Two Storms Collide (L) ~ Ignite Story

This story contains brief strong language (L).
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Prologue – The following mixes two nights, both stormy, in a turbulent time in our marriage.  They happened two weeks apart, the second was as described as I had a very quick finish on a stormy night. (You’ll understand what I mean.)

Italic – First of two after fighting

Arial – Second, pushing forward


The claps of thunder rolled across the rain-soaked night, alternating with violent lightning strikes that lit up the house now dark from the absence of electricity.

The storm had knocked the power out, along with a tree in the neighbor’s yard. Her naked body’s silhouette would appear with each flash as we walked down from upstairs to survey the damage from the foyer.

“I love you now more than ever,” I whispered into her ear as she stood in the window of the front door, her breasts now in my hands. “God has protected and guided us through turbulence.”

Minutes ago we filled the air with heightened cries of pleasure echoing through the house blending with the sounds of the storm, my body going limp at the end from the soul-joining orgasm.

We stood naked, together, bare to the world, protected by the storm’s darkness and wind. No one would drive by to see us in the repeated flashes, arms around each other. Her hand slipped down to massage my limp penis, dangling. She found a stray drop of cum and scooped it up with a finger, pressing it to her lip before smearing it on mine then kissing me.

The re-occurring topic of infidelity was buried deep in the mistakes I made as I set up our celebration of 18 years, from getting the reservation for dinner screwed up to writing a long poem that just reminded her of my past transgression. The storm in our marriage was four years past us, but I should have seen it brewing again that week. Lighting and thunder began to get closer.

“I think this will help,” she said kneeling, again visible to anyone who would dare venture out, taking my flaccid member in her mouth.

The cold front of my anger that she should be over it met her warm front of harboring deserved distrust and set the wind of argument through the evening when I received repeated texts from a female co-worker. Mel grabbed my phone, angry that our day was constantly being invaded by work and by her.

“This feels so four years ago!” she said.

My erection did not immediately happen. Her mouth held my cock and balls, pressing them together and moving them inside the warmth, using her first finger to insert the flesh. She released and repeated this motion twice before standing up, holding the wet member in her hand and kissing me now as the sheets of rain pelted the side of the house.

I let her have it with words, the frustration of living in guilt and shame for four years. She spewed back resentment, hurt, and pain, feeling any pretty woman in my life was probably cheating with me. We clashed in a tornadic circle of accusation and anger.

Mel let me go, turned around, and leaned against the old Victorian dresser where we stored greeting cards and gifts for birthdays. “There’s literally no light except for the flashes,” she said, looking down the road at the darkened streetlights. My hand reached around and down her stomach, past her waist to massage her labia and clit. Her breathy coos and sighs brought back blood flow, and my penis grew against her thigh.

She first pushed me, saying words that didn’t make sense, crying hysterically, her fists then pounding into my chest. “You have no idea what I’ve lived with…” Her words trailed off. I held her as the turbulence from the front of emotions subsided, and soon she was crying into my chest, the coolness of the backside of the storm.

She pushed back into my hand. Two fingers slipped in deep, and my other hand wrapped, flicking and rubbing her clit. A loud crack and quick boom rattled the windows again. She let out an orgasmic cry, her shoulders almost rolling under her torso as she looked back, eyes wide and mouth agape. I didn’t stop, even though my cock was now hard, lying within the crevice of her ass and sliding up to her back as I pushed forward into her.

I listened and held Mel, not saying a word, feeling the insignificance of my pain against what she had been holding inside. Her tears and crying were like soft rain on the roof that was now falling. At first, we found common ground within the church and scripture. It taught me lessons, and now I affirmed everything about her that I loved. The tears were still wet in her eyes and on her cheek when she finally smiled.

In one swift movement, I released my hands and replaced my fingers with my cock. Again the clap-bang of a strike nearby startled Mel a little; her body twitched. Her head bowed, and her body braced as I began to push my numbness in and out, holding her hips, and thrusting through the wet, warm pleasure without much resistance.

Unlike the original discovery of my email transgressions, we moved past anger and frustration into reconciliation. The rain outside seemed to be stopping. We even laughed about some of the writing I did in those emails, mimicking the words and talking out our sex issues. We landed in a place where we could open up to each other on current issues in our relationship, one that had been strengthened through the experience.

Standing in the foyer, entering her from behind, I heard the thunder start to dissipate. We were on the backside of the storm. I pulled out and led Mel by hand to the front room, where I lay back on the couch. She lowered her body onto my glistening, hard shaft and rode me first, on top. I was numb and hard, so after ten minutes, she spun around into reverse cowboy, facing my feet. I pushed up into a bridge position lifting her and letting her down.

The wind outside had picked up about the time we started kissing. Anger and tears sowed seeds of passion, and in my arms, Mel curled into my lips, pressing into my torso. Our hands began small caressing movements on cheeks, forearms, thighs, and shoulders. Gentle and slow, our mouths touched, pressed, searched, tongues parting lips and finding each other. The thunder could be heard moving in, the trees rustled in the background. The flame of love that God put in our hearts for each other grew, stoked by our honesty.

I had risen to a seated position, and she bucked and pushed on my hardness as my hands held her breasts and my lips kissed her neck. Later she would tell me she nearly gave up on me cumming again because she began to get sore, but didn’t. Her moans were strained, and her breath frantic as she bounced and burrowed her hips downward.

Windows rattled and the flashes of lighting increased while our moment on the couch, intertwined, progressed at a much slower and less dramatic pace. The droplets of rain swept in by the wind began to individually hit as my hands tugged at her t-shirt, getting it over her head. She released her bra, and I began to touch and kiss her breasts, nipples, and neck. She worked on my shorts after pulling up and discarding my shirt.

Her passion was raw, initiating movement while on top of me, and then, after I flipped her onto her back and tossed her legs over my shoulders, it still powered our bodies. Pulling into my thrusts and squeezing my neck with her hands as my full weight pressed on top of her, Mel was audible and forceful. My cock felt as strong as ever, and our lovemaking turned to animalistic fucking at this point.

“Hold it there,” she whispered as I slid slowly inside her body. “Don’t move.” Her hips rocked slightly, her breath sighed, and the rain now poured down in sheets with the wind. I appreciated the pause because I felt the urge to finish almost immediately. We kissed, Mel stretched out long on the couch with me on top. She began to tell me what she loved about me, joined as one flesh, filling my heart with so much more. We stopped and moved upstairs to our bedroom.

“No!” Mel said firmly. “Don’t stop! Not now.” Since coming downstairs, we had gone from standing naked in the foyer, to entering from behind, to her on top of me in two positions on the sectional, to legs over shoulders, and now flat on the floor with her feet on my hips, her legs low and open wide. The storm was gone outside; our storm raged on inside. We were both sweating. My thrusts began to get shorter and quicker; her cries were screams, then moans, then words like “Come up, fill me up!”

We fell onto the bed kissing and fondling flesh and parts, holding some, caressing and petting others. My fingers had opened her gently while standing together, wrapped naked, softly breathing between wet, gentle lips. I scurried on top again, to feel her warmth surround me, joining us, lining up our hearts. The lights had flickered and gone off sometime in our coupling.

The build-up began as she started making sexual demands in the middle of this marathon of heat, friction, and semi-athletic fury. It started with “Fill me up!”; then “Pound me!” followed by several; “Drop that harder!” I moved off the bed, standing and holding her legs as she looked up at me with a fierce, pained and pleasured expression, her eyes so intense. I pulled her legs as I pushed forward and she braced, moving into me. The sounds of slapping flesh and colliding bodies mixed with our breathing, moans, the wet sounds of entry, and then the fragrance of the sexual night. I was getting closer.

It was a dance. Sometimes slow, at other times quick, but it had a smooth rhythm. I had the constant fight of holding back my orgasm, having to mix up the positions in subtle ways. Slow missionary, then her feet braced on my thighs, I pushed and left it in, letting the urge to release wane some. Her eyes were loving; her hair spread out on the pillow as her body pulsed with my thrust, now still. I leaned over and kissed her before continuing.

The lights sprung on and the beeps and clicks of appliances all over the house could be heard, mixed in with heavy breath from Mel and audible gasps from me. I had fallen forward onto her, my feet still on the ground, her body tucked under me. The leverage was incredible, my timing swift, and my thrusts slid deep. Her head up pulled up as she fought the friction of the evening, turning it into throbbing pleasure through the pain.

We both said, “I love you” at the same time. The winds had picked up to whip the branches of the trees on each side of the house. I held her ass in my hands, having just arisen from going down on her, hoping to hold off my finish. I climbed back up as the tree next door could be heard crashing down and I slipped back inside as she pushed up against me.

“Oh my God!” she exclaimed, and her body shook with a climax, prompting me to let out a guttural moan injecting her with my release. The almost violent clashing of bodies stopped, mine falling beside her and she immediately rolling on top. Sweat pooled and cooled on our bodies, our breathing resembling a pant. Her eyes were wide, expressive with satisfaction, and a touch of disbelief.

Rafters rattled and screens shook. The need to cum grew fast in both our bodies, and together we released air, forming a long drawn out “Ahhhhhhh, yes!” My convulsions from each release into her pulsed long, filling shots. Her legs quivered from her climax. We released ourselves onto each other and just embraced.


Epilogue: We will be six years clear of my transgression, and that marked the last time we have brought it up. I pray about strengthening our marriage every day of every week, and the Lord has answered my prayers.

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10 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Loved the story! Prayers go out for ultimate healing in your marriage. The crevice of broken trust often takes a lot of time to heal. Be patient and understanding. Continue to show her that you love her and only her. God bless you both and stay horny!


    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Thank you for the kind words of support. I will say we've come a long way in what seems like a short five years. We have repaired the broken and even built upon it…

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      They do and the results are violent but then a calm and new beginning…thankfully we had both.

  2. WeldersWife says:

    Beautiful story of forgiveness and love! As someone who has been in your shoes, it is wonderful to see what God can heal if you let him. Thank you for sharing and I hope your marriage becomes stronger and stronger! God bless!

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      It has and it continues every day. I work to affirm my love and appreciation and have worked to infuse God in the places I searched for unholy satisfaction. The combination has worked. I pray your marriage is strengthened every day as well.

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Thank you…they were both circulating in my mind and I somehow couldn't write one without the other.

  3. SouthernHeat says:

    Thank you for this wonderful, and touching story. So glad your marriage is healing and being restored. Very sexy hot angry makeup sex! I always enjoy your writing.

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      It was my pleasure to share and thank you for the compliment. I adore yours as well.

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