Feeling Hungry….

This story contains strong language (L).

It was the day after the New Year. We had not managed much alone time on New year’s Day, so I was starting to feel a bit frisky. Raj came home from work, and we sat on the couch, catching up on his day. From the look of my husband, I could tell he wanted to fuck me very much, but he didn’t express his desire because it was getting close to dinner.

My husband had to take a phone call before we could leave to go out for dinner. While he was on the phone, I went to our room to change. I put on a low-cut black dress that was rather short in the front with a bit longer hem in the back. Then I took off my panties, put on some black heels, and spritzed on some perfume; I was ready to go!

We flirted and held hands as we drove to dinner. We always enjoy spending time together. After dinner, we decided to drive back home and watch a movie.

As we reached home, I tried to keep my composure. Smelling his cologne I wanted for him to make a move. Any move. Just say something to break the silence and show he is a little horny for me. Then I saw his reflection in the mirror on the wall as we passed the hallway into our bedroom. He kept staring at my ass. This was my chance to give him a good show. So I dropped the key to the floor so I could bend over and pick it up. Feeling bold from the alcohol which we had earlier, I stopped just a slight distance from my husband’s cock and bent down. I pressed Myself into his cock, feeling the thickness through his pants and my dress. Picking the key up I continued to walk as if nothing happened.

Raj couldn’t believe what I had just done. He wanted to let me know that this behavior will not satisfy him.

“So this is the DVD for…. Raj STOP, NO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Raj pushed me to the couch in the corner of the bedroom and kissed me. He was hungry and I knew my trick had worked. His mind went wild as he thought about all the things he wanted to do to me. Kissing was the beginning.

After Raj broke the kiss, he removed my dress and I was beneath him in my waist-high stockings and hot black bra. I had sensual big boobs perfect for his mouth. He removed one strap and ran his tongue over my nipple. Spitting and licking on it until I couldn’t take it anymore. I looked and felt as if I would cum at any moment.

“Do you like this, Alia? Do you enjoy teasing my cock?”

He grabbed me by my hair and placed my stomach down on the wooden desk. He spread my legs apart over the corner of the desk with my ass perfectly in the air so he can start his work. Five spanks in and I was moaning for more. His cock was filled with precum that was causing a massive stain on his pants. I was still on my stomach with one hand reaching behind – rubbing his cock.

Raj now felt that he was being too dominating with me and asked me “Alia, it’s fine for me if you can be the dominatrix for some time.”

I slowly got up from the table and started unbuttoning Raj’s shirt. “You are too sweet, Raj. You aren’t turned off by anal/saliva play and the likes, are you?”

“Not at all, in fact, I would love it,”  Raj said with sparkling eyes.

By that time, I had managed to strip Raj down to his underwear. I myself was just in my black heels, showing the full view of my voluptuous ass to Raj. I slowly led him to the bed and made him lie down on his back and I climbed on top of him.

“Alia, you look so sexy. I feel like burying my face in your boobs and sucking your little tits.”

I obliged, and for the next couple of minutes, Raj licked and sucked on my boobs.

“Come on, baby, suck them deep!” I started letting out soft moans and lightly bit my lower lip.

“I am your slave now, Alia,” Raj said in a submissive tone.

I took my right thumb and ran it over my moist tongue while looking sexily at Raj. I then took my wet thumb and started rubbing it on his nostrils. “You like it, Raj?” I asked, moistening my lips.

“Yes, I love it. Give me more” said Raj, while looking hungrily at my wet lips.

I then gave deep and wet kisses on Raj’s nose and lips. I then applied some of my saliva inside my ass crack, turned around, and performed facesitting on Raj. I could feel Raj’s nose inside my ass, and he was smelling and licking me wildly. I could see Raj’s bulge growing inside his underwear, and I smiled, knowing that my saliva smeared ass was doing its magic on Raj.

I lifted my ass from his face and sat on Raj’s chest facing him. “You want to eat some pussy?” I asked in a playful voice.

“Anything for my mistress,” Raj said with dreamy eyes. My raw smell had enchanted him.

Now I started rubbing my pussy all over my husband’s face, and he hungrily licked and ate my pussy. My moans started getting louder.

My husband’s tool was trying hard to burst out of his underwear. I was quick to notice this, and with my pussy still rubbing Raj’s face, I moved to a 69 position. I released my husband’s dick by lowering his underwear and what I saw pleased me. I took it in my mouth and began to suck it like candy.

The 69 session went on for around five more minutes. Then I slowly got up and gave a naughty glance at Raj. He still seemed enchanted, and his eyes were half-closed.

“Raj, come to your senses” I gave one more wet kiss on his nose and smiled at raj.

My husband slowly came out of his trance. “Alia, you are such a fine mistress. Would you like an oil massage?”

“Wow, that’s a sexy idea. Go ahead,” I replied and made myself comfortable on the bed.

Raj took a bottle of perfumed oil and started applying it on my neck and shoulders first, and then he moved slowly downwards and poured the aromatic oil over my breasts. I gave out a sharp cry, then he slowly started massaging my breasts, first at the nipples then from the sides. I could feel the breasts swelling and now I was excited. Raj was stimulating the nipples to become erect and then bent over to use his tongue on them. I squirmed in delight as he nibbled at my nipples, while simultaneously exploring my thighs with his other hand.

“Part your thighs a bit more,” Raj said as he smiled at me seductively.

I was feeling glorious already and I parted my thighs eagerly anticipating what might happen next. Raj poured some more oil on my belly and let it drip down between my thighs

Then he started massaging my thighs and I started to squirm and moan. Raj now started to concentrate on my cunt and with his fingers started to probe my depth. I sizzled like a snake, and Raj held me tightly in his grip and discovered my clitoris. He started unhooding the thick flesh on the clitoris with the thumb- it was painful but ecstatic! And when he pulled the hood down with pressure, I groaned with delight. Raj started manipulating the clitoris with slow circular motions around its base, then moving up and jabbing at it like a button.

“Ahhhhhh…. Unhhhnnn…. Suck me, Raj, suck me dry!” I ordered.

Raj bent down and wrapped his tongue on my clitoris which had swelled into a pink bud by then. He started to suck at it, and the stimulation was now getting too much. I felt a huge pleasure wave exploding inside me, and with a bang, I exploded on his tongue with a series of loud groans. Raj immediately licked my pussy, and started flickering his tongue in and out of the wet cunt rapidly for around three minutes and made me cum again with a thud.

“Raj, stop torturing me like this. I can’t take it anymore. Fuck me hard. Rip me apart” my voice was wild with lust.

Raj made me lie at the edge of the bed and grabbed me by my waist and pulled me closer to his hard dick and started teasing my clitoris and vulva with his dick.

Raj rubbed his cock on my face, over my lip teasing my mouth. He then grabbed my hair and slowly slid his cock into my mouth. Thrusting slowly he then surprised me and forced the full length of his dick inside my mouth, fast and hard. I moaned with pleasure- I enjoyed the deep throat so much. But Raj wasn’t done. He used his legs to push my thighs further apart. Swinging both legs over his shoulder he had my knees touching my own shoulders and he pushed his thick cock into my tight little pussy. I was so fucking tight he had to stop himself from going too hard, he worried he would hurt me. But I kept saying, “ Harder, give it to me harder… Please, it feels so good!”

“What feels good Alia? Tell me? What… feels…. good?”

With each word he spoke he thrust inside me harder and harder, in and out.

With a loud scream, I shouted Raj’s name and came on his dick. He could feel my muscles relaxing around his cock but he wasn’t done. I shouldn’t be done either.

He pulled out of me and spread some saliva onto my clit and rubbed it as he took my hand and guided it on his balls. He teased me until he was ready to go and again he played with my saliva-covered clit. He ran his tongue over my lips and bit down hard. He grabbed both my hands in his, and pushed into me faster and faster. He was close. But he wanted to give me a special gift.

He immediately pulled out and came on my face and tits. He spread more saliva to help the cum glisten on my face and breasts. I looked so satisfied underneath him. He looked down at his handiwork and thought:

“This is just the beginning, my little kitten…”

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