A Letter To My Husband – In Anticipation

My Dear Husband,

It’s been too long. Life has been crazy and weird and it has been TOO LONG since we’ve really had sex. That afternoon quickie was nice. I know it relieved the build-up you’ve had for days. Especially today, since I’ve been teasing you with my strapless dress and lack of underwear all day. I know you needed the release to concentrate. I could see you were flustered all morning, and I loved every second of it.

But now I’m the one swollen, and I’m dripping wet thinking about you. I can’t move my legs an inch without an amazing rush coursing through my body. Even when I’m still, I have pangs of longing from the inside of my feet up to my belly. And right there in the center of all that, my clitoris is so hard I can feel it with my lips.

Because you are so amazing, I’m in our room, waking from a nap you blessed me with while you’re taking care of the house. I’m lying on our bed where you have made me cum more times than I could ever count, and I’m remembering the present you got me for my birthday. You were going to sweep me away for the night and ravage me.

You actually got me a few gifts for our night away: the rather trampy black shirt that would have driven you crazy when I wore it out, the satin robe that feels like pure sex on my skin when I slip it on, the rope, also satin, that I can only imagine what you had planned to do with before the travel ban changed our plans! But, right now, I’m thinking specifically about the beautiful vibrator that’s in your drawer. The one with the rabbit ears that should tease around my clit while the shaft is up my pussy. My God, it must feel amazing. Just imaging it makes my lips drip and muscles pull in because they know amazing orgasms are coming.

I can’t wait to sit you down across the bed, pull up my skirt, and spread my legs so you can see just how wet my thoughts of you have made me. I want to play with my new toy and show you how fun it is! I’ll lightly run the head of the shaft up the outside of my lips, starting at the bottom where your gorgeous dick usually fills me up till I scream. Then slowly, I’ll pull it up along my slit until it gets to my clitoris, which is your favorite toy! I’ll leave it there for a bit and tease myself the way you do with the head of your penis. But honestly, I won’t be able to take much. I’ve waited too, too long.

I’m going to turn on the vibration and let it take over my whole body. You know me well enough to know that, at this point, I’ll need my tits grabbed. They’ll be screaming for your strong hands to squeeze them and for you to suck my nipples hard. But this is my playtime. So you’ll have to watch as I grab one myself and pinch my nipple trying not to squeal. I’m going to push the rabbit part of my new toy between my lips and up against my clit, the shaft just gently laying down the rest of me and the vibration making me go mad. I’m sure that by now you’ll have your huge dick out and be squeezing it while you stroke it up and down, my absolute favorite thing to see. I know it won’t take me more than a few seconds. I’ll finally have that climax I’ve waited so long for. My whole body will shake and muscles clench as all feeling leaves every other part of my body and heads straight for my clit. As long as it’s been, I know my cum will make a mess. I’ll be soaked from the juices that have been held in too long. But I know you, and I know you always want me to strive to be and do all I can in every way—particularly with orgasms. You rarely want me to be done with one. And I rarely am.

With your dick, as hard as ever, wrapped with your hand that knows my body inside and out, you’ll ask if I’m done. You’ll know I’m not, but it’s polite to ask. I’ll turn off the vibration to take a breath or two, then it’ll be time to play with the other part of my present! I know you love to watch me penetrate myself. You fantasize about the private “sex shows” you get to see. Usually, it’s just my finger or the smaller clitoral vibrator. But today it’s my new toy, and I’ll be literally shaking with anticipation.

I’ll use the pink shaft to push open my lips. I can almost feel it sliding in now. After my first orgasm, I’m always ready for something hard thrusting between my legs. I’ll take it in and out as I find just the right spot. When I find the perfect angle, I’ll reach my G-spot, and my stomach muscles will contract while my nipples call out for you again. This won’t be any usual vaginal orgasm though. I know from the times you’ve had the fingers of one hand up there on my G-spot and the other hand fingering my clit, this is going to take over my whole body.

I’ll get my present set just so, able to hit my G-spot and rub my clit at the same time. I am waiting rather impatiently for this moment to come. Then I’ll turn the vibration on again and we’ll see together just how insane it drives me. My gosh, the thought of that moment has me lightheaded as all my blood heads to my pussy and swells me up. I feel like I’m about to burst!

Achingly and dripping wet-ly waiting for tonight,

Your very horny wife

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10 replies
  1. YoungCouple69 says:

    Woah! This was an intensely hot "letter!" I love watching my hot and horny wife go to town with her G-spot vibe–couldn't stop thinking of the times I've watched her make herself cum in front of me as I read your story. Honestly, reading this got me quite turned on. You need to write more!

  2. HappyHubby says:

    What a letter! What a gift. Please tell me you gave him this letter. It would make any husband's day… Week.. Life to get a letter like this. And then the follow-on show!! Hope your next story let's us know how that evening went!

    Great first submission, hope there are many more.

  3. BALove says:

    I love this letter, as my wife and I use this tactic of writing out our “fantasies/lovemaking plans” regularly. I do more writing than she does, but she enjoys it equally. Your husband is a lucky man.

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