Pandemic Mother’s Day 2020: A day to remember (L)

As the sun came up on this Mother’s Day 2020, I thought to myself how different this year had been thus far. We were in the middle of the pandemic lockdown. I thought about my daughter, how blessed I am to be her mother, and how proud I am of the woman she has become. Though I’m proud to be a mom,  Mother’s Day has been difficult for me the last several years; things are just so different without my mom. I miss her terribly but count my blessings for the wonderful times we shared and how she raised me – all the things she instilled in me. 

Our churches were not meeting, so I did not have to get out of bed right away. I snuggled closer to my sexy man and fell back asleep for a little longer.  When I woke, he was smiling at me, and he leaned over to kiss my nipple. He gently caressed and kissed both nipples as I let out soft moans of pleasure.

I reached down and cupped my husband’s balls, pulling and tugging them. I grabbed his hard shaft and rubbed up and down as he continued to enjoy my big breasts. Then I pushed him on his back so that I could lick and suck his cock.

“Mmmmmmmm, I like this,” I said as I grinned up at him. I continued to circle the tip of his cock with my tongue, tasting his sweet precum. I paused a minute and grabbed the coconut oil from the nightstand, then I oiled his shaft and gave him a brisk hand job until he was groaning and bucking his hips.

Next, I positioned myself so that I could slide down on his rock-hard cock, and I exclaimed, “Ahhhhh. Ohhhhh. Mmmmm, it feels so good, baby!  You’re soooo hard! Ohhh, yes!” I shoved my big breast in his face and told him, “Suck my tits, baby!” His tongue felt incredible on my nipples; I begged him to circle them, lick them, flick them harder and faster. “More, more… Please, more…” I rocked and rode his shaft, grinding against him.

Hubby grabbed my hips, pushing me down hard on his cock, and he would thrust up, hitting my deep sweet spot. “Oooooh, God, it feels good!” i cried. I kissed him hard and started to suck his tongue, and he thrust hard, pushing me down his shaft while holding me tight.

I let out a moan. “Ohhhhhhmmm,” as I sucked his tongue. Warm liquid gushed out of my pussy as I shook and enjoyed the pleasure. I continued to ride his cock until I reach the mountain top again. “Ohhh, fuck, I’m cumming!”

He sucked my nipples more. As I caught my breath, he rolled me over and climbed on for a little ride-time of his own. As he slid full length inside me, I moaned, “Oooooo, my God, you feel amazing!”

He pounded me hard with long, deep strokes that got faster. I came over and over, soaking the love blanket! “I love to make love to you. Ohhhh, you’re so good! Give your horny wife the pounding she needs. Ohhhhhhh. Yes. Baby. That’s it!”

Then, Hubby pulled out and had me roll on my side as he got behind me.  He grabbed my butt cheeks and slid in, balls deep. I gasped!

Propping up on a pillow and angling myself so that I could grab his thigh, I helped pull him deep as he thrust hard, over and over. “Ohhhhh, I’m cumming! Ohhhhh…  Fill me up! Give me your cum!” I cried.

My husband groaned and we both came together as he filled me with spurt after spurt of cum! I said, “Now, that’s how a Mother’s day should begin!” We collapsed into each other’s arms and fell back asleep for another hour. 

When we woke up I made protein shakes for us and our daughter. My girl gave me a big hug, telling me she loved me and wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day. It was special having her home to spend the day with me; for the last several years, she’s had to work on Mother’s Day—as a waitress, she made the best tips that day!

Then I relaxed, did some reading, and took the dog for a walk. My husband showered and got ready to go pick up the lunch we had ordered. While he was gone, I showered. When he returned, we sat as a family and watched the church service online together. My daughter gave me a sweet Mother’s Day card and a gift she had bought, and my husband gave me a touching card, too. We enjoyed our lunch, and then our daughter started to feel bad. She had a terrible headache, so she excused herself and went to her room to take a nap. 

It was nice weather, so my husband and I decided to sit out on the patio and listen to some music. We enjoyed the sunshine and chatting together. Then he got out of his chair and came over to kiss me. He knelt between my legs and started to kiss all around my thighs until I was squirming. Hubby helped me out of my shorts then began to eat my pussy. My man is so gifted at licking my pussy. I hoped the neighbors behind us could not see us, because the trees had not leafed out enough yet to fully block their view. I also hoped our daughter didn’t come downstairs. The excitement of being outdoors made me so wet!

“Ohhhhh. Damn, your good,” I told my husband. He continued to enjoy his dessert until I came several times. Then I had him stand so I could savor and suck his cock. I grabbed his ass, pulled him tight, and had him thrust in and out as I sucked him hard. Then I lay on the outdoor rug by the door and pulled him on top of me, and he began to give me what I wanted—another pounding! “Ohhhhh, mmmm!” I came again and again.

By this time, my back was starting to hurt, so we ran inside, and he pushed me onto our famous ottoman and started licking me again until I came. I tried to keep my voice soft and not wake our daughter. We knew it was dangerous to be doing this in the living room, but in our excitement, he just had to enter me again. “Ohhhhhhh, f— mmmm…” I tried to stay quiet as he brought me to another orgasm.

As I came down, I said, “I think we better go to our room.” When we got there, he laid me on the bed and rubbed the tip of his cock all up and down my labia and clit. He had me dripping wet, bringing me to a couple of more orgasms as he slapped his cock on my clit and circled it. I was in heaven. “Ohhhhh, baby, you know what I like too well! Ohhhh, damn you’re good! I need to taste you,” I said.

He grabbed a vibrator out of the drawer, and I thrust it in my throbbing pussy as he pushed his big hard cock deep in my mouth. Oh, man, that turns me on so much. I came hard as I sucked him and rocked against the vibe. Then he turned 69 so I could suck and really pull and play with his balls as he licked up all the wetness from my numerous orgasms.

Soon I was cumming in his mouth again. I heard him moan as I filled his mouth with my juices. He turned and slid his cock in – deep and hard fucking – me hard.  I begged for more,  “Oh harder! Baby, give it to me…  ohhhhhhhh! Pound your horny wife!” He pounded me until I came again then he pulled out and came on my pussy as I watched. “That’s so HOT to watch you cum!” I told him.  He rubbed the cum all over my mound and then got some on his finger and thrust deep in my Pussy – hitting my A spot for another orgasm.  This was the big finale.  My body thrashed and writhed – shaking violently as I came,  then I collapsed – totally spent. 

We took a nap because we were exhausted.  Later I offered to pick up dinner.  He said, “It’s Mother’s Day. I will take care of it!”

I said, “Oh you took care of it alright!”

He said, “The day’s not over yet Babe.  This is going to be a Mother’s Day you won’t ever forget!”

We ate our dinner with our daughter.  She was feeling a little better. We relaxed and watched tv,  then when we got ready for bed we snuggled and kissed until we got ourselves all worked up again and he made love to me nice and slow.  This time I totally let go and enjoyed every moment as he brought me to more orgasms. When we were enjoying the afterglow he told me he had been determined to make my day special and not let me be sad missing my mom. He told me what a wonderful wife and mother I am and how proud he is of me! Brought tears to my eyes how blessed I am to have this wonderful man. Then started trying to count just how many orgasms I had that day. He said he knows he set a record and he was quite proud of himself!

“It’s hard for me to count when I’m enjoying them,” I said.

But he says that I came 26 times that day. Needless to say, we both slept very well that night!

Though it wasn’t a very traditional way to celebrate Mother’s Day, it was one of the most memorable days! It was the first Mother’s Day I had not cried in seven Years. God knew just what I needed that day! I love you so much, baby!

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14 replies
  1. Giants05 says:

    Damn this is so fucking hot. So glad I logged on this morning which i never do in the morn and never wake up so early. Glad my wife heard me up and got to read this story. We were both so wowed by it. Btw great advice on the coconut oil and sucking on his tounge.
    The part of shoving your big breast in his face turned my wife on so much.
    Again thanks for the hot inspiration.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Sorry so late responding. Glad you got some action after reading my story! Thank you for your kind words.

  2. LovingMan says:

    SouthernHeat, you’ve done it again! What a great story. Married sexual love can be so healing, and that came across in this story. And 26 orgasms?! Wow! Your husband is the man! He was so kind to give you that kind of day… although I am sure he enjoyed it all too! God bless you both, y’all are an inspiration!!!

    • SouthernHeat says:

      My husband is the Man !!!!! Married sexy is definitely not boring; it just keeps getting better ! Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Peterpan says:

    What a great story to read, Southernheat. You always have such a nice mix of who starts the lovemaking. Nice that you came so many times. Do you ever think about collecting your MH stories and make a booklet of them? I would love to read that. But that is just a question that came up.

    [Note from MH: We did publish a compilation of SouthernHeat's works a while back. It will probably be updated to include her more recent entries before we publish it as an ebook/audiobook later on this year (we hope.)]

  4. Bona says:

    SH, you're my favourite in here. Your stories are such a blessing.

    SH, I am a single guy from Africa in my late twenties. I grew up in rather a conservative family. But I enjoyed every bit of your stories. Thanks for sharing your private details with us. As I read about your man filling you with spurt after spurt of cum, I spurted my conservative cum all over my hand.

    I am grateful for MH, God bless you for reaching out with the blessings of the marriage bed.

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