Safe sex is always great sex. I firmly believe this because my wife feels more comfortable even though I personally have a “cumming in her pussy” fetish. Since we have a little one we are being more careful. What is you favorite condom? Are her pleasure condoms really for her pleasure? I’ve always used Trojan.

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  1. WeldersWife says:

    Naturalamb (latex free) by Trojan was our go to when we were using them. They’re a little pricey but honestly, I never could tell much difference between when we used those and when we didn’t use anything….until he finished of course 😉😂

    • Giants05 says:

      They are our go to in the rare occasion we use one. If it is a rare situation where we can't get messy we go to these. Feels like nothing is on

  2. RockyGapMan says:

    We’re way past that stage in our lives (appreciate EVERY stage of your life – we do), and don’t have to worry about that any more.

    However, I remember well dealing with this important issue. My favorite condom… NONE!

    It reminds me of something I saw written on a bathroom wall one time:

    “A fuck with a rubber is like a shower with a raincoat”

    I was still a virgin and in my teens. I thought it was funny and intriguing at the time. Hence, it’s stuck with me all these years! But I didn’t come to realize how really true it was (for me) till I got married. Just MY opinion.

    Because I disdained the lack of sensation, we decided to look into other options. We eventually had my wife fitted with a diaphragm – which although also interrupted our sexual interaction to insert (as did condoms) worked well for us until I decided to take the surgical option after we had all our kids.

    The diaphragm – once inserted – doesn’t interfere with anyone’s sensations. But there is the issue with removing it afterwards. Not really a big issue, and worth it in our estimation because of its positive benefits.

    Ultimately, a vasectomy was our best solution. It was quick and essentially painless (once I got the proper amount of anesthesia given! 🥵). It was GREAT to have sex without any worry about unwanted pregnancies and fiddling with condoms or a diaphragm! But… your Catholic faith may prohibit that option for you when you’re done having kids. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    We have no experience with “her pleasure” condoms, so can’t help you there.

    • Giants05 says:

      Been really tossing this option up back and forth. At 41 and me going on 43 this month we decided we are content in our lives w our 9 year old. Spent a few months "not trying but not being careful either" but agree we are in our prime in the bedroom and she doesn't to go on anything anymore since it decreases her sex drive and don't want to use condoms and as hot as pulling out is and cumming on her is we are both at the point where we both say we are both not kids anymore and don't want to have to be careful. The procedure is def food for thought

  3. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Hon, that's not a fetish; it's a biological imperative. But many couples today decide to wait between children, and condoms are a pretty dependable, innocuous/healthy way to accomplish the goal. That said, I have never enjoyed the feel of anything but "bareback" sex. No "for her pleasure" condom (that I've tried) ever did anything for me. Being a bit "crunchy," I also have concerns about the spermicides used on or with some of them. I can't really give any recommendations but wanted you to know that you aren't "kinky" for wanting to cum in your wife's pussy. 💕CHL

  4. Tulsa says:

    We never used condoms much at all, and that was a long time ago.
    We both kind of get off on the mess, and if you do the ol' pullout method thing, it can be quite a big mess! (Or should that be the 'pull the thing out' method?)
    Surprisingly, it worked quite well, and we had kids when we were ready to, and there were no little 'oops' runnin' around. (Maybe we were lucky.) Later, I got fixed, which is much better, since we could make internal messes too! 🙂

    • YoungCouple69 says:

      This is not a bad suggestion. From my reading, the pull out method is between 80–90% effective, which is really pretty good as far as contraception goes. Obviously you don’t get the amazing sensation of just letting your semen loose balls-deep inside her, but the pull out method can still be pretty fun. Personally, we really enjoy it—there is something primal and extremely erotic about pulling out and covering your woman with several ropes of hot cum. Would definitely make sure she is on board with the plan though—I know some ladies don’t enjoy the mess that makes 😳

  5. Fearless Lunk says:

    You deserve some good PIV ejaculations. Why not at least go bareback the 4 days before and 4 days after her period? Your chances of getting pregnant are even lower than the efffectiveness of a condom. Just use a condom the 2 weeks mid-cycle.

    • Giants05 says:

      That's actually what me and my wife do Fearless lunk. Right after her period and right before, I cum inside of her. Other times I pull out and cum somewhere on her.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      This is a good idea however depending on how fertile she is, she can still get pregnant! We were trying to do it like this too where before, during, and after my period he could enter bare…however we realized how fertile I apparently am when I had missed my period and was a little nauseous. It’s estimated I got knocked up just a couple days after I had stopped bleeding.

      I have always loved feeling my husbands penis inside me with nothing on. I do not do great with birth control pills either. I crave his erection bare inside of me, some may say I’m obsessed lol. So when I was close to ovulation and he was entering bare closest to my period.

      We were using condoms closer to me ovulating but he is very large so even the largest ones he always felt like they would cut off his circulation. I personally just love to feel his veins and shaft throb against the inside of my walls so we both prefer not to use them.

  6. LovingMan says:

    Not bragging… this is true: Many years ago I used condoms sometimes. Problem was that the condoms frequently broke. Years later I figured out that I needed a larger size condom. That also explains why the darn things were so difficult to put on & why they were very uncomfortable. So if you DO use condoms, get the correct size for your erection.
    I discovered that putting some KY Jelly IN the condom before putting it on improves the sensations.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      This was an issue we had also. They broke a few times but also always felt like they were cutting off his circulation. My husband is rather large and that could be why, like you…but there’s also nothing like feeling him bare inside me…

  7. KYCountryBoy says:

    If your name is an accurate representation and you are indeed Catholic, you should be aware that within the Catholic Church that any form of sex that does not result in you ejaculating inside of your wife’s vagina is a mortal sin (i.e., using condoms, masturbation to completion, oral sex to completion, anal sex, sex with another person, pulling out, etc.), as well as any act that intentionally tries to remove any possibility of procreation (such as any form of contraceptive i.e., the pill, vasectomy, etc.). This is in the Catholic Catechism (2399, 2370) and affirmed by the current Bishop of Tome, Pope Francis. Natural Family Planning is approved and even endorsed by the Church, so you may wish to look into that.

    I am not saying this to criticize or judge, just to make sure you are aware and at the least, you should seek counsel of your priest about this. I am NOT Catholic myself (moreso an inquirerer, as the local priest called me), but have studied it extensively as the possibility of converting has been on the minds of my wife and I.

    Most Protestant denominations make no such claim, and even amongst those that do, Church tradition is not held to the same weight as the Bible as it is in Catholicism. So this is speaking strictly to Catholics.

    (To answer the question) That said my wife and I used condoms early in our marriage. We tried the pill and it really messed with her hormones. Once we decided to be open to having children and stop using birth control at all, we both greatly preferred it. I tried trojans and lifestyles, but hated the way trojans smell, I guess its the lube they use? So we stuck to Lifestyles. At the time my wife didn’t like intercourse because it was uncomfortable (we later found out the condoms were the problem) so we usually engaged in “outercourse”. Once we made the switch to no contraceptives at all, intercourse became my wife’s favorite way to enjoy one another. We tried “her pleasure” stuff and none of it made much difference for her. She never found it pleasurable for her. I think the greatest lie is that condoms only give a different sensation for the guy.

    Ejaculating inside your wife isn’t a fetish as others pointed out, btw. Its as natural as it gets. If you enjoyed condoms more, THAT could be a fetish.

    Sorry for being Captain Bringdown, but if I were in your shoes, I’d want to know. Moreso for my wife’s benefit than even mine, because its a sin that would affect you both equally.

    • SecondMarge says:

      The fundamentalist believers, Catholics and some Protestants follow the scriptures more strictly. Allowing masturbation, oral and anal is a “modernized” view. It’s kind of like the Sister wives belief of multiple wives being true to scripture. Exceptions mostly come from differing interpretations or allowances for Kings and the wealthy like Solomon who are allowed concubines and a harem for his hundreds of wives. The fundamentalist version of sex for procreation and the other end of the spectrum of open sex, even outside of or before marriage seem to have the stronger positions. Being in the middle allowing masturbation, anal and oral but not same sex pleasure, multiple partners and still think virginity should be kept until marriage seem to be picking and choosing what they find suitable to their life decisions.
      The clear historical path is the elimination of sexual “sins” and any importance of virginity all of which once made sense but no longer do.
      We no longer live like the Amish ignoring the changes in the world but some want to keep some things the way that once made sense. We even “shun” those with more modern reading of scripture. Mostly because of fear just like the fear that once resulted in burning women as witches.
      There is a comfort in the more defensible fundamentalist and Catholic “rules” I was raised to believe.

    • KYCountryBoy says:

      SecondMarge, there is a major difference in that Catholic teaching places Church Tradition on the same level as Scripture, so while the Bible is unclear as to whether or not masturbation, condoms, etc. within marriage is ok or not, there is no wiggle room in Church Tradition, especially when something is determined to be a very Dogmatic belief, such as the sexual beliefs of the Catholic Church. Tradition is what makes Catholicism unique, afterall.

      For the record, the Amish don’t ignore modern changes. They actually evaluate each one in their communities and decide what will and will not be allowed. Its a common misconception that they don’t allow anything after a certain year, or don’t know anything about the outside world. I am surrounded by Amish in my area, and their rules are decided upon by what is best for the community. Most don’t allow cars because it makes it too easy to leave the community. Some allow for electricity but limit what it may be used for. Some Amish groups don’t allow using anything with rubber tires, so its ok to own and use a tractor as long as you use the wheels with no tires. You will seldom see an Amish family in Walmart who doesn’t have a cart loaded with batteries. Many of them in my area even allow them to have phones, but they aren’t allowed to have them in the home. I’ve had them use my electric power tools even though they don’t own them, I’ve seen them use iPhones even if they don’t own them, and a group a county over was really into electric RC cars until the Bishops said no more (word is they may have been betting on races, haha).

      At any rate, I am not here to argue about the topic, just to mention it to the OP in case he is unaware of this teaching, as I understand it causes quite a bit of confusion in the Church.

  8. Seang says:

    We have used “one ultra feel”! It’s totally like wearing nothing at all! You can buy them at Costco on line. It even comes with extra lubricant if you need more in a separate pouch. Try them!

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