Pay Backs, Haiku Style

This story combines events that happened recently but separately. I blended them because it’s a lot more fun that way.  The conversations and the oral delight did happen, just about a week apart.

“The golf ball takes flight

Hits, spins, rolls, Her fate is sealed

His reward would cum.”

I was watching the “The Match”, a made-for-TV pairing between two of the best golfers in history and two of the best Quarterbacks.

“Mr. Patriot” was chucking around the golf course when, just after some playful banter with the announcer, he holed out from 150 yards. “Suck it,” he said, shutting up the announcer and giving the audience something to remember.

My laughter interrupted Mel’s work as she tried to get ready for the online delivery of information scheduled for Monday. “What’s was that about?” she asked, peering into the living room from her study.

I recounted what had just transpired and then said, “I wonder if his supermodel wife goes down on him for that?”

A long-standing rule at our course is when you chip it in from anywhere off the green, your spouse has to go down on you that night. It’s a fun topic when golfing with couples on a hot summer’s day, and I immediately thought of it as Mr. Patriot said, “Suck it” to the announcer, picturing his oft-photographed wife going down there.

“The golf ball takes flight

Hits, spins, rolls, Her fate is sealed

His reward would cum.”

“And you still owe me one from late last year,” I said, bringing up unpaid oral from a shot just off the green I holed in the Fall.

“That shouldn’t have counted; you could have putted,” Mel said, reciting a common chorus from spouses who want to argue their duty.

I went back to watching, and like all golf-watching Sundays, I fell asleep on the couch.

“Sleep crept in, eyes shut

Jostle my consciousness back

Soft, now harden, mouth.”

Mel, straddling my legs and unzipping my shorts, awakened me. I didn’t move at first, letting her get into my boxers and pull me out through its front. My hands met her head as she dived down on the shaft.

“Blood rushing, filling

Wet, warm, penetration deep

Strong hold, gentle rub.”

It rose to form quickly—her hand at its base cupped my balls— and expanded in her mouth as her tongue nestled around it, wet and warm. She bobbed quickly up and down, stroking with her fingers low; she had all of me in one hand.

“Captured in wet warmth

Cool air, heated gaze, beauty

Push, pressure, depth, hold.”

She momentarily released as she noticed my attention and met my eyes. Her open shirt showed her marvelous cleavage, and she smiled as my gaze dropped to it before she went in for the finish. I was helpless to last as she licked me top to bottom before angling just right to take it all in, pushing to the base. She held there for what seemed like an eternity.

“Limit reached, gasp, smile

Swirling wet tongue, caress, rub

Ocean tide rises”

Mel came up with a quick gasp and stroked my length several times, again catching my gaze and showing off her breasts by pulling her shoulders back.  Then she caressed the head with her lips. Her fingers stroked below, sending the signals to my brain, and the release swelled and moved forward.

“Wave crests and crashes

Gulp, Gulp, Swallow, worn proudly

Lick, kiss, sharing hot”

“It’s cumming, Mel,” I said, calmly signaling her to push back down, and as she reached the base a second time, I shot the payoff into her mouth and throat. She stayed down on me, gagging a little as the second and third spurt deposited. Then she pulled up, getting the small amount of the last deposit on her upper lip. Her tongue reached to gather the white droplet clinging there, staring me down before kissing me with my own fluid.

“Better than any supermodel, I guarantee,” she confidently announced, pulling back off my legs and returning to her work.

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