JOI for my Wife

My wife loves dirty talk and loves my voice during foreplay and sex. However, I’ve always winged things and never knew what to say to get her off. I’ve been more vocal lately, and it’s helped her cum. If I start moaning, breathing heavy, tell her good it feels, or I’m going to cum for her, she loves it! She cums on me almost immediately. Communication in bed really turns her on. Does anyone have any MarriageHeat friendly advice for Jack Off Instructions/Dirty Talk for me to give to my wife?

I usually talk about my cock and how much she loves it, but I want to make things more sexy and romantic. Talking about my cock sounds a little conceited sometimes.

I need examples, roleplay scenarios, and phrases. If you have any suggestions for me, I’d really appreciate it.

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  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Well this is certainly the right place to learn that. My best advice for learning things to say or try is read the stories here. Does your wife join you on MH? If she has read some stories, find out which ones she likes and read them for yourself. Read some to her and pay attention to how she reacts. When we read to each other I tend to read the ones written from the husband’s voice. It feels less awkward than reading the woman’s description of how she feels and such. If that is not comfortable for you yet read ones that are written in the third person. Most of the ones in the Erotica category are written that way, but there are others in other categories. If you find a particular one she likes, read more from that author if they have more (if you don’t know, you can tap on the author’s name below the title and it will show you all they have written).
    But most importantly, as always, communicate! Talk about what she wants, what you want, what words work, which ones are off limits, what you’re comfortable saying. Ask her to tell you when there is something in a story that she likes. And this is not a one time conversation. Tastes will change, comfort levels change. It is a learning and growing process.
    And many blessings to you for being willing and determined to learn and grow in order to please your wife. Keep it up (obvious pun intended)

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Great post! In general, anything I tell my wife about how hot she is gets her really horny. When she's masturbating, typically I'll also be masturbating while watching her. I'll typically ask her to spread her lips for me, showing me her pinkness, which gets me super hot (it's a thing with me). I also ask her to slide in a finger or two or three and then put those same fingers in my mouth. Sometimes she'll put them in her mouth at my direction. Then there's the dildo….. I'll get her dildo for her and then tell her to f%ck herself with it. One thing she does love is sucking me off while she's using the dildo on her pussy and lately my talk has been around this being akin to her being double-teamed, which has really gotten her off. Bottom line: what gets my wife super hot when she's masturbating is knowing how hot she is in what I'm saying, what I'm asking her to do and what I'm doing to myself.

  3. hornyGG says:

    My advice is just tell her what you're feeling. Tell her how you love the feel and taste of her pussy. It's not being conceited to talk about your cock, tell her how hard she makes you and how you crave her love and her body. How you love watching her cum and how you long to fill her with your cum. Heavy breathing and animalistic grunts and groans are a great turn on. Main thing is just tell her what you're feeling in a hot and honest way.
    Stay horny!

  4. LovingMan says:

    When we are making love (and I mean before sex happens) I tell my wife that I love her and how beautiful she is and how much I appreciate the different things she does. When in foreplay (& we are actually touching sexually) I tell her how much I love her eyes and how beautiful and tasty her breasts are. I tell her how I love her curves. When she starts getting aroused I always tell her how beautiful and young she looks to me. (She really does look like she’s in her 20’s again when she’s turned on and has “the look.” I keep loving on her beautiful body as I tell her how beautiful each part is or how beautiful her body is overall.
    She will caress my erection and tell me how good that will feel inside her etc.
    sometimes during our sex session we’ll think of something to say that we are grateful for like doing the dishes or making dinner etc. and in our sex sessions we even tell our spouse how nice fingertips or lips feel on nipples or on back or she says how nice it feels when my erection is really hard and slides up inside her ….or I tell her how wonderful it feels to be caressed by her vagina/pussy. . . etc .. . . etc.

  5. WeldersWife says:

    I also get incredibly hot hearing my man talk in bed 😍. If the mood is romantic, “I love you” “you are so beautiful when you cum” “damn I love your -fill in the blank-! It/they look so good in this position”. If the mood is more passionate (rough, dirty, etc), things like “you can’t cum until I tell you too” “cum for me gorgeous” “your pussy feels so good “

  6. O-surfer says:

    My guy really gets me hot when he puts his mouth near my ear and breathily tells me what he wants to do to me, or parts of my body that turn him on, or how much he likes what I’m doing to him. My ears and neck area are very sensitive, and the combination of the words, how he says them, and saying them close to my ear creates a “perfect storm” of arousal for me.

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