Festivity Quickie

I’ve had sex in a saree many times; my husband always wants his way with me whenever he sees me in a black saree. Here’s one memorable example.

Our office held a holiday celebration, and I went in that day wearing a green saree with a black blouse. Somehow, I got too tied up in my work to catch the train home, so I called my husband and asked him to pick me up in the car. When he got there about 9.30, I told him about the party and how that put me behind with work, but he just came near and whispered in my ear that I looked sexy and gorgeous in my saree. “I got an instant erection when I saw you,” he insisted. I blushed and smiled, but I didn’t give him any attention just then as it was already getting late.

“Let’s go home,” I told him instead.

As we drove towards our apartment, my hand moved over the crease of his pants, pulled out his tucked shirt, and slid up his bare chest. The feel of his skin electrified my senses, and my mouth began to water. I kissed my way from his stomach up toward his chest, and he shuddered.

“Oh, baby, that feels good.”

Then I started to devour the tender skin on his neck, one passionate kiss at a time, as his fingers scraped down my chest, unhooking my pallu and quickly pulling off my saree. Then he moved immediately to strip off my black blouse. Next, his hand found my bra-covered breast and made its way to one of my hard nipples, pinching it tenderly.

I moaned, running my fingers through his hair. I kissed him and made my way to his neck before my tongue moved up and began sucking on his earlobes. My wet mound begged to have him fill me. Without hesitation, my mouth took in his stiff cock, and I stroked it with my hand while sucking. I love the taste of him and the smell of his skin, so sweet and musky. Long groans left his lips as my mouth and hand worked in perfect rhythm. I felt him throbbing in my mouth, but before he could burst, we reached home.

After parking the car, we made ourselves look decent because our neighbours are very nosy. Once he opened the door, we entered our empty home. As soon as we closed the door behind us, he pulled me closer and planted a deep kiss on my lips.

Between kisses on my lips and cheeks, his hands roamed all over my body. Soon I found him unhooking my pallu again and quickly pulling off my saree. He left it on the floor and started undoing his pants. I could tell he was hard. Even before I could react, he took me to the bedroom, had me lie down, and got on top of me, kissing me more and more as he played with my boobs.

I started getting hornier. Then y husband pulled my petticoat up and put his fingers inside my panty. As he fingered me, I moaned gently. Soon, he pulled off my panty and climbed atop me. I spread my legs wide open, allowing him entrance.

My husband fucked the living hell out of me; I was in a different world. I don’t know when I orgasmed, but the next thing I saw was him cumming all over my belly. It was rough and quick, perhaps not more than 10–15 minutes, but it was awesome.

Afterward, we lay there panting. We hugged and kissed many times before we rose to clean up. We showered together like always and went to sleep naked!

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7 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    I think pretty much all marriages need some rambunctious highly erotic pounding lovemaking sessions. Sex may not be the same every time but that is part of what makes married lovemaking so awesome!

    Sometimes married sex is sweet and tender. Sometimes it’s humorous when a new position or something you try together sexually doesn’t work out. Sometimes it is good but routine. Sometimes married sex is a quickie like the 100 meter dash. And other times it’s an amazing marathon with multiple climbs up Mount O. And sometimes married sex rocks both of your worlds! Like in this story!

    I think your story is amazing! That the euphoria took you to an altered state / different world is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us!

    I so love how MH gives us a platform for married couples to witness or testify how great married sex can be!

  2. VirginTilVixen says:

    What a fun one! I love the unbridled, unrestrained joy of an “I have to have you so badly” quickie. There’s just something so all-consuming about the “need you now” passion that adds such colour and vibrancy to marriage.

    • LovingMan says:

      VirginTilVuxen I absolutely agree with you! The “I have to have you so badly” lovemaking sessions (whether a quickie or a marathon sex session) are incredibly memorable and very important to our marriage!

  3. spicy hot says:

    Amazing story….esp for me since im from the same cultural background….love the sexiness of a saree ….many good experiences we have had as a couple…thanks again!!

  4. Libzjoy says:

    Wow! I was right there with you! Agreed, sometimes you just gotta get it hard, deep, and quick! I might add we didn't always make it inside the house. I recall, after enjoying a great date, having to pull over to pee (both of us) on the way home. My wife took her panties off before releasing the tremendous golden flow and used the crotch to wipe with. That was erotic to watch in and of itself. I fingered her moist pussy the rest of the way home. Once inside the garage, I opened the rear passenger door on the driver's side so she could bend over and grab the seat as I dropped my pants and entered her waiting and now drenched twat. I would guess we both came hard in less than five minutes right there in the garage. Oh, what a night~

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