Romantic Rendezvous Before Ultrasound

After a much-needed sex session where she came and I filled her up with all my cum, I looked down at my beautiful wife. Her arms and legs held me tightly as I rested my weight lightly on her frame but mostly on my knees and hands. Her eyelashes flashed open at the sudden realization, “I may be ovulating today!”

She reached for her phone to check, and later we took the test confirming the news. We would have a baby girl or boy in nine months!

Pregnant women are very sexually attractive. Hollywood really needs to get on that. Their hair and nails are super strong and healthy—salons should offer discounts for expecting mothers! Also, their breasts develop beautifully, and the areolas look exquisite. Ughn!

The morning sickness was terrible, but once my wife ate and had time to process everything, she could get up and going, head off to work and come back home. Working pregnant women deserve more; I wish I made twice as much so she could stay home.

Plus, pregnancy sex was a ride I didn’t know to expect in our marriage. I have always had the higher sex drive, and the rise in hers has been such a blessing to me. It doesn’t take much to get my wife going now: a massage on her lower back, touching her breasts, giving her kisses, even just looking intently at her gets her hot. Her pussy stays wet and ready for action almost all the time. Can we have a sexy song for pregnant women? WAP doesn’t come close.

Our first ultrasound and screening were very important; my cum and the skin cells of my penis can’t be present to ensure the accuracy of the testing. The Monday before would be the last time we could have sex before the exam. I mean, it’s only two days. We could wait, but the heightened sexual energy made it hard to do, especially now that we had moved to a house and out of apartment life.

My beautiful wife usually crashes after work, so I didn’t expect anything to happen that night. But when I crawled into bed,  it was like lighting a match! We began kissing, and she remarked, “Your mouth tastes incredible,” as some heavy kissing and gentle Frenching occurred. Removing clothes didn’t seem important, but since her vagina wasn’t ready to receive me yet, we fiddled around for a long time. Every second was bliss. During all this, I realized I could grip the back of her knees really well. When I did, it immediately turned her on like it does when I squeeze one of her buttocks gently and pull her towards me.

Another thing about pregnant women is they are fearful for all the right reasons and fearless for the things that bring them pleasure. It’s so hot to me as her husband seeing this new confidence and thoughtfulness. 

I pushed my penis into her and slipped in slowly all the way. Her voice raised an octave higher! I’ve never heard that outside of the apartment; holy crap, her voice was hot. When I told her, she repeated the sound. I said it wasn’t fair how hot that sounded. She giggled and kissed my neck. It was all I could do to keep from filling her up until she had reached her first orgasm. After that, I let go, and we settled into a restful sleep.

I’m writing this today because our appointment is now. Please pray for us and our baby girl or boy.

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12 replies
  1. Tango69 says:

    Hot heightened libido is a big benefit of being pregnant. Some men find it ultra attractive and tits are generally the first thing that gets our juices pumpin when they are touched, they are like keys to our engine when pregnant, all that extra blood flowing to the clit makes for some very passionate and extremely frequent sessions to be enjoyed. Take it all now because it does subside when the baby is born. Get in her and enjoy fondling and filling her up it’s a rare time we love our bodies and are amazed of what they can produce the miracle of life and unconditional love. Tell her how you see her that’s so important buckle up and enjoy the many rides.

    • Bighuged says:

      Really? That’s so interesting that your breasts are highly sensitive like that. Like even if your not thinking about sex at all, your breasts can just be touched and you start to get excited?

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Definitely agree pregnant women are sexy. When my wife was about 4-7 months pregnant, she looked super hot and we had some great sex and discovered that swallowing semen does in face help with morning sickness. After 7 months, it all got so tough for her that sex was rare.

  3. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Great story, CG. Congratulations on the new life! My wife has always had a pretty high sex drive, but it too increased (maybe doubled) during each of her pregnancies. So glad y’all are enjoying that as well. Pregnancy (especially the first) is a big challenge on the new mom. Keep loving on her in every way possible. Bottom line is give her whatever she wants, as much as she wants, even if that means lots and lots of sex. I’m sure you’re up to the task. 😉 God bless

  4. Bighuged says:

    Really great story! I do agree, pregnant women are underrated in sexiness! It’s amazing how the larger belly and breasts really enhance the visual deliciousness of the curves they already possessed. It makes my cock throb just thinking about it 😝 One of my fantasies that I can’t wait to make a reality is pregnancy sex with my future wife. There’s something unbelievably arousing about impregnating your wife and then the nine months following she CAN’T get enough of you and your cock because you impregnated her! It’s like my seed not only was implanted into her eggs, but this insatiable desire was also planted into her mind, which is the desire for my manhood! Gosh, just thinking about this has my cock hard as a rock! I’m going to have to take care of this now.. so thanks! 😂

    • alwayswet101 says:

      @Bighuged this is EXACTLY how I am right now. Seriously can’t get enough. I am so incredibly horny and we both love it. It’s also totally so hot thinking that my hubby’s seed is the one that made my body swell with these boobs butt and belly and I’m obsessed. I feel sexier than ever, I’m so wet and horny all the time. The orgasms are some I’ve never had before. I walk around horny and with a wet pussy because he knocked me up and that makes me even wetter.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Bighuged, I just read your comment again and it is seriously exactly spot on. I am so horny constantly, very rounded with boobs, belly and butt, blood flow is insane, rosy cheeks and to the genitals, my hair looks better than ever, and I’ve honestly never felt sexier. My hubby feels the same way. Just like you said he made me this way, his lovely and ginormous member sent sperm inside of me and created this gift of life. I am more aroused and turned on than I even thought was possible and seeing him do normal everyday things makes me want to just ride him silly. He feels the same way almost every day he walks in the door and looks at my pregnant self and becomes erect. Pregnancy works wonders everyone…I highly recommend it.

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