The Greatest Show

It was supposed to have been our date night, but that plan quickly went out the window when I got into work and the office was in full crisis mode. My day shifted from an easy Friday to a 16-hour slog with the promise of another long day of work to be done on Saturday. I finally escaped the office around midnight and enjoyed the empty roads as I drove home. My wife, Alia, had said not to worry about missing our date night, but I couldn’t help feeling guilty about it. She had been looking forward to a nice dinner and then the theatre. I was trying to think of ways I could make it up to her as I turned off the road and into our driveway.

The house ahead of me was dark except for a dim light in the kitchen and a faint glow coming from our bedroom. Though Alia had said she would try and wait up for me, I was sure that she was asleep by now. It was sweet that she would make the attempt though.

I parked my car and silently made my way into the dark house. When I closed and locked the door behind me, I paused a moment to listen. All was quiet in the house. I put my keys and wallet on the table, hung up my jacket, and slipped off my shoes. I knew that I should be absolutely exhausted, but my mind was still spinning from work. I decided the easiest way to get some sleep would be to have a drink and then shower. Hopefully, I would manage to get a few hours of sleep before I had to go back in.

I walked to our kitchen and grabbed a can of a Coke from the cupboard and cracked it open, then leaned against the counter and took a sip. I let out a deep sigh and finally began to relax. But halfway through my can, I thought I heard a sound come from our bedroom, something like a faint moan. I wanted to make sure Alia was okay, so I padded off down the hallway to our bedroom. The door stood ajar, and a faint glow seeped from our room as I silently approached. I peered into the room, and what I saw took my breath away.

Alia had been propped up in bed wearing her favourite silk robe and reading a book. Only now, the book had been set aside and her robe unbelted and opened wide, revealing her statuesque form. Her body was a golden tan, not a tan line to be seen, and glowed in the low light of our bedroom. Alia’s breasts were not large, but they were full and round and tipped with puffy pink nipples. Oh, how I loved my wife’s nipples. I swear that I could spend hours playing with her breasts and suckling them.

Alia’s slim hands were cupping and caressing those breasts that I so love. Gently, she massaged them. When she pinched her nipples, I heard her gasp and let out a soft moan. It was the same moan I had heard from the kitchen. Enthralled by the display before me, I stood still in the shadows and watched my wife run her hands lovingly over her delectable body. Part of my mind was screaming at me to rush into the room and join her, but watching her in this intimate, private act of self-love was so erotic that I just stayed quiet in the shadows and watched.

Alia’s left hand remained focused on her nipples, pinching, pulling, and teasing the stiff buds, while her right hand left her breasts and trailed lower. Slowly her right hand glided over her smooth belly to the curly patch of hair between her strong toned thighs. I watched as her fingers ran through the curly hair and heard her sigh as she opened her legs. She captured her lips and clit between her spread fingers, and I saw her gently squeeze her fingers together as she began to indirectly rub her clit.

That drew a much louder moan from Alia, and as I watched, her back arched to push her hips harder against her hand. As she continued paying attention to her clit, the signs of her arousal became clearer and clearer. Her breathing was now rapid, she was almost panting. Her body was flushed, and I could smell the musky perfume of her arousal filling the room.

Playing with her clit was no longer enough for Alia though, and I watched her slip two fingers inside her pussy. She began to slowly slide them in and out. The sound of Alia’s fingers pleasuring her pussy now joined her chorus of gasps and moans. This was the single most erotic sight of my life: my wife enjoying her body and bringing herself to climax. As Alia’s orgasm grew nearer, her left hand abandoned her breasts and began to rapidly rub her clit while the fingers of her right hand were still sliding in and out of her delectable hole.

Alia’s actions all built to her crescendo, and all sounds from her ceased. Her body arched off of the bed and went rigid as if touched by a live wire, and then with a shuddering moan, she collapsed back onto the bed, quivering and gasping. Her stomach muscles rippled, and her hips bucked as her orgasm flowed through her body. Alia shook and quaked for several minutes, and I saw that she would occasionally stroke her clit or pinch her nipples to set off an orgasmic aftershock.

When the orgasm had finally subsided, Alia let out a pleased moan, then rolled onto her side and, with hooded, lust-filled eyes, looked right at me.

“I hope you liked the show, and I appreciate you not interrupting, but how about you come in here now and help me perform the encore?” She gave me a naughty smile as she opened her arms to me.

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5 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Oooooo terribly sexy! I love watching my wife caress & play with herself. She does it much like you described when she’s really wanting me inside her… and the sight is breathtaking to me! She knows that and she loves to drive me wild!

  2. LoverBoy2 says:

    Great story. Very sexy.
    This is one of my all-time top fantasies – coming home and 'catching' my wife please herself to orgasm. So far it hasn't happened in real life (she claims she doesn't masturbate), but who knows…
    For me it would be a huge turn-on. In my mind I imagine that I'd be so turned on just watching her that my arousal would build and build along with hers to the point that I'd explode into an 'involuntary' hands-free orgasm as she reached hers.

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