Love and Wine

“Do this in memory of Me.” The quote echoed through the Last Supper, the chalice hoisted into the air. Jesus asked it after pouring out wine as his blood to establish a new and everlasting covenant and created a visual that I relive every time the communion ceremony is held. We use wine to celebrate a lot of things, especially fellowship with good friends and time together.

Wine has also been a catalyst for some of our most intoxicatingly sexual experiences in our marriage, and it usually sets the stage for a reversal of roles. She initiates and leads on nights that she’s had a fair amount. Under the inhibition-stripping influences of wine, she is more inclined toward riding me cowboy-style, oral sex, and letting me do her from behind.

We had invited friends over for pizza and a fire last night. So, early in the afternoon, I set up a meeting in the bedroom after our house chores and showers. She was beautifully into our lovemaking, dripping a little from the shower and pulling me closer as I got on all fours. After entry, she drove her own rhythm. As she was on her way to getting satisfied, I came a minute or two early, leaving a little on the plate to finish. She kissed me and told me how good it felt, even though she didn’t finish.

The evening was perfect—good weather, a grand fire, riveting and robust conversation—and pizza from the stone oven attachment to our grill made for a most delicious meal. When the evening concluded,  Mel was tired. We were up past midnight, something we don’t often do.

Having had a nice meeting earlier in the evening, we both went to bed, and I didn’t even think to pursue a second bout of lovemaking. I was close to drifting off when Mel rolled over hard, a cue I usually use to move in, at least to spoon or caress her breasts. I drifted back to sleep until I felt her foot on my ankle, and it began rubbing.

I initiate sex about 75% of the time, so when she does, I know it’s going to have a heightened level of passion. I rolled over, cupping her breasts immediately and then sliding a hand between her legs. I brushed her clit and pushed through the fabric, moving up to kiss her neck. She sighed hard, her foot now pressing hard and rubbing my lower leg. My cock pressed against her back, wanting inside for a second ride.

A quick rotation presented her face to me for deep, long, tongue-wrapped kisses; Mel filled my mouth with hers. My wife then spun further around, pushing me to the bed and moving on top of my body. My hands pulled her nightshirt off and pressed up into her breasts, and her hips found my cock and ground her pussy against the shaft through our underwear. Its tip found a particular spot that made Mel’s eyes open and her mouth purse. Now her hips moved with intensity, her breath quickened, and audible moans began.

She towered above me as she continued to grind and satisfy herself through barriers, her breasts suspended and bouncing. My hands on her stomach moved lower and then up each rib cage. I was harder than this afternoon, and I felt the lips of her folds through two layers of fabric. She cried out a guttural moan and then lept off of me, sitting for a second while stripping off her bottoms as I slipped out of my shorts. She opened her legs wide, lying across the bed before me as I stood and lined her up, then I crawled to her face to press our lips together again.

I paused for a moment to suckle both breasts, with lips and tongue first, and then a playful bite and pull. Mel’s hands dug in my hair as I rose above her and plunged into my wife’s warm, wet flesh, sliding my length slowly inside without much resistance. Her eyes, loving and wanton, burned into mine. Gripping my neck, then shoulders, Mel pulled herself up off the bed, suspending herself from my body and pushing me deeper inside. She dropped down, and I pulled back and went forward again.

Unlike this afternoon, the cowboy grind got her close, and my cock’s initial entry and subsequent thrusts moved her orgasm forward. I could feel it as her body relaxed and saw in her eyes that she came. I, on the other hand, was numb and rock hard, a combined effect of my orgasm earlier in the day and the bit of alcohol I had consumed. Seeing the release in her face, the relaxation that cascaded over it, I knew to go after mine. I lowered her and began a series of strokes, pulling out and then pushing back inside her body.

The quandary of our lovemaking has always been that either one of us can be premature in our finish. Mel’s warmth was a magical bath around my cock, both suspending it and washing over it as I pushed in and pulled back. Sitting here now, I can recall the feeling, a unique sensation now engraved into my memory. I continued to work towards a climax, showing an endurance I have rarely been able to call upon.

The catalyst had been used up. The wine that sent Mel’s sexual energy off the charts had burned up with her orgasm, and her eyes showed a desire just to sleep. I made one last frantic push, turning my hips like an oil well boring through the earth, but alas, my lover grew weary of my engagement.

I pushed deep inside and leaned in for a kiss, telling her it was “my turn” to go to bed without climax.

We established our covenant together 25 years ago last month, and while it has a chip here and a crack there, it stands strong together. The day we celebrated together and with the fellowship of friends illustrates what can happen when you commit yourself to God and to another.

Songs Of Solomon –

“Kiss me tenderly!
Your love is better than wine…”

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  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Wonderful story. Wine has helped fuel some great sex between us as well. A few weeks ago, my wife got tipsy and gave me a prostate orgasm. She is an MD and knows exactly how to find and stimulate the prostate. She had NEVER inserted anything into that area of my body. Felt insanely good! Yay, wine!

    • Sultryheat says:

      We also LOVE wine sex! We climb in bed with little to nothing on about 5:00 pm with a bottle and watch a movie while imbibing! Let’s just say that we ALWAYS have to rewind the movie to replay what we just got distracted from and completely missed because of the tipsy wine sex!

      Fifty, we feel the same way as you and describe our marriage bed as “Our creativity seems to be INCREASING with age and time together…but our inhibitions seem to be DECREASING”!
      We’re LOVING our 50’s sex lives together…better than EVER!!

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