Desert Bride

The heavy curtains part as I walk into the tent that is to be my bridal chamber. Incense burns in a bronze brazier, its heady smoke curling seductively, invitingly. My eyes adjust to the dim candlelight enough to see the intricate woven carpets and draped jewel-toned curtains. I walk to the bed and skim my fingers over the soft silks and luxurious furs as I imagine meeting my groom here. The mattress on a platform gives me comforting support under my weight when I sit. Lying back, I gaze at the quiet, private, opulent space, thinking about what is to come. What will happen on our first night together? Will he know where to touch me? Will I know how to handle him?

My fingers slip into the top of my gown, and I find my nipple, puckering now as I imagine his tongue licking and tasting me. I give it a pinch at the thought of his teeth, carefully nipping, testing my sensitivity. A spark of excitement shoots to my innermost parts as in my mind’s eye; I see us, my fingers buried in his thick hair, cradling his head to my breast as he delights in me.

I lift my feet onto the bed now, and the hem of my dress falls to my waist as my legs part of their own accord, and with my free hand, I reach to stroke my womanhood, and she arises from her shroud, straining to meet my touches. My valley is warm and wet, coating my fingers as they glide back and forth. I imagine my lover, my husband, joining with me, breaching this sacred space to become one. Will there be pain? Or pleasure? I can only imagine the deep connection that is to come, and there is no fear, only a deep and aching need yet to be fulfilled.

I see him in my mind’s eye, gazing at me with his deep, hungry eyes. Will I look away shyly when he removes his robe to reveal solid muscles glistening in the candlelight? Will he come to me and cradle my face in his palms and press his sweet lips to mine, sweeping them open with his tongue? I envision his capable hands, tracing my curves, skin on skin, the comforting weight of his muscular body pressing me into this mattress.

My fingers continue to massage, seeking something that will extinguish the fire that burns deep within. When I find a rhythm, my back arches, hips lift, and I press hard as a white-hot sensation explodes beneath my fingers.  The pleasure courses its way to every fiber of my being, causing me to cry out in joy and abandonment. I gasp in delight and awe at my discovery, longing for the moment I can share this with my man.

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    • Bighuged says:

      I definitely did enjoy it! First time I read it I was so captured by the story that I didn’t even register that I was close to cumming myself! My cock started convulsing and before I could do anything about it I was shooting loads of my hot cum into the air, landing all over my chest and body. Didn’t regret it at all though 😂

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