The Relaunch

I’m new to the site. I’m very grateful it exists. Finding vibrant, and steamy sex stories of husbands and wives fills me with such amazing joy and hope. It’s been the one glimmer of hope that beats back the lie that we are all fed; that sex in marriages fizzles out and becomes dry and monotonous.

Backstory: Got together at 19, married at 25. Been married 8 years this fall, no kids.

I’ve always wanted to have more sex. Be one of those “daily” sex-having people. But jobs and school have always gotten in the way.

Fast forward: covid, quarantine starts and I get pregnant accidentally. He is over the moon excited. I am filled with anxiety. With covid just breaking out, this is the worst time. Plus he’s trying to return to school. As the weeks pass I let myself get excited. At 14 weeks my doctor tells me I’ve had a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks.

In the coming days, we grieved together. Weirdly, I’ve never loved him more than in those moments. We cried, slept, raged, and expressed every thought… together. It was this special bond that only we understood. Not someone else who had this happen to them. This was us, this was ours, and it was gone… You don’t think of intimacy in grief, but it was there.

I had to have a procedure. I got back to normal pretty quickly.

I wanted to be happy again. Feel like myself, embrace all the good things in my life. I didn’t want to be the victim anymore. I wanted to relaunch our sex life. It had been forever, and I hated how normal that was becoming. I wanted to enter a stage in my life where our sex life was amazing. We were in tune with each other and focused on our intimacy.

We planned a romantic evening of dinner and a movie on the couch. I got my first vibrator for the occasion. It started getting late. We’d have to plan for another night, he needed to get up early. But just when I start opening the bed he comes for me.

The candles dimly lit the room. He kisses me deeply, squeezing my breasts with his hands. His tongue slips in my mouth, as his lips surround mine. It was as if he was trying to coax out my soul. It was slow and passionate. Like the flick of a switch, a flood of fluid rushes my pussy. He releases me from his seductive trance, to go and wash up.

While he was gone, I put on my sexy bra and undies, lather myself up with this jasmine vanilla lotion, I whip out for special occasions. Light more candles, mist the pillows with some ‘stress relief’ pillow mist. I start testing out the vibrator again. I had sampled it a couple of times solo in the days leading up to tonight.

He returns, he smells AMAZING! Manly and inviting. He knows I get turned on by smells and he’s put on some lotion and cologne. Something clean and woodsy smelling. He’s trimmed his beard, and put something in it to make it softer.

He undresses and slips under the covers. But not before I catch a glimpse of his slender, toned body. He’s 6 ft, with piercing blue eyes, blonde and brown beard lining a hard jaw line. That’ll be his German side coming through. Even in the dim light, I can see his dick spring out as he removes his pants. I’m always surprised at how big and long it is and wonder how that can possibly fit inside me. This clean, woodsy smell wafts over me as he leans in to kiss me again. His tongue isn’t far behind as it slowly parts my lips and finds my tongue.

Something about his slow and determined nature makes me drip with passion. He lays me down on my back and starts kissing up my neck. He knows this drives me crazy. I moan softly and start breathing heavily. This draws attention to my breasts heaving up and down. This seems to catch his attention as he stops to look at my breasts and starts kissing and licking around the edges of the lacy bra. In a moment he has taken it off me.

My nipples are hard and he licks around them and starts sucking. My pussy has now started leaking onto the bed, drenching my undies. He takes this moment to grab the vibrator next to me.

“Now let’s see what this does…”

He teases. He starts clicking through the different speeds, and he finds one that is a bunch of short buzzes together with a long one at the end. I start to giggle and bury my head in his shoulder. I remember this one was a good one that got me off.

“Oh I see we found a winner!” he teases.

He starts to slowly kiss my neck with his tongue again. He pauses only to remove my panties. Kissing my thighs on his way back up to me. The kissing resumes, long licks up my neck to my ear. I kiss his mouth desperately. I need him!

I need to feel him, to taste him, to smell him. I’m addicted to this feeling.

He starts running the vibrator over and around my clit. It starts as a kind of sexy massage. I breathe deeply as my pussy heats up. I start biting my lip. I can feel the blood start to pulse around my clit and deep within me. It’s soothing and sexy.

“Hmmm? This won’t do!” My husband says disappointed. The lack of instant screaming made him feel like it was ineffective.

“D…D…Don’t….R…Rush….it,” I manage to blurt out, between pulses. My hips start to buck into the vibrator now, my hands clenching the sheets. During the long buzz, I let out a loud moan of pleasure.

“AAAAAHHHHHH, I can’t…can’t take it!” Back arching.

He smiles a wicked little smile.

“Now that’s more like it!”

I’m moving too much for him to keep track of where the good spot was. I compose myself and kiss him deeply. I lay still. I feel his erection hard in my side. I could just start having sex right there and then, but I know I’m close. I grab his hand in mine. We switch it to constant buzz. I let out a happy but worried whimper…he chuckles to himself.

”You sure hun? It’s a lot…”

”I’m sure…” I smile blissfully. “Stroke up…”

I grab his hand holding the vibrator, lead him to the good spot just under my clit. And we start stroking up together, medium pressure. I let go of his hand, and he continues…

Immediately it’s too much! I’m already so turned on by this point, my right leg is shaking while my toes start to curl. My back arches, I feel a burning start to rise…I try to control my body from thrashing so I can just feel this flood of good wash over me, in rhythmic waves, shortening with every break of pleasure and fire. Just a flick of his wrist, such a simple thing.

“I can’t…it’s t-too m-much!” I whimper. It’s burning, it’s intense. I go to pull the vibrator away and he stops me.

“You can baby…just breath. Lean into it. You’ll be okay…” he whispers in my ear.

He kisses the side of my face and closes his eyes to listen to the noises I make. He loves to hear me. He continues with the vibrator and I am close to cumming. I gasp, and he holds me steady and continues to kiss my neck and face.

”Ooohhhh…OOOOHH GOD!”

“It’s okay…let this happen.” He continues to kiss me softly. From those words, I start to cum. Pleasure and fire overtake me.

Pleasure: warm, deep, tickling, laughing, adoration, affection, like a French kiss, or the second you slip into a steaming bath on a cold day. A massage on sore muscles. Back of your throat, moaning, eyes rolling, groans of pleasure. All-encompassing, blissful, pleasure.

Fire: nerves at the max of their capacity, burning, clenching, can’t move, breath, think, might die, is this pain?!! No, but it’s intense, like bursting, yep defiantly gonna die, It’s too much!! TOO MUUCCCHH!!! but you’re happy in this death because it’s the best feeling in the world.  SCREAMING,… “OH MY GOD, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!”

And so it goes …

Pleasure……FIRE,…pleasure…..FIRE, pleasure…FIRE…..pleasure……FFFIIRRREE…pppllllleeeaaaasssuuuurrreee……PLEASUREFIRE…

I let out a huge moan which turns into a scream as I orgasm. One of the most intense of my life. My abs and pussy clench in a death grip. Then it ends. And sleepy contentment ebbs over me. My body smiles, I can’t bring myself to open my eyes. Can’t take in any more information…

When I do open my eyes, I see his warm smiling face. Very pleased with himself for such a response. All I want in this world is to spend every second making love with him. He discards the vibrator and tried to touch my clit with his fingers and I shriek.

”NO!! It’s too much, your gonna kill me!”

“That’s the idea.” He grins and starts to kiss me again. Laughing a little behind his lips, it becomes like a game of ‘keep away’ with my clit. I kiss his lips and I wriggle my hips away, pushing my breasts into his chest, trying to turn the tables on him.

I pull away from his lips and climb on top of him. He keeps attempting to rub my clit with his thumb, but I forcefully put both his hands on my breasts. He begins to squeeze my nipples, it’s a painful pleasure I urge him to continue.

I position his member at my opening and guide him in. It’s been so long, it’s a shocking feeling. Tight and trembling, Almost like your virginity the sequel.

“Oh, baby!” I groan. His dick quenches a thirst deep within me. One I had forgotten I had. So dehydrated for this love, I had forgotten what it felt like not to thirst.

“Oh my God, your tight!” he moans out, gasping a little.

I begin to move my hips back and forth. And it all comes back to me. My pussy immediately isn’t shocked anymore and opens up. I flood his groin with my juices.

He starts to moan as I start a rhythm going and I get so turned on. He doesn’t usually make any noise, he says he likes to listen to me. I can get loud. So when I get him to moan it’s like this shooting star moment of accomplishment for me! Which gets me crazy turned on.

I’m riding him, and I start to lean back and I can feel him hitting my g-spot. It’s so, so good!!! I reach out to grab his shoulder for balance as I lean back. And like some sexy, psychic-connection moment, he grabs my hand, firm…and braces me. Our eyes meet, I love him so much. He nods quickly, breathing heavily. He knows what I’m going to do.

Unable to speak, I smile, and lean back, bracing against his arm so as not to fall backward. His dick is rubbing all up the inside of my pussy, hitting my g-spot over and over again. I start to orgasm again. It’s faster than I expect. This one is different but just as powerful. This time a deep pleasure and fire rise up together in tandem.

“Yes…YES…oh GOD!!! YEEESSS!!! OOOHHHH AAAHHHH YEEEESSSSS!!!!”  I let out a deafening moan of pleasure. My hand slams into the picture above our bed. Leaving a large, sweaty handprint on the glass. Reminiscent of the one in the Titanic love scene. Without my control my pussy contracts around him. I’m surprised I didn’t squeeze him out of me.

I roll off of him, spent. Sweat dripping off of me, a river of squishy fluid between my thighs. I realized he hasn’t finished yet. Before I can even catch my breath, he flips me over, gets behind me, and drives his way in. I’m on my knees and forearms, my ass firmly in his pelvis. He grabs my hips as he starts to fuck me hard.

With all the thrusting and panting, he suddenly stops.

“What happened? did you finish?” I can barely make words, I’m so exhausted.

“No…but I’m close,” he pants. He reaches down and grabs my discarded vibrator – which is impressive for the fact that he does this without leaving me.

“Hold this on your clit, baby,” he cooed to me.

“Hun I can’t! It’s too much, I’ve had two already, I can’t do a third.” I was scared and excited. I didn’t think it would actually work again, and it would just sting from too much stimulus.

“Try baby, you can do this…it’ll be good, trust me.”

He started thrusting again, and I cautiously lifted my vibrator to my clit. I was honestly frightened. Why ruin a good thing? I’ve felt so amazing for so long, what if this just makes it hurt.

When I made contact, it was like I thought. It stung from the stimulus. What I couldn’t have guessed is what happened next, because it was beyond my comprehension.

It stung for a moment, and then……. TRANSCENDENCE!!!!

I can’t even describe it. It wasn’t like a bursting, like a regular orgasm. It was like someone unlocked this whole new level of sensation. My pussy, my G-spot, and my clit all coming together in this trinity of pleasure. I didn’t feel pleasure…I WAS PLEASURE!!!

I was consumed with bliss. My orgasm kept going and going. My eyes rolled back in my head, and I lost where I was. I was so grateful in this moment of complete satisfaction.

“THANK YOU GOD….” I sobbed. So desperate was my gratitude.

With every inch of my body I felt it. Down to the marrow in my bones.

He continued to thrust and I spasmed around him. I continued to orgasm….it just kept going…on and on…was I breathing? I didn’t know, but was still cumming… How was this possible? Didn’t  care….still cumming….more minutes passed.

He was thrusting hard at this point. I couldn’t even make noise. I just trembled under him. I wanted to cry, or laugh, or scream. I couldn’t…all I could do was cum….this is where I lived.

I was surfing at the top of this wave, and it never fell. It was strong and fast. From the top of that wave, I saw everything.

All the minutes of his thrusting and breathing. His groans and pants. His nails digging into my hips. I felt his body build with excitement. He warned me of his climax. I was locked in this position, paralyzed in this immense pleasure that had forgotten to stop. I came again and again…

GOD IS GREAT!! and He loves us. Look at the pure heaven he has given us to feel?  If there was ever any sliver of doubt, that all this was an accident, it was gone. This wasn’t accidentally good. It was RIGHT! This is what all married people were meant to feel.

It was righteous and perfect. God was in sex like he was in everything. After that night I started researching God’s presence in marriage and sex and I found this website.

He came hard, I felt him slowly unclench my hips. My wave didn’t crash, the tide went out and I came down. I made it back to shore, looking back to the ocean of pleasure.

No trace of my wave except my electric, pulsating body. His fingers were deeply driven into my flesh. I hadn’t noticed.

He collapsed on the bed next to me. I rolled over.  I blindly found his body in the darkness and laid my head in his fuzzy, sweaty chest. The candles had long since fizzled out. His chest rose and fell as I listened to his heart begin to slow. I curled the rest of my body around him. I breathed in his scent…our scent we created together.

“I love you…” I whispered to him softly.

His eyes still shut he said, “I love you too.” Our smell intoxicating and comforting soothed me off to sleep. I thanked God for the amazing gift of sex and my loving husband.

We had tapped into something divine. I prayed we could make love all the time, every day. At the very least, the relaunch was an astounding success. We had stepped through to a new place in our lives and could finally shut the door behind us, from our miscarriage. This was the time of multiple orgasms and good things. The time of closeness to each other and to God.

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22 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    What an absolutely beautiful story! I am stunned! This story fills me with the Spirit. You and your husband are so blessed to have each other and your recognition of God’s hand in your marriage and life is just inspiring!

    These two paragraphs are great:

    “GOD IS GREAT!! and He loves us. Look at the pure heaven he has given us to feel? If there was ever any sliver of doubt, that all this was an accident, it was gone. This wasn’t accidentally good. It was RIGHT! This is what all married people were meant to feel.

    It was righteous and perfect. God was in sex, like he was in everything. After that night I started researching God’s presence in marriage and sex and I found this website.”

    I agree that it’s a lie we are fed that, “…sex in marriage fizzles out..” You and your husband have divinely sanctioned SIZZLE, not fizzle!

    So glad you found this site! God bless you both. I think you’ve found that in loving each other sexually like your wonderful story of healing has described… you also both become closer to God!

    • Sapphire says:

      I’m so flattered you liked my story. It’s kinda like talking to a celebrity; I really enjoy your stories too. From TV shows to music, I think there’s a lot of bad press for married couples’ sex lives, while I almost think being married is a necessary condition for hot sex. Sure, single people have the newness factor, but how can you really bring yourself to transcendent orgasms with someone who doesn’t know you that well? I don’t buy it.

      It’d be nice if we could have that kind of sex everyday, but perhaps it was so impactful because of what preceded it. Everyone remembers their first time, (which was also my husband, btw) but nobody talks much about after that. This was an experience I’ll never forget. It reminds me of the quote “in youth we learn, in age we understand” by Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach, an Austrian writer.

  2. LovingMan says:

    I have to add that a few years into our marriage we started using vibrators and they were a blessing to us. So, as they say in Australia, good on ya! I also want to add that my wife and I have had this kind of peak experience like you have described in your story. In fact, one time was on vacation in Australia and I just submitted that story to MH. Thanks again for your beautiful story. It made my wife and I cry tears of joy!

  3. carmelsk says:

    There’s so much more here than an evening of hot sex. Thank you for writing this powerful story of intimacy on multiple levels: between yourself and the reader through the sharing of private personal pain, a beautiful rekindling of the intimacy between you and your husband, and the reaching of a deeper intimacy with God.

  4. hornyGG says:

    Very hot and well written. I really enjoyed this story. Made my pussy wet! Thank you so much for sharing and please write more. God bless and stay horny for your spouse.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      HornyGG, you and me both! Read it for a second time tonight and definitely had to change panties to be honest lol! Hope that's not tmi but I definitely had vibrating panties on and said to my husband "I think I better change I'm soaked." We were out with multiple others. He fingered me, and between this scorching story and his thick fingers curving at my G-spot, I almost exploded! Great, great story!!!

  5. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Wow! That was spectacular! I don’t believe that I have ever read a more vivid and moving description of a woman’s orgasm, I’m not sure that one has ever been written. I have probably witnessed my wife have thousands of extraordinary orgasms over our 30+ years together (there’s a reason she picked the username O-Surfer), and have always wondered what all is going on inside her body and mind. I think your story helps me understand better.
    Welcome to our community. I’m am sorry for your loss, but thankful that you are healing together. Your line “You don’t think of intimacy in grief, but it was there” is so true. Tragedy can just as easily push us apart as it can draw us together. It is a choice we make and in the power of God we can find healing and growth through and from it. Thank you for sharing.
    God bless

    • Sapphire says:

      Thank you for your kind words. I tried to describe it the best way I could.

      I’ve never orgasmed like that, far more intense than my 20s ever got. I think it was like this gift from God saying, “not all your good days are behind you. I have so many good things planned for you.”

      That’s why I go back to the thought that God is in sex, because I just felt 100% completely, better. It was a comfort, and a joy and made me feel ….lastingly…healed.

  6. alwayswet101 says:

    I can honestly say I am soaked after reading this! What a phenomenal story! Have you experienced squirting? I am asking because it sounds like you may have squirted multiple times here? It is something I just recently discovered I can do and I am curious how many other women experience it also!

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      We would all be blessed if you would write a full MH post about how you discovered you could squirt. I hope it happens to my wife, so it’s a fascinating topic to me!

    • Sapphire says:

      Glad to hear it! Love this site for that very reason. So I would love to figure out how to squirt, I hear great things. To be honest it was all a haze, so it’s very possible I did, but there was a lot going on down there; I couldn’t say for sure. How exactly is that done? It was a radiating orgasm, for sure.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      So I will say that my husband and I recently discovered we will be expecting our first nugget in September, and ever since my first trimester, my hormones have honestly been through the roof. I have had many new experiences sexually from positions to squirting to multiple orgasms. I can honestly say pregnancy sex & orgasms are something else. We live in NYC, and I have had to walk down and purchase one of those waterproof sex blankets as recently I just gush and feel like I have to pee and can't control it. My orgasms have been insane! Any other women feel this way? Great, now I feel like I am in need of my big old battery operated boyfriend bob (husband's dick mold) and in need of a good release, since I do have that waterproof blanket if I squirt now! Stay horny beautiful ladies! 😉

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Congrats, alwayswet101!!! Hope your recovery from childbirth is nearly over by now and that you can test whether squirting is something that will continue for you now that your baby is born. Hoping for a story about it!

  7. Woods says:

    Just beautiful. He says if we abide in Him He abides in us. I suspect healthy, married sex in all it's varied forms and intensities is one of the avenues for that peace that passes understanding we are promised. After all, James 1:17 certainly applies with what you've shared here. "Every good thing and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with Whom there is no variation or shifting shadow." (NASB) Thanks.

  8. PatientPassion says:

    Sapphire, this is such a beautiful story of healing, profound intimacy, and unifying to endure tragedy.

    One thing that stood out was your stunning, phenomenal descriptions of orgasm. I think I might consider giving up my own orgasms to enable my future wife to have orgasms like that! I'd certainly do it temporarily, and perhaps even permanently. Even just in my imagination, the image of a woman in the ecstasy of orgasm is the most erotic thing I can think of. How much greater must it be to see in person? It's truly one of the pinnacles of God's creation. I think I very well might get more pleasure from seeing that than having an orgasm myself!

    No wonder this story has a virtually perfect 5/5 rating. It definitely got one from me! It's going right on the favorites list too. Thank you for writing this and sharing both your heartbreak and your joy. It's an inspiring and deeply beautiful picture!

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