her, and watching her big boobs bobbing on the bubbly water turned me on.

I took the hand shower and started playing with her. She was getting aroused as I adjusted the shower to its highest setting and kept it over her vaginal opening. She was in seventh heaven. I asked her what she wanted, and she told me to pound her pussy as hard as I have ever pounded it.

I told her to lie back in the Jacuzzi and slipped inside her. I couldn’t go as hard as she’d have liked because of the sloshing, but the sound of water turned both of us on. We fucked for about 20 minutes or so before I lifted her out and toweled her off, then sat her on the edge of the washbasin and resumed my pounding. We could see ourselves in the mirror—a real turn-on.

Next, I laid her on the plush bathmat and knelt over her face. She gave me a deep blowjob, taking me down her throat. In return, I dove between her legs and just ate up her red pussy. She enjoys when I bite her pussy lips, so several times, I carefully took them between my teeth and shook my head, then let them pull out slowly. Between that and my follow-on attention to her clit, I soon had her climaxing. After a short respite, I went back to work, and before long, she was writhing and begging me to get back inside her.

My wife kept encouraging me to give her more. “Fuck me, fuck me hard. Tear up this pussy. I want your dick so far up inside me I can taste it! Fuck me deeper; Momma needs a baby boy.” Her words made me wild, and I fell on her chest, licking and sucking, pinching and nipping. (She had lots of lovebites the next morning.) Those deep red nipples turned me on so much that I couldn’t resist climbing up to rub my dick between her breasts for a while. I loved fucking her big, floppy boobs. But I soon returned to give her the load she begged me for. After it was over, I had to carry her to the bed as she felt a little tired and sleepy.

The next day I asked her how she enjoyed our love-fest. She smiled and said, “That was the greatest sex of my life. I’d love to do it again.” I guess the romantic environment turned her on, and she got wild. This was my wildest sex experience ever, and I am blessed by the wife who shared it with me.

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  1. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi Bornhorny,

    That ending of Fantasy Comes To Life sure was hot.

    The stories that you write might not be real, but it is hard tell because they are so well written.

    Just curious how you came up with the name Alia for you're wife.

    Is this a girl that you know that you like/ are interested in?

    Also, curious what you are studying at university? I know that you said that in one story you went to university.

    I am a former history student and now I am a Library Information Technology student.

  2. Loving Guy says:

    Some things that happened to me! The question is are they real events or just fictional fantasies? That is for the reader to decide!

    I once caught a couple in our neighbourhood having a good time on a Saturday afternoon. I went over to give them some mail that had ended up in our mailbox the previous day. I saw the couple involved in mutual masturbation. The wife was wearing stockings, heels and was playing with her tits and rubbing her hairy pussy and her hubby was watching and having some fun too. I watched for a few minutes and then left after. Once I got home, I had to jerk off. They got their mail. It was definitely awkward looking at them afterward, that’s for sure!

    Another time, there were painters over at our house. They were all females, and I got very turned on checking them out, so I had to got jerk off. I had the blinds open, but I did not notice if they saw me jerking or not. However, when they left, they said thanks for the show. One of the girls gave me her number and we even dated for a while. Unfortunately, it did not work out, but that is life!

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