11 Days of Dirty, Nasty Mountain Adventures (L)

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One of the aspects of a healthy, dynamic marriage I love the most is that you’re always learning about each other and yourself—emotionally and sexually. For my wife and me, adventure in the wilderness is essential to the health of our marriage. Time in nature is a value we live out as a couple and as a family with our son.

Earlier this summer, Lauren and I spent 11 days in the Rocky Mountains.  We backpacked over 150+ miles of trail, including in some very rugged and remote areas. We are fortunate to have the Rockies in our backyard.  Never before in our 20 years of marriage have we been in the wilderness for 11 consecutive days. Some unknown details were going into our adventure and being off the grid for that long.  Even more difficult was being away from our son for 11 days (he stayed with family).  Despite this, there was a lot about the trip we were excited about.

Over the years, we have gone on many backpacking trips.  We typically used that time in the wilderness to fully enjoy each other sexually and live freer. Most days, we would spend 8-10 hours per day hiking with packs on.  Even though getting setup every night takes effort, there is still a lot of free time to enjoy each other. We like bathing in streams and occasionally lakes. This can be torturous at first because the streams and lakes in the Rockies are cold. She will occasionally go topless in camp, which is not uncommon in the mountains among female backcountry campers when no kids are around. When you are alone as a couple in remote nature, it’s just a different vibe and you bond. There’s nothing to hide, and all you have is each other, and we love that.

As we were to be in the mountainous wilderness for 11 days, it was a given that the time together would afford plenty of sexual intimacy. But covering anywhere from 10-20 miles a day also meant we’d be tired and a bit sore at night.  Probably not smelling great, grimy from sunscreen and bug spray, increasingly ungroomed, and plain dirty. Going into this adventure, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about my very elegant wife developing body odor, body hair, pubic stubble (she always keeps her pussy shaved bare), etc. Our usual outings up to this point had been 2-3 days—hardly enough time to get too nasty.

After hiking 18 miles at an incline, we set up camp at 11,400 feet on night one.  We were both a bit tired. After dinner, we got in our very cramped two-person tent to enjoy each other sexually. No matter the tight quarters and our tiredness, we had a plan devised from years of experience. With no opportunities for a hot shower, we had the agreement that my sperm must be contained.  So as not to cause a mess. That means it can’t go on her or inside her pussy, but it can go in her hand or her mouth. We also avoid anything anal. We have never had anal sex, but we enjoy giving each other anal pleasure with our fingers.  But all off-limits when on backpacking trips due to sanitation concerns. After intense foreplay in our little tent, we 69’d for a good 15 minutes, during which she came twice, and I exploded in her mouth. She has always been a happy swallower and gulped down my man juice, teasing me afterward, “Thanks for the dessert, baby.”

That was pretty much the story of each of our 11 days. There was a lot of 69 sex, some great sex where I had to pull out, and on a few occasions me emptying my seed in her mouth, almost all of it in our tent. In 11 days, she had probably 18 orgasms, and I had 15. It was a fun, sex-filled 11 days.

What surprised me was that as my wife started to get dirtier, smellier, more stubbly, and generally nastier…the sexier, I found her. After about three days, she had this dirty/tanned look going that drove me wild. And her tits got tanned from going topless in camp. It was much the same with me; I was dirty, smelly, and nasty, too. Although I wiped my cock “clean” daily, I’m sure it didn’t taste great when she sucked me off every night, but her funkiness was so sexy. By day 8 or 9, the heavy stubble on her pussy was creating a full bush effect. Her legs and armpits were also becoming hairy. She smelled kind of nasty (as did I). She did work hard to keep her pussy fresh with the wilderness wipes we brought along, yet her vagina was getting funky… and I loved it!

By day 10, we both were super funky and had tried to bathe in a lake, but the water was too cold to get clean. We had even gone nude for several hours at a time to try to air out a bit. Yet the nastier she got, the hotter I found her.

On our last night, before bed and outside of our tent (on a small tarp on the ground), I completely devoured her unclean, stubbly pussy, bringing her to two orgasms and lapping up her woman juices. She then sat on a downed tree and sucked me off as I stood in front of her. The nastiness of her—the smell, dirty skin, stubble, and greasy hair—was so sexy. Watching her head bob back and forth, I got overwhelmed with sexual pleasure and told her how hot it was that she was my “dirty bitch.” She laughed with my cock in her mouth, and then I unleashed a torrent of hot cum down her throat.

The next morning, as we were hiking back to our car after 11 days in the mountains, she teased me that she intended to maintain the no-shave look and grow out a full bush since I’d found it all so sexy. While I did find it appealing, I told her I prefer my woman smooth. And sure enough, it didn’t take long once we got home for her to hit the shower and put her razor to work.

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9 replies
  1. firefly says:

    I too like it when my wife has not been able to shower or shave and she has that womanly smell that is alluring and is such a turn on. When camping or boating all day, she has that umm umm good smell and taste. But when we are able to clean properly, I like that too.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Yeah, exactly. I will say I was surprised by how turned on I was with the pussy stubble coming in. But then when we got back to the hotel before driving home she got shaved down and bare and I loved it. Maybe it increased my appreciation? Also, I am a big fan of outdoor sex.

  2. LovingMan says:

    Camping at 11,400 feet? Wow! Y’all ARE adventurous! Then the freedom to love each other out in Nature was described so well. Thanks for sharing. By the way, we love the mountains too! I think everyone needs to get out in Nature on a regular basis. We just got home from a trip where we went birding at a wildlife refuge hundreds of miles from home.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Thank you! And I agree that that’s a hot pic. When I first saw it, I thought about my wife and me in the tent and what it must look like from outside. Usually we have a rainproof tarp on it so no transparency but still hot!

  3. HuskyKitty says:

    Thank you so much for this story, @MarriedtoaHotBabe! It was CRAZY hot. My wife and I, even when we simply hike, have trouble keeping our hands off each other. I won’t lie either; I love it when my wife gets a musk about her (like after the gym) and even gets a little prickly/fuzzy in places…even her legs, don’t mind at all! We’ve talked about nature sex before and I feel like it could happen soon. Something so animalistic about it. Man, you’re story really made me hard and want it even more! Stay horny. 👍🏼

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