Sunset Swim

The sun has dropped low in the sky, the water skiers have packed up and gone back to their campsites for supper, and we finally have the little beach to ourselves.  Grandma and Grandpa have the kids up at camp to get watered and fed and cleaned up from a day at the beach.

“The wind’s died down. Want to go out for a boat ride and a quick swim in the bay?” he asks.

“Mmm, yes, that sounds good,” I reply. “It’s still so hot, and I’m covered in sand.”

Before long, we are cruising gently along the now-quiet shoreline, watching for nesting loons and jumping fish in the golden light. It’s refreshing to be on the water, my hair blowing freely out behind me. I look over at my man steering this craft with skill and confidence. He has driven on this lake since he was just a boy. Wearing only swim trunks and sunglasses, he looks very sexy as he manipulates the boat with total control. It stirs my passions.

He pulls into the sheltered bay and we find a good spot to drop anchor. The water is calm, deep, and dark green; I know it will be frigid. With the anchor secure and engine off, we make our way to the ladder and jump tentatively into cold, clean water that takes my breath away. We soon acclimate, swimming and playing around as we wash the sunscreen and sand of the day away. Then we lie on our backs, floating quietly and making water angels, our ears muffled underwater. The warm setting sun feels so delicious on my skin that I slip out of my suit and throw it onto the boat; swimming free just feels so right. The water is soft and refreshing, lapping at and caressing my most sensitive parts. Arousal stirs, making my nipples pucker as I make my way over to him for some skin contact. Treading water, we kiss and fondle, connecting in quiet whispers.

Relaxed and refreshed but tired from the swimming, we make our way back to the ladder and climb aboard, grasping for beach towels. Under the sun canopy, we dry a bit and then reach for each other again, making out like we did when we were teenagers. His hands rove possessively over my breasts as his thumbs tweak and roll my pert nipples, stirring my core. Water drips from my hair and trails its way down my back to tickle my ass, and I shiver in anticipation.

Pulling my hips close, he nuzzles into my neck and whispers in my ear, “We shouldn’t really be doing this. We could easily be caught by fishermen or other boaters.” But instead of stopping, he bends to take a nipple into his mouth like a desperate babe suckling for life. He sucks and licks and nibbles.

His fervor stirs my lust and I reach for the bulge in his wet swimsuit, desperately trying to undo the knot in the tie that keeps me away. He helps, and before long his shorts are pooled around his ankles. He sits in the captain’s chair, proud rosy cock standing at attention and me astride his lap.

My swollen clit aches as I press and rub deliciously into his hard shaft. I feel his slick arousal, coated with pre-cum, rubbing my belly as our tongues tangle and dance in time to the music of little waves slapping the side of the boat.

Immediate need drives me to lift myself and mount him, sliding slowly, feeling him stretch me. His erection is still cool from the lake, a delicious contrast to my hot wet center. I grind into him as we groan in sync. I smile. Our rhythm, perfected over the years, moves us to the edge quickly and surely. Holding hands, our fingers laced, we leisurely thrust and ride, eyes and hearts and minds connected. Our arousal, equal and matched, ignites and then explodes—the tension and excitement, the lust and love, the joy and gratitude—in a beautiful mutual orgasm that stops time and makes a memory.

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  1. 5OhsRomantic says:

    WOW! Such a beautiful, hot, romantic yet erotic moment that you have shared with us! (I think I may have been fishing on the other side of the bay – that was me with my rod in my hand LOL)

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