Hot Wife Lends A Hand

My wife and I traveled with my parents to attend the wedding of a friend in Vermont. We were close enough with the bride that her parents had invited us all to lodge at their home. We flew into Rochester, NY, and rented a car. After driving across the tops of the finger lakes, we went through the Adirondacks and crossed into Vermont by ferry.

The wedding was down-home and lots of fun. After a couple of days, we headed back across the state of New York and into Canada, where we had booked a hotel room near Niagara Falls. Since we were making the trip “on the cheap,” we shared the room with my parents. These lodging arrangements throughout the journey left me with a lot of pent-up sexual energy.

We had arrived at the hotel late, but the pool was still open. My wife and I donned our swimwear and headed to check it out. The water was a little chilly, so I swam while my wife watched; she’s not a big enough fan of swimming to endure the cold. After a few laps back and forth under the water to show off my lung capacity to my lover, I climbed out.

We hadn’t noticed it before, but we found a hot tub over in the corner of the large natatorium and slipped into the warm bubbly water. Our only company consisted of one mom watching her kid swim in the pool. The relative seclusion, coupled with the hot water and my unquenchable horniness, led to lots of touching and playing under the surface of the water. Before long, my swim trunks could no longer contain my erection; it had exited along the left leg opening. My wife’s hand quickly found it and began to tug and stroke.

“You’ll never be able to hide that thing when we get out of the tub,” she teased. She continued manipulating my manhood as she looked intensely into my eyes. Now and then, we would hear the child in the pool call out to his mom, laugh, or splash around. Each interruption reminded me that I was in a public place, getting a handjob from my hot wife, and my head would swivel around to verify that no one had headed toward the hot tub that we had claimed as our own.

My wife maintained a steady rhythm under the water while watching her progress in my eyes. She knew she was near her objective when my eyes glazed over. She quickly held her breath and dipped her face into the water, and I stifled a moan as I shot my pleasure into her hot mouth. 

I was yanked back into reality when I heard an echoing voice shout, “Oh cool! They have a hot tub!” A group of teens headed right for us.

Neither of us wanted a crowd at that moment, so I stepped up out of the water. My wife and I made a beeline to the nearest exit. Once alone again, I kissed my wife and thanked her for the much-needed relief.

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6 replies
  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Really hot story. You had me on edge as I was wondering how you'd shoot your load without it going into the hot tub. That your wife took it in her mouth–underwater no less–is really hot. Not even sure my own wife, who's never been shy about swallowing my loads in the craziest of places, would do that.

    Also, not sure why but the image accompanying this story really turned me on. The woman reminds me of my bride.

  2. hornyGG says:

    Hot and playful! The thrill of possibly getting caught must have been intense. We love to look into each other's eyes when we make love. I love seeing the passion in Ben's eyes as he approaches orgasm. So hot!
    God bless and stay horny always!


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