Resolving our Differences

My wife, Alia, and I had worked at the same office for the past two years; she was my boss, the project manager. In her early 30s, with a charming face and dynamic voice, she was the first person you would notice in a gathering of hundreds, not only because of her looks but mostly because of her personality. But recently, we’d had some marital issues and weren’t on the best of terms. Oh, she maintained a professional attitude at work. But at home, we’d been estranged for several weeks, even sleeping separately.

Our office opened six days a week, but we only worked five of those. A few additional clients had increased the office workload, so my wife had assigned several of us a few additional tasks for the week, which I hadn’t managed to accomplish during the workweek. I decided to come in on Saturday to finish them off. Alia had taken the car, so I took a bus. To my surprise, Alia was in her office too. She said that she also had to finish a few tasks that she couldn’t manage on weekdays. I worked all morning and managed to finish 90% of my work by 2 p.m.

She patted my shoulder at 2:10. “Had lunch?”


“Come. Let’s go.”

I turned. This was one of the rare days that she wore a saree. I must say that a saree makes a woman look 10X more beautiful, and this was certainly true of Alia.

The office canteen is the best place for an in-office meal, and on a Saturday, it was as vacant as the other floors. We sat and ate for 20 mins, talking about random things—family, friends, hobbies—and about our relationship issues. We made some progress. I was able to see her point of view on some things, and she acknowledged that I might have some basis for my concerns, as well. We didn’t “settle” anything, but it was progress. Then we again went back to work. Around 6 o’clock, I got ready to leave the office.

“Would you like me to drive you home?” she asked. (Usually, we don’t go home together because she has a heavier workload.)

“Only if you are not going to be much longer,” I said, but I really wanted to be with her.

She said she had no work left for today. We drove to our one-bedroom flat, arriving by 7. She asked if I would bring her a glass of water, but I requested that she come up with me. She agreed.

After rehydrating in the kitchen, Alia walked to our bedroom. She was so tired that she lay down without changing her clothes. I sat beside her, and we talked for about 10 minutes. She said she felt happy that we talked about differences. I stroked her hair and said, “I’m happy to be the one.”

I started to remove my hand, thinking that maybe it made her uncomfortable, but Alia smiled, closed her eyes, and covered my hand with her own, keeping it in place. She untied her hair, and I combed my fingers through it.

“Would you mind if we sleep together tonight?” she asked. She had a suggestive smile on her face.

I laughed and ran a finger down her cheek to her lips. “I wouldn’t mind at all.”

The smile on Alia’s face vanished. Her lips softly pursed and lingered on my thumb. I liked that; I stroked her lips, then held her face and kissed her, gradually deepening the kiss as she held my hair firmly enough to hurt. My hands found the buttons on her blouse and unfastened each one as fast as they could, my knuckles grazing the inner edges of her cleavage. Her blouse was halfway open when I slid in my hands and pulled down her bra. Her breasts popped out. As her eyes closed, I slid my tongue between her lips. Slowly removing her blouse and bra, I caressed her breasts till she started moaning softly. Meanwhile, she removed her saree, which required more time.

I rolled my tongue down her neck and licked her breasts until they were wet. Moaning, she held my head and neck firmly. I grabbed a handful of her petticoat and slid it down her legs, then removed my t-shirt, pushed her on the bed, and held her legs up in the air. My tongue circled over each inch of her thighs, making its way towards her pussy. As my lips touched her pink slit, she grabbed me tightly by the hair. After a few soft kisses, I pushed her legs farther apart and started licking. Her fist in my hair pulled harder.

“Do it HARD!” A note of aggression tinged her voice.

I held her ass and sucked her pussy as hard as I could. She reached for one of my hands and brought it to her neck, covering it with her own. The next thing I knew, a beast began to grow inside me. I held her neck firmly with my left hand, applying just enough firm pressure to the sides to make her roll her eyes up and back. Meanwhile, the fingers of my right hand rubbed her clit, and my tongue made her wetter. She arched back and I pushed her further, still holding snugly by the neck. Pausing, I slapped her ass as hard as I could. She screamed for half a second, and then I rubbed the red spot. I went for a few more spanks, rubbing her clit harder. After a few more minutes, she held my hair and cummed. I could see the satisfied look on her face, but I was as aroused as ever.

As I stood up, she grasped my dick tightly with her soft fingers. She rubbed me  for a few minutes, looking directly into my eyes. I just couldn’t stop staring at her naked body. I pushed her back down onto the bed, split her legs apart in the air, and slid inside her completely in one stroke. She held me tighter and screamed again, her breath coming fast. I pounded her in that position for about six or seven minutes, then turned her around and asked her to get on her knees. I could see sweat beading up on her back as I held her by the back of her neck, pushed her face to the bed, and I lifted her ass up in the air till it was the perfect position to reenter. I fucked her hard—harder than I ever had. Her ass was red from my spanks, and her eyes half-closed, but I couldn’t stop. Finally, after 15 minutes, I cummed.

After we were done, Alia said it was the best sex we’d ever had. She got dressed and asked about my plans for Sunday.

The next day, we went out for lunch. We couldn’t get intimate with each other because of the crowd, but she spoke from her heart about our differences and how lonely she’d been feeling. But we resolved our issues and had more wild sex later in the evening.

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4 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Bornhorny… what a beautiful story! All married couples have to resolve our differences. It’s not always easy – maintaining a good relationship. But your story shows how it is worth it! You and Alia shared a wonderful peak experience in making up and making love! Good for you both! Sex in marriage can be so amazing and I loved your description of what you two shared! Well done!
    By the way, my wife & I worked together for several years and it was mostly great – but there definitely are challenges in working together.

  2. SamtheMan says:

    My wife and I have never had differences in 33 yrs and have never had a night where either of us hasn't slept in the same bed because of any differences. I understand that doesn't seem to be the case with many marriages. It could be our personalities don't clash and my wife isn't my boss. As a counselor I see many challenges in a marriage when the wife is in a management or leadership position. Many times this carries over to her personal life and into the marriage. God made man and woman equal but made man first and put the woman in a relationship to support the marriage. This means the man is not supposed to Lord his authority over the woman but to lead with grace. Personality can have much to do with this and a woman with a strong personality has to then fight against the tendency to lead and be the authority. To take some pressure off of the marriage I would suggest changing your current work relationship. There is no charge for the suggestion and will let you know of the cases that have done this has worked in the majority of cases. It's not easy and sometimes neither the husband or wife want to give anything up and the income and money to have a certain lifestyle takes priority over the marriage. I will leave one word as we close this session- GRACE!

  3. Rahul4977 says:

    Every couple has their ups and downs when it comes to love, sex, and intimacy. Eventually, things get better. This story is a good illustration of that. I know dry spells are real. I have experienced it with my wife. We don't work in the same place, but we both have equally stressful jobs. I am an engineer and wife is an accountant.

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