Learning and Getting Over Inhibitions Together

The journey into our sex life started like many Christian couples. Dedicated to keeping the commandments on morality, we waited until we were married to consummate our relationship. When that much-anticipated night finally arrived, we had no idea what we were doing. We knew the basics, but we didn’t know how to make it fulfilling for each other. My father’s only advice on sex, spoken just once that I can remember, was that “she should enjoy sex as much as you.” Great advice, but the “how” was missing. My wife (Kathy) got less advice than that from her mother.

Kathy complained about my sharp hips when doing the typical missionary style of sex, so we experimented a little. We finally figured out that the best position for her was on her knees on top of me so that she could control the penetration and so that my sharp hips didn’t cause pain to her inner thighs after a few minutes of fun.

Four children later, sex was pretty much the same. We made love about once a week, depending on Kathy’s cycle and if the kids would ever let us have a night alone. As the children got older, we got better but never took it to the next level. Sometimes Kathy would say that sex was a gift for me, and she could live without it. That does not make a guy feel very good about his love life.

Kathy rarely initiated sex, and sometimes I felt as though I almost needed to beg if I ever wanted it. When Kathy’s hormone cycle was up, she would occasionally initiate sex, usually just by hinting strongly—she rarely overtly tried to seduce me. Once, after telling me that she could live just fine without sex, she attempted to initiate a spark that night. My response was, “Really? After telling me you don’t need it, now you are trying to start something.” As you can imagine, that didn’t go over very well. I think that was the last time I really hurt Kathy’s feelings; I had a lot of apologizing to do.

Besides teaching me an important lesson on being careful with my wife’s tender feelings, that experience had one other positive note. It did awaken a desire in us both to connect better and make our love life more fulfilling for each other. It improved, but we still had a long way to go.

Sometime later, I tried to spice things up by bringing home a finger vibrator. Kathy made it clear that she didn’t want to use a large vibrator, but she went along with the finger one. My mistake was getting a cheap one. She said that it was interesting, but it didn’t do a whole lot for her.

I didn’t give up. Next, I tried a penis sleeve. I don’t know what else to call it. It was basically a larger penis that slips over an average size penis. I told Kathy that I was just using a condom designed to increase my size and girth. She did not really buy the condom thing, but she was curious, so she did not object. Kathy usually climaxes at least once during intercourse, but she discovered new places inside her that brought on intense orgasms.

Still, she was opposed to a typical vibrator, so I next tried a cheap wand vibrator. (I hadn’t yet learned my lesson about getting cheap sex toys.) Kathy wouldn’t let me use anything that penetrated, but she was willing to try the wand on the outside. Wow!!! She orgasmed like never, even with sub-par merchandise. We discovered that every woman needs a wand.

Kathy was now begging to have sex several times each week. Once I warmed her up with the wand, she was a total nympho, needing to ride me hard and achieving several orgasms.

On one occasion, I was super naughty. I knew that Kathy would enjoy a vibrator deep inside, but she was reluctant to try. The wand I had didn’t have a very big head, and I noticed that I could get the penis sleeve over it, creating a makeshift typical vibrator. So, after warming Kathy up with the wand one night, I slipped the penis sleeve over the wand and inserted it deep into her wet pussy. She did not complain. Now she was fully into it.

The cheap wand was replaced by a better one that now gives her the most amazing orgasms. It is still her favorite toy, especially if we put a little Wet Wow Max O Arousal Gel or another vagina stimulator on the wand first. We also tried a variety of vibrators to achieve those deep-down orgasms. Kathy even went with me into the store to pick some out.

The next big step was for her to get used to touching herself and using the vibrators by herself. She had no idea how much that turns me on. I began having her help me find the “spot” that makes her scream. Slowly, Kathy became more comfortable with handling the vibrators on her own. She is much better than me at discovering just how to use the vibrator to get to a body-shaking orgasm.

Next, we experimented with glass. Kathy liked the feel of the vibrator, so she was reluctant to try something that would not vibrate. We tried one, and Kathy discovered that the texture of the glass is even better than the vibrations of other toys. She likes me to hold the wand on her clit and suck on her nipples until she is warmed up, and then she plunges her glass penis deep into her soaking wet pussy and really goes for it. She never used to squirt, but now we always need a towel. It amazes me how the wand and glass penis combination can get her to soak a towel. After going wild for two or three superb orgasms, which usually involve some squirting, Kathy is ready to ride my penis until I cum.

After reading some posts on MarriageHeat about wives sending their husbands videos, Kathy even tried that. Wow! That is something to get in a text at work. I always need to have her so much after she sends one. It turns me on a lot every time I get a video of her playing with herself or her toys.

The other thing that Kathy did for me is to do some research on the internet on how to give an outstanding blow job. Kathy had always been reluctant to fondle my penis; she treated it like something that a good girl like her should never touch. Thankfully, she has gotten over that. Kathy started experimenting on my hard cock with her newly-learned techniques. Soon she had become an expert at making me feel amazing.

She was reluctant to have me go off in her mouth, but she thought I would find it hot, so she tried it. Not everything turns out like we anticipate; when I came, Kathy ran to the toilet and threw up—a big-time mood killer. Now she uses her new superpowers to get me aroused and feeling really good, but I never go off in her mouth. We both much prefer it in her hot wet vagina. Kathy also enjoys it when I squirt all over her belly and breasts while she pleases herself with her glass penis.

We are still experimenting, and we can’t keep our hands off each other. Sleeping naked with Kathy’s hand on my cock and my hand on one of her breasts or teasing her vagina is one thing we love. And we are still looking for new possibilities. We discuss various toys listed in online stores, and we have tried restraints and blindfolds. All of these things add spice and excitement, but the best part is being naked with each other without inhibitions.

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15 replies
  1. Christhusbandandwife3in1 says:

    This story is so amazing.i love the fact that you were both willing to try new things together. It may have taken a while , but in the end as your dad had told you she should enjoy sex as well. What you have learned together ,that to me is the hottest part.

  2. LovingMan says:

    What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing your journey of discovery. We too have tried different vibrators etc. Being willing to try new toys, new techniques, etc. has greatly expanded our pleasure and joy. Obviously doing so has done the same for you and your wife! After reading your post and other posts about glass toys… we may want to try one of those. I want to add that as senior lovers (with major health challenges) my wife and I have greatly benefited from happily making new discoveries of an intimate nature! Again, God bless you for sharing your journey of marital discoveries.

  3. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Thank you for sharing! Before my wife, there were others….. What I learned through women I was with before my wife is that about half of women will gladly swallow cum and half will not or maybe they'll swallow but it'll be gross to them. It's hard when you're getting a BJ and then when you cum it grosses the lady out. Fortunately with my wife, she loves swallowing. Maybe try some different endings, such as a pearl necklace or facial?

    • Tango69 says:

      I love to swallow, and previous to marriage, I could make a man twitch with just my hand or a hand-and-mouth combo. But my husband I can not make cum; it feels like he is not enjoying it. I have subscribed to Bad Girl's Bible, which I have studied and used to reinvent my technique, but still nothing. Such a let down for me because I’m naturally horny all the time. but I would love to get him off. Good to know others out there love it too. Go, girls! Your guys are lucky.

  4. HuskyKitty says:

    Thanks for sharing, Poulkat! Mrs. Kitty and I have had similar conversations and were actually talking about her being comfortable inserting the realistic vibrator that she wanted, which I bought her. It’s another layer of our intimacy we’re exploring. Toys can be fun, but can take time to get natural. Keep enjoying each other and keep sharing! 😉

    • O-surfer says:

      I’m not the author and I don’t know their reply, but we’ve found some apps helpful in talking through things that may not even have been on our radar. We used one called “Ultimate Intimacy” on a long road trip we went on by ourselves that started some discussions that went on for a while. It was fun that it was from a faith based background.

    • Poulkat says:

      We were at one of our little vacations we take once a year in Reno and Went to Adam and Eve and saw Them. My wife thought that they were to hard and wouldn’t like them. She decided to try it and she found out she liked it.

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