Summer Camp (L)

After all the planning and preparation, the first day of summer camp arrived with bright skies and lots of humidity! I had decided to wear a light chambray wrap dress rather than my usual tight denim jeans; it was just too hot in the camp kitchen for those! I prepared the pizzas the team had chosen for the day’s menu, thinking I could avoid the highest temperatures by starting early. The kids should be ravenous after a morning full of fun activities!

As I opened the window to let in some air, I heard someone come in through the swinging kitchen doors. I turned around to find my husband, Raj.

“Hi!” I said in surprise. “To what do I owe the immense pleasure of your divine company, my dear sir?” (We often tease each other with flowery language like you’d read in a fairy tale. I think it all started when I called him my Prince Charming—once upon a time.)

“Well, I just arrived in my carriage and thought I would ask my fair lady if she would care for any assistance in her labors?” Raj gave me a flirtatious look.

“Why, thank you, that would be most kind and much appreciated indeed!” Then I burst into laughter, and he joined in.

He was so cute when he laughed; his whole face lit up with joy. I liked his rough, dark, brown hair and how his body was built—a bit muscular but still that kind of big, soft body type.

“Should I watch over the tomato sauce while you continue with the dough?”

“Sure, that sounds great,” I replied.

I lifted the dough from the industrial-size mixer and onto the floured countertop. As I leaned into my task of portioning, kneading, and pressing out the crusts for two dozen large pizzas, I realized that I must be giving Raj a nice view of my backside. I turned my head a bit to see his reaction just in time to see his gaze drop to the vat of tomato sauce simmering over the gas flames of the cooktop. I couldn’t contain my smile.

The dough was getting a bit sticky as I worked with it, so I scooped a bit more flour to coat the work surface but clumsily got it all over my dress.

“Oops!” Raj turned his head at my exclamation, and his infectious laugh overcame my momentary aggravation. “My hands are all dough-y,” I said with a smile. “Could you help me brush this off?”

Raj walked over and started lightly dusting some of the flour off my stomach.

“There’s some up here too,” I prompted and looked down at my chest, just slightly blushing. Raj hesitantly started brushing the tops of my breasts with a nervous chuckle. I enjoy how shy and tentative he can sometimes be.

When he had most of the flour off me, I risked a trip to the sink to wash the dough from my hands and came back with a dust broom and pan. I noticed a subtle bulge in Raj’s soft shorts as I bent over to clean up my mess. He stepped aside so that I could reach a dirty spot, then sidled up behind me. Slowly, I straightened up and leaned back against him just long enough for him to get the hint.

He did; after all, we’ve been married for two years.

When I returned from rewashing my hands and reached for the dough, Raj moved closer and pressed his body against mine so that I could feel his bulge growing against my dress. I pushed back against it, and his hands started wandering up and down along my sides. His touch sent shivers along my spine. His hands landed on my hips for a moment, and I knew we were both thinking the same thing. There’s no turning back now, is there?

He whispered in my ear, “Do you need any help with that?”

“Sure, I would love that,” I murmured back.

His hands trailed down my arms, caressing them, then covered mine. Our motions became synchronized as he moved with the rhythm of our kneading hands. His whole body rubbed against mine, only thin layers of fabric between us. His bulge grew some more as it slid up and down the crack of my butt, and I felt myself getting aroused and wet. I wondered if he’d notice my stiff nipples beneath my dress.

Under my breath, I urged him, “I want you to fuck me right here and now!”

He seemed pleased but asked, “What if someone sees us?”

“Don’t worry about that. This morning’s activity is swimming; they won’t be back before lunchtime. And I need this.”

“If you say so…” I could hear the smirk in Raj’s voice. He lifted the back of my dress and lowered my black lace thong. When he tested my wetness with his middle finger, he let out a pleased, “Mmmm.”

Soon Raj had his shorts and boxers off; I could finally feel the tip of his rock-hard banana against my strawberry. I guided him inside as he pushed, his hands gripping my hips. We couldn’t hold back the sounds of pure pleasure.

Raj sped up, fucking me faster against the counter, his whole length going in and out of me—so good! I grew tighter as an orgasm neared, and he kept up just the right speed and pressure. I could feel him pulsating inside me. I was going to cum!

But suddenly, he stopped. His floury hand covered my mouth, and he went completely still. “I thought I heard something.”

We both stood there as quiet and still as possible, scared of being found out but also scared to make any sudden moves. But it felt so damn good having him inside me. I bit his hand gently.

Heavy footfalls from the hall moved closer. We look at each other in pure panic.

“How’s it going? You need some help in there, Alia?” We recognised the camp coordinator’s voice, and Raj let go of my mouth so I could answer.

“No, really, it’s all good in here!” I said in a shaky voice, trying not to sound suspicious.

“Really?” The footsteps advanced.

“Yes, I’m sure. It’s probably better if you go check on Kiara. I heard she was having some trouble with the kids.” I closed my eyes and hoped for my life’s sake he wouldn’t come in and see the action we were in the middle of in the kitchen.

The coordinator paused just outside the double doors and seemed to turn around. “Alright, see you in a bit!”

Raj and I sighed, and our tension released. Then, realising he was still deep inside me, he slowly started going in and out of me again.

“That was really close,” I say.

“Oh, fuck, he might see us through the window!” Raj whispered.

I quickly pulled off him and turned around to face the window, pulling down my dress.

“Hide behind me. Pretend to be cooking!” I begged, and no sooner had I finished the sentence than the boss turned the corner and passed outside the window. I waved as he looked toward us.

“Now that was hot!” Raj said as the coordinator’s back receded. He guided me towards a low table, just as hard as before. He seemed overtaken by arousal.

I certainly concurred. As he sat me on the table edge and pulled up my dress again, man, was I excited! I half lay-half sat there exposed, and he teased me, saying, “You want more of this?” He seemed so confident.

“Oh yes, please. Fuck me,” I pleaded. “But do it quick. We are really exposed here.”

With each stroke, Raj pulled almost all the way out and hit a pleasure spot just inside my opening. Then he plunged wildly deep inside me, banging the deepest reaches of my inner walls, fucking me relentlessly. He white-knuckled the sides of the table as he kept thrusting into me.

Soon, he started pulsating again, and I got tighter and tighter as he pushed me back up towards orgasm. I had to bite my lip to not scream out in pleasure. Soon I would explode, and his cum would fill me up. The thought pushed me over, and I started shaking. Raj watched the waves wash over and through my body.

“Fuck! You get so tight! You’re gonna make me cum too!” He said it a bit too loudly, and his tensed-up face let me watch his climax happen. I could even feel the way his sperm ejaculated against my inner wall and spread out inside of me, filling me up. It was an amazing feeling that triggered a second, gentler wave of orgasm.

We both came so intensely that we couldn’t speak, completely exhausted, with traces of flour everywhere our groping hands had roamed. Raj lay still inside me, and as he softened, I felt his sperm dripping out and down to the floor. And I had no energy left to deal with it.

“That was so fucking good,” he said as he pulled out of me, leaving an even bigger mess.

I looked up at him and answered, “Oh, yes, it was! But we better clean this mess up quickly before any word of this gets out, right?”

“Perhaps we should try being a bit more discrete next time. What do you say, my fair lady?” Raj answered in that flirty manner of his.

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7 replies
  1. SouthernHeat says:

    Dang this was HOT! Love the sense of danger and spontaneity that always makes it more fun! I hope you continue to have wild passionate sex for many many years to cum!

  2. LovingMan says:

    This is a great fictional story! I can easily imagine this happening. My favorite part was…

    “… You get so tight! You’re gonna make me cum too!” He said it a bit too loudly, and his tensed-up face let me watch his climax happen. I could even feel the way his sperm ejaculated against my inner wall and spread out inside of me, filling me up. It was an amazing feeling that triggered a second, gentler wave of orgasm.”

    My wife’s orgasm during sexual intercourse frequently trigger mine. So that felt very familiar and sexy!

    The way the feel of her husband’s sperm inside her made the wife have a second gentler orgasm was beautiful!
    And just anticipating his ejaculation helped trigger her first O.

    I also liked how you said “ Raj watched the waves wash over and through my body.”

    Your sentence expresses how an orgasm can feel like waves of pleasure washing over and through our bodies!

  3. SamtheMan says:

    Starting out the story with the adjective "immense pleasure" and then you being asked to be "fucked" and so hot to be on the edge of being caught. I like to ride the edge of being caught so that caught my attention. However, from the names and other hints in the story, I don't think this was a white couple as the story depicted. Maybe should have shown a couple of different skin color to be realistic.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      We do welcome authors to suggest stock photos at the top of their submissions that they think best illustrate their posts (see guidelines.) Alas, there are so few sexy photos with other than the typical slim young white people that it becomes time-intensive to search out variety. We apologize for the monotony, but having paid for this one already, we probably won't change it.

    • SecondMarge says:

      I think MH is doing a great job, even when you refuse my comments or stories. Your pictures add to the stories. Must be a ton of work for very little pay. So despite our differences of opinion, just want to say job well done.

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