Fun Quickie at the New Health Club

 We had been away from the gym and pool for well over a year and really missed swimming 3-5 times a week like we’d done before the pandemic hit. But today was OUR time to go to a new gym. It’s a private health club instead of the community center pools we used to go to before. This was new for us.

It wasn’t very busy when we got to the pool at midday today. My wife, Melodie, looked great in her new floral and somewhat low-cut swimsuit! There was a nice partial view of her lovely upper half curves, with some left to the imagination. We swam, played, and exercised in the water, then went to the outdoor jacuzzi together. My wife looked great in the sunshine, and I even took a couple of pictures of her.  It was all a lot of fun! But the fun was just beginning…

Before we left home, we had discussed that today was a quickie day in our sex schedule, so we were considering making use of the handicapped or family changing room. Yes, we qualify as handicapped, but we are not in wheelchairs. Earlier, my wife explained that even though she wasn’t planning on going for an orgasm today (hence a quickie day), she DID like some nipple play before the main event. “It gets me ready!” she had told me this morning.

In the private changing room, with its shower and other facilities, we were quite comfortable.  We helped each other out of our wet swimsuits (a necessity for us), and I enjoyed revealing my wife’s full, ample breasts. They really are SO beautiful to me! But my wife likes my man-nips too, so she attacked my left nipple as we stood there naked in the middle of the room, and I pumped my shaft to full power. I could see us over in the changing room mirror—VERY sexy! Next, I sat down on the bench in the changing room and pulled her over.

Melodie stood in front of me and held out each breast in turn, and I went to work… or to play would be a better term. After a minute of this tongue and lips on nips play (about 30 secs on each raspberry-nipple-capped boob), I stood, and we kissed. Then she knelt on the bench. (I had lain down two layers of folded club towels on the wooden bench so her knees wouldn’t hurt.)

She leaned way forward and rested her arms on my small gym bag at the far end of the rather short bench. What a sight—her curvy figure viewed from the side and her magnificent buns viewed “from behind” (pun intended)! And there were her labia, puffing out as if to say, “We are ready for you, Big Man!”

I applied a lump of coconut oil and pushed it way up inside her beautiful pussy with my index finger. Then I turned my palm down and massaged her G-spot for a bit. She sighed softly. (Everything had to be done on the quiet side since there was a hallway just outside our small changing room, but we did have a locked door.)

I next stroked my rod some with my coconut oil-lubed hand until my erection was even harder. (It didn’t take long.) Then I watched with wonder as my tip then my shaft disappeared into that glorious pussy! What a sensational feeling! I started slow but quickly increased the tempo of my thrusting. The bench’s height was perfect for this particular sex position! Doggy style has always been among our favorites.

I felt so grateful to Melodie for marrying me all those years ago and so grateful to God for helping us find each other. And as I watched my erection plunge deeply in and past her sexy rump and labia, then saw my erection come nearly all the way out and plunge in again, etc., I felt grateful for our bodies (imperfect though they are) that God gave to us and how these bodies get to enjoy this wonder of wonders called God-sanctioned married sex!

Now, we could not go full bore (even though Melodie loves it that way). If we had been together at home or in a hotel room, this would have been loud, testes-slapping-on-buns sex, but that couldn’t happen here. I was actually standing right in front of the locked door. And Melodie’s buns were right at the seam of the door and doorframe. We had started the show by putting on some enthusiastic music with my iPhone and starting up the shower, all to mask any noise we made.  We didn’t want to get caught and banned from the health club on our second visit.

I slid my dick out and pumped myself some with my right hand as my left reached in to stimulate Melodie’s G-Spot some more. Then I thrust in my sex sword hard, but not quite to the hilt. I resumed my thrusting even faster as Melodie (she told me later) gripped onto the sides of the narrow bench to keep from tumbling off onto the hard changing room tile floor.

I came deep inside my wife’s lovely pussy as she clamped down on my rod with her Kegal muscles! I came in wonderful long spurts of cum that my wife calls her special present—reserved only for her! I did my best not to vocalize much, but I’m not sure how well I succeeded at being quiet. Still, WE had succeeded at making a great married-sex memory!

We’ve done some really sexy things behind locked doors in private changing rooms over the last few years, but this is only the second time we’ve had sexual intercourse in a private changing room.

Melodie stood up. We gave each other a hug and a kiss and thanked each other for a great time. It’s always nice to be your spouse’s best time! Then we joined each other in the shower to wash up. I hugged her again, and we shared another kiss. Then I told her of my gratitude for her marrying me and staying by my side through all of the many challenges life has brought us. She said that the feeling was mutual.

You may be surprised, but Melodie was as happy with this sexual experience as I was. No, she did not come this time, but our sex schedule had today as a quickie. Melodie enjoys the sex without coming because it primes her for two days later when we’ll both come 1-3 times, sometimes more!

Our sex schedule was prayerfully negotiated and worked out after seeing a Christian sex therapist several years ago. Of course, sometimes I can persuade Melodie’s curvy sexy body to go beyond a quickie for an orgasm or two. (We call that a full-blown lovemaking session!) And she’ll surprise me sometimes with an unscheduled married-sex romp!

Finally, I should mention that when we exited the changing room, there was no one in the hallway, and we went about our business. Melodie says that it’s kind of sexy and naughty to know what we had just done and that no one knew. Many of the members of this health club are less than half our age. They probably think that old married couples don’t do that kind of thing after all those years of marriage. However, FYI, young people, “We are more sexually adventurous now than we were 30 or so years ago!” And our bond of love is stronger than ever! I spent the rest of a rather busy day in post-sex-euphoria!  I felt totally in love with my wife all day and into the night. 

Day after tomorrow is MH’s Breast Appreciation Day, so today, I ordered Melodie her favorite type of sexy lingerie… an open cup / open crotch teddy! I ordered it rush delivery, but it didn’t arrive in time to decorate and frame her beautiful sexy breasts for our celebration! So we are saving it for a fun trip this weekend; I may let y’all know how that turns out!

UPDATE: I wrote the above story a few days ago and am now adding the following little bit of information… WE DID IT AGAIN TODAY!  We were at the same gym but in a different changing room, and we used the handicapped shower chair instead of a bench.  Melodie held onto the handicapped bar of the shower as she knelt on the towels that we folded and laid on top of the stool.  We were further away from the door this time, so we were able to be more rambunctious in our “pussy pounding!”  This may become the new normal for us!  Again, I felt totally in love with Melodie all day long and way into the night… as I am writing this little addendum. 

I had a final thought… there are numerous documented mental and physical health benefits from a marriage with a healthy sexual relationship. So, we are being healthy at the health club!  We ARE supposed to go there to get exercise, right?  Does “sexercise” count?

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17 replies
  1. Woods says:

    I too find it so incredibly amazing and beautiful to see myself sliding in and out of the warm, wet flesh surrounding her opening as it receives me. Thanks for the image. I too would think that sexercise counts. It can be aerobic, anaerobic, range of motion, and if your partner Kegals really well even resistance training.

    • LovingMan says:

      Woods, thanks for the comment! I had thought about how sex was aerobic but never considered that it can be anaerobic as well. But some common sex positions (like missionary position) can definitely be anaerobic as well. My wife definitely does the Kegal muscles workout during intercourse! And I’m glad I’m not the only husband who is fascinated by watching the action at the point of most intimate contact! Thanks again for your insights!

  2. LovingMan says:

    Hey MHers… thanks for the high votes… one of my higher levels of votes for one of my stories. I love your comments if any of you are so inclined. I’m also curious if any of you have done fun sex stuff with your spouse in a locked door changing room or shower room at a community center gym/pool… or a campground family shower… or a health club private handicapped or family changing room etc.etc..

    • Tulsa says:

      We are outdoor sex fans, so daring places are the norm for us. Camping, is a favorite, but we usually camp in non designated places. The ‘civilized’ campgrounds, we have been caught and/or watched a few times, so we just steer away from such places.

    • YoungCouple69 says:

      Great story! Loved your description of doggy style–couldn't help but think of my own wife and I in the same scenario. In my opinion, the view of a woman's labia puffing out like that has to be the hottest sight on the planet! Just thinking about that word picture you gave us made me stiffen up. We've had a similar experience trying not to make any obvious sounds to keep from getting caught. Never tried having sex in a dressing room or anything like that, but the guest bedroom we stay in when we visit her parents shares a wall with the master bedroom. We've been married for three years–I'm sure they assume we get it on at their house occasionally, but we still try to keep the moaning and ball-slapping to a minimum LOL.
      P.S.–If I knew there were other happily married Christ-loving couples twice my age making love in the gym dressing rooms it would make my day! That's just plain awesome.

  3. Sarge says:

    My late wife and I would have sex in daring places, and every time we went past, or were in that place again it brought back great memories. You’re right about sex being better after years of a committed monogamous marriage. Until my wife had her accident, or her skin condition stopped us from having conventional sex, our sex became much more fun, exciting, daring, and hotter than when we were young. She would masturbate while I drove, or she would masturbate me or give me a BJ while I drove. Ahh memories.

    • LovingMan says:

      Sarge… those memories are a great blessing. Writing about our sex encounters has helped me be grateful for what my wife and I have shared. Both my wife and I have serious health problems. I told my wife again today that, when I die & meet God—which hopefully is not anytime soon—if I complain to God about my trials in life, He’ll remind me that I got three decades of marriage with Melodie, and He’ll tell me to quit my complaining. It sounds like you were similarly blessed. God bless you.

  4. beth says:

    We're a younger couple and just moved into a new place. Not far at all from a health club. We get plenty of exercise as it is but… We did give it a visit while checking out the neighborhood and after reading this I think we'll be signing up. I sure like the idea of using the changing room as a workout room too. I started my account here a couple of days ago with my very first story submission and this is my very first comment. Thanks again for the motivation and encouragement.

    • Waiting_Romeo says:

      Welcome to MH! I hope you and your husband can make some great memories in your new place!

  5. Sexlovers says:

    Super hot story!! Some of the best sex we have had are in places that aren’t the “normal”! We’ve read a lot of your stories and you all are an inspiration to us!

  6. SouthernHeat says:

    Love this story! Who says us older couples don’t still have fun! So sexy and exciting to have sex In New places! Thanks for sharing your obvious love for each other and your adventures with the rest of us!

  7. LovingMan says:

    Thanks for all the comments! You all made Melodie and I happy to know that our married sexual antics are inspiring or/and appreciated + encouraging… etc. We think that is what MH is all about! Letting people know that monogamy can be wonderful & hot and the heat helps bind you to your spouse in intense & caring love. It’s also nice to know that we aren’t the only sizzling married couple that likes to make love in unusual places.

  8. Waiting_Romeo says:

    Wow this was such a beautiful short-ish story!

    I’m a young man (not sure if 19 counts as a young man or still a teenager! :P) and I have one particular fantasy about something very similar to this, although if I’m being honest, sometimes my imagination gets caught up in some not-so-Christ-honoring deviations (but I’m trying to get better about taking my thoughts captive!) Your story was such an amazing refresher to me, reminding me that married sex is just as hot as anything else, if not more so! (Or at least I imagine it is, since I’m still waiting.)
    So anyway, thank you. I favorited this story and can’t wait to read it again when I need a reminder that the way God intended sex is much better then the perverse way the world views it!

    God bless!

    • LovingMan says:

      Waiting_Romeo, thanks for your comment. Good for you for deciding to wait. It will be glorious when the waiting is over! All the fun sexual experiences that you’ll share with your wife will be wonderful and innocent. Since martial sex is a command of God then our obeying of the commandment to be one flesh with our spouse is not sin. I don’t like the term “losing your innocence” to refer to wedding night sex. If you’ve waited then you give your virginity to your spouse, you are not losing innocence because there is no guilt in married sex. Those who have not waited but have repented completely are cleansed by the blood of Christ and are also considered clean in God’s eyes. We need to believe in Jesus but we also need to not judge others and also BELIEVE Jesus that people can repent and change and be cleansed.
      I firmly believe that waiting is better because repentance is painful and hard (but still very possible).
      Sorry for waxing philosophically… God bless you as you search for the right woman to share marriage with. With some negotiating – patience – love – & learning together your married sex life can be incredibly fulfilling for you and your spouse!

    • Waiting_Romeo says:

      @LovingMan: That’s so true! I love that you brought up the “losing innocence” thing, like you said, it’s basically the opposite! That’s something I look forward to so much in my marriage, the guilt free life I can live with my wife, knowing that whatever we do together stays between us and is pure in the sight of the most perfect judge: God!

      And thank you for the blessings! Maybe I’ll give MH an update story/honeymoon story if I ever get married one day 🙂

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