Unusual Work-from-home Day (L)

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It was just another mundane ordinary day with all of us home due to the Covid-19 quarantine. But what started off as normal grew hot and explosive due to our strong desires and our cravings for each other.

While my husband worked in the home office, I staeted dinner. I had been itching for some attention between my legs when my husband happened to come into the kitchen.  He hovered around the kitchen as I entertained some naughty thoughts. Our kids were out in the front yard, so we just seized the moment and it was all worth it!

He grabbed me from behind, put his hand inside my pants and undies, and gently checked my privates. To his pleasant surprise, he found me damp. He whispered in my ear to confirm that he liked his findings, and I suggested naughtily that we should do it right here, on top of the kitchen counter. He stopped me from doing my chores, turned me around, grabbed my boobs, and kissed me hard on the lips. Our lips locked hard for a few minutes as our tongues were caught in a passionate hard kiss.

We abandoned the kitchen quickly and he led me to our bedroom. The fact that our kids could come in at any minute and disrupt us added to the excitement in the heat of the moment. My practical side or my motherly instinct would usually take over very quickly, but not this time.

We locked our bedroom door, and chose the rocking sofa at the corner of our room. He stripped me of my pants and undies in a flash, got down on his knees, and lapped at my wet pussy—boy, was that HOT! A tingling, burning sensation crept up my spine, and I moaned, well pleased. By this time, I’d unlatched my bra, and he didn’t wait a second longer to play with my breasts.

We went at it for a while. I didn’t want it to stop, but the feeling was too much to take. I grabbed him by his hair, lifted his face up and kissed him hard on the lips once more while tasting my own juice!

We both stripped ourselves of what little clothes we had left. As I kissed him, I stroked his member and affirmed to him how sexy it was, so hard and stiff!

He semi-carried me to the edge of the bed, shoved his in dick while standing, and humped me a bit, enjoying how wet and slimy my pussy was. Oh, he can never resist that! As he took me this way, we could hear footsteps coming and our little 7-yr-old wanting to come in, but since the door was locked, my hubby fucked me even harder.  Alas, our little one still kept trying to come in; as hot and aroused as we were, we had to stop. We agreed to finish it off tonight.

I felt like I couldn’t wait. I was like a ticking timebomb all evening long. After what seemed to be a never-ending evening, through dinner and tucking kids into bed, my husband suggested we should shower together. He fondled and played with my boobs while I saw how erected his dick stood. It made me want him all over again. We quickly finished showering and, both naked, continued onto our bed. We got in one of my favorite positions: both on our knees with him behind me in an upright spooning position. He had full access to my boobs and pussy. With one hand, he teasingly and expertly touched me in all the right places on my privates. The other hand was clasping hard on my boobs while he whispered naughty words in my ear and kissed me on my neck. That always melts me in ways I can’t describe.

Soon enough, he was making me wet. Really wet. I was squirting my juice all over. And he moaned with satisfaction as he milked me dry. He thought I was done, but the more he touched me, the wetter I became. This always turns him on.

“You are so fucking hot right now!” he said.

I smiled and moaned, very satisfied with his observation. Soon the shirt he had placed under me was soaking wet. By now, my legs were weak; I begged him to finish me off. And with a few more loud moans, I came.

He quickly pinned me down with him on top, saying he wanted to feel my wet, slimy pussy. He jammed his dick in as he humped me really hard. He moaned and groaned with delight, and he too came!

I smiled a great big smile. All I could say was, “Wow! That was good!”

“Now you have a story worth writing for Marriage Heat,” he replied. Boy! Was he right!

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8 replies
    • truelies says:

      Thank you Keystone Jack, glad u liked the story. Guess a rocking chair would be more accurate description — a nursing chair we bought when kids were born. Guess now it has a new purpose. 😋

  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    My wife is an MD and has to go into work 3-4 times/week during the work week, so she's often not at home. But on the days she is home…..mmmmmmmmmmm. Has been a lot of fun taking breaks a few times a day for some super kinky action (but only when our son is out playing with friends, etc.). The kinkiness has hit new levels and we've found that the daylight has introduced a whole new level of fun as far as making it all quite visual. In the past month or so alone, we have tried several new things and pushed some of our limits, which were already out there. Hope other couples are having a great time, too!

  2. Sweetie806 says:

    I especially like when you mention how the sound of your child at the door only prompted your hubby to fuck you harder! The fact that your parental instincts were easily overruled by your intense need to fuck is super hot! Not gonna lie – that line got me hard 😜

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