Vibing at Publix (L)

This story took place in December last year. My wife and I had been cleaning in preparation for Christmas. Then we put up lights and decorations while listening to Christmas music. During the clean-up, I came across my wife’s bullet vibe that she got as a gag gift from her bachelorette party. She’s never used it. I stuck in my pocket to surprise her later for some fun.

In our relationship, we flirt and tease each other sexually to make chores more fun. Since we needed to stock up on groceries, I drove to Publix with her buckled in the passenger seat. She had on black yoga pants and a white sweater, and I remember how her blue eyes glimmered that day. With one hand on the steering wheel, I rubbed her thighs and crotch, never taking my eyes off the road, as she sighed and moaned under my fingers. Every so often, we’d kiss at red lights; this was an old habit from our dating years.

I was touching her pussy more and more, and she got really worked up. Then I replaced my fingers with the bullet vibe and pressed the power button. She jumped as if we had gone over a huge speed bump!

“What is that!?”

I laughed and told her “It’s your vibrator from your bachelorette party.”

At this point, we had parked at our destination, but I was about to take her a lot further.

“I want to try something. I want you to wear this in your panties as we shop.”

“No way! Someone will hear it!”

I reasoned with her that if I couldn’t hear it in the quiet car then no one would hear it in a bustling Publix shopping center with music playing.

“Okay, but what it falls out?”

“Put it in your panties’ flap.” Her eyes got really big, but she did as I said. I quickly turned it on and she moaned and bit her lip.

“We’re not really doing this, are we? Honey?!”

At this point, I jumped out of the car and slammed the car door shut.

“Ugh, you’re such an ass!” She got out of the car and could barely walk as her pussy experienced the soft, exciting vibrations. She tugged on my arm and moaned softly into my ear as we walked. I smiled, feeling like a million bucks with my wife tightly hugging my arm.

We walked in and grabbed a cart. My wife’s pussy was dripping, and no one had any idea but she and I. Every now and then, she’d cuss and say my name in a loving, husky voice. Was that an orgasm? I wondered.

She bit her lip and said, “I’m so fucking getting you back when we get home!”

And she did, but I’ll have to tell you about that later.

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