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Love and Wine

“Do this in memory of Me.” The quote echoed through the Last Supper, the chalice hoisted into the air. Jesus asked it after pouring out wine as his blood to establish a new and everlasting covenant and created a visual that I relive every time the communion ceremony is held. We use wine to celebrate […]

🔊 Pay Backs, Haiku Style

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist This story combines events that happened recently but separately. I blended them because it’s a lot more fun that way.  The conversations and the oral delight did happen, just about a week apart. “The golf ball takes flight Hits, spins, rolls, Her fate is sealed His reward would cum.” I was […]


The Songs of Solomon have always intrigued me and given me inspiration in our marriage through the imagery it paints of beauty and sex (most modern interpretation). In a brief study of the book, I found it tends to characterize it as a dialog between lovers. In my story “Walking in Eden” I quote Song […]

Lake Life Lovin’

The hustle of loading, traveling, unloading and settling in was finished as was dinner and a quick swim.  We had family lake trips for four years or so when our kids were toddler-aged, but they were magical in many ways, especially when it came to the sex. Grandma and Grandpa would take one or both […]

Sweet and Salty Food Play

Christi, our favorite bartender, handed me a red and white cylinder of pressurized whipped cream with a sly grin. “What’s that for?” she asked, her grin widening. “Dessert,” Mel said quickly, and we dashed off to the car. We didn’t often have dinner at the place I worked. Tonight was different; as I got done, Mel […]

🔊 Her Fire is so Delightful

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist The surprise trip seemed more to annoy Mel than help. “Did you consider my family’s plan when booking this?!” she almost angrily sneered in my direction, dropping the bags she carried into the ski resort after a 10-hour drive. She stormed off into the bathroom, her “fire” impulsively slamming the door […]