Road Trip Fantasy

Jimmy and Sue, still newlyweds, were moving themselves across the country. With days to spend on the road, their conversation topics varied but eventually came round to their favorite—sex.  Jimmy asked Sue to tell him a sexy story to pass the time. She drew from her imagination and the cars on the highway to tell a story she knew Jimmy would like.

Their view from the cab gave them opportunities to see what went on in the cars around them.  In the car ahead of them, the passenger’s head kept disappearing and reappearing. Jimmy noticed, watching the car with a bit more interest. Each time the passenger leaned toward the driver and disappeared, the car seemed to twitch just a bit.  Jimmy asked Sue to see what might be going on.

Sue said, “She’s just resting her head. Your mind is playing games with you.”

“Watch a little longer,” Jimmy replied. “I’ve got to keep my eyes on the road, so you’ll have to give me the play by play.”

“I can’t see. Pull up closer,” said Sue. The two-ton truck eased alongside the car, allowing Sue a view out her side window.

“Ooh, Jimmy! She IS going down on him!”

“Tell me more!”

“His button-up shirt is opened and her right hand is in his pants. Her left hand is sliding up and down his chest, gliding over his stiffened nipples. Now she’s tugging on his pants to give her hand more room to pump up and down his rod. She’s bending over to lick his head and shaft so her hands can move smoothly.

“He just took a deep breath, probably trying to focus on the action on the road and on his erect cock.

“She tongued the slit at the front of his head, then put more of the shaft in her mouth, pulling off to stroke his dick. Ooh, now she’s pushed his cock deeper into her throat, so deep she must be gagging! He looks so hard, Jimmy. Not as long as you, or as thick, but impressive.”

Jimmy smiled at that and adjusted his shorts to accommodate his erection. Sue noticed; her secret garden felt well-watered too.

Sue continued, “Now she’s changed hands, stroking him with her left hand while stroking and pinching her breasts with her right. Oh, now she’s pushed her hand down into her shorts, stroking both of them in sync.

“Her man is motioning her to come back and put her mouth on him. She’s bobbing up and down on his cock, licking and sucking like he’s close to cumming. Her right hand is tugging on his ball sack while her left is stroking his shaft. I don’t know how he’s staying is his lane; his eyes keep squeezing shut. Oh, they’re slowing down, signaling to get off at the next exit.”

“I’ll bet they will,” Jimmy smiled. “I could tell, the driver seemed a bit, er, distracted,” said Jimmy. “It’s a rest stop. Let’s get off, too. Why should they have all the fun?”

“I like the way you think,” Sue said with a breathy smile. “Is there room in our cab?” she asked.

“We’ll find the space.” They pulled into the rest area and parked some distance from the car they’d been following.  “Come over here and show me the delicious story you told.”

Jimmy was pleased he’d paid extra for the window shades when he rented the truck.

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8 replies
  1. AlwaysReady says:

    Great story. I had a very similar thing happen last year (which was actually the second time I've seen it happen). My wife and I were driving a minivan and I saw a couple in a car ahead of us. I saw her moving over and kissing the driver. Sure enough, it wasn't 15 seconds later and I saw her head disappear in his lap. I drove up next to them and said to my wife, "look over there". She was IN SHOCK. Typically we would have driven beside them and watched a little longer (don't shame us for that.. just being honest) but, we had our little one in the back so moved on quickly.

    The first time, I was in college helping with some youth ministry and was driving a church van full of 15/16 year old boys. We were at a stoplight, and one of the boys noticed a woman giving head to her man at the stoplight. Needless to say they all freaked out!

  2. SamtheMan says:

    The first blowjob from my wife was when I was driving. I think the best oral I've ever received from her and the only time she swallowed in 38 yrs of marriage. I wonder what % of husbands have gotten a blowjob from their wife while driving. My guess is a very large %.

  3. Mr.Lover says:

    Hey Guys,

    Any pussy licking while the wife is driving? I don't drive so the opposite would definately apply to me.

    Also, AlwaysReady's story, about I was in college helping with some youth ministry and was driving a church van full of 15/16 year old boys, was interesting. We were at a stoplight, and one of the boys noticed a woman giving head to her man at the stoplight. Needless to say they all freaked out!

    When I was 15/16, me and my buddies would have gotten really exicited about that view, if you get my drift.
    I remember when I was that age, one of the main topics of conservation besides sports was girls' boobs, legs and ass, etc.

  4. Mr.Lover says:

    I was also wondering what you ladies think about being with a guy who does not drive.

    I know some couples where the girl drives and the guy drives as well.

    However, I have seldom heard of a marriage/ dating relationship where a girl drives and the guy never drives.

    Do you think that I am just being silly about this issue? I have heard of girls rejecting a guy for not being able to drive.

    So this means no roadhead, but most definately roadpussylicking.

  5. Mr.Lover says:

    The fact that I don't drive used to bug me, but now I do not care as I am older and more confident. In fact, road-pussy-licking sounds fun. Just think about that, ladies…

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