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Balls Deep after Coffee

Christine and I were married five years ago. Our families were friends. We dated while we attended Catholic high school together. She was always sweet, modest and inhibited. We never went further than passionate kissing and a little groping through her clothes until our honeymoon but I could tell that she was very passionate under […]


Safe sex is always great sex. I firmly believe this because my wife feels more comfortable even though I personally have a “cumming in her pussy” fetish. Since we have a little one we are being more careful. What is you favorite condom? Are her pleasure condoms really for her pleasure? I’ve always used Trojan.

JOI for my Wife

My wife loves dirty talk and loves my voice during foreplay and sex. However, I’ve always winged things and never knew what to say to get her off. I’ve been more vocal lately, and it’s helped her cum. If I start moaning, breathing heavy, tell her good it feels, or I’m going to cum for […]

Couple Postpartum Recovery

I wanted to pose a question to the MarriageHeat Community for advice. How do you, as a couple, deal with postpartum and not having sex? My wife and I were best friends before we became spouses (lovers), so sex isn’t a requirement for our marriage, but it’s a big part of our lives. How do […]

Vibing at Publix (L)

This story took place in December last year. My wife and I had been cleaning in preparation for Christmas. Then we put up lights and decorations while listening to Christmas music. During the clean-up, I came across my wife’s bullet vibe that she got as a gag gift from her bachelorette party. She’s never used […]