First Things (L)

I thank God so much for His good gifts—especially my wife, Carol. We have been married for way more years than I would like to admit. Still, our relationship has grown deeper and richer despite the occasional rough patches, especially in our sexual life.

We were both virgins when we married, having come from very conservative religious backgrounds. People almost never talked about sex in the churches in which we grew up and treated sexuality as an almost taboo subject. Neither my parents nor my wife’s parents prepared us sexually for marriage. But we were in love, and fortunately, we were both horny enough to want to figure it out on our own. Our honeymoon was a very sweet time, but it was certainly restricted to rather stilted and somewhat awkward (missionary position only) sexual acts. While I had powerful orgasms from this, my wife wasn’t achieving climaxes, and that frustrated both of us.

Finally, I learned to touch her with well-lubricated fingers, and she had her first orgasm. Both of us knew there was so much more, but we didn’t know how to find it.

I had heard about oral sex, of course, and was deeply interested in it. But I felt much too unsure of myself to ask my bride to perform it on me, and whenever I kissed my way down her body, she seemed to stiffen and push me away. We just weren’t sure what was all right to do. All in all, it was a very happy time, but we both knew that there was so much more.

Transition to several months after our wedding. I woke up in the quiet of the deepest part of the night. In the stillness, the clock face illuminated the hour: three a.m. Uhggg. I felt unsettled, restless, and sexually hungry.

After our honeymoon, we both started new jobs, and our lives became very busy—so busy that, to my frustration, our sexual encounters dwindled to about two times a week and then once a week, sometimes not even that. My libido raged at the sparsity, and she felt frustrated as well as she sensed my unhappiness.

Night after night, I would wake up in the wee hours of the morning, the house completely quiet. I continually had sexual dreams and would awaken with an erection, my penis standing up straight as a board. I could feel my wife, warm and soft, sleeping right next to me but was too much of a gentleman to wake her up. So I would try to slip back into the world of dreams.

But in my half-slumber, I was so frustrated. My cock just wouldn’t go down, and sometimes I felt like it would just burst. I would lay there, thinking about all the things I would love to do to my wife that we had not yet been able to experience. I just didn’t have the freedom and liberty to ask her for all the things with which I wished we could experiment.

I imagined hot, sweaty sex where we talked “dirty,” constantly using words like cock, pussy, suck, and fuck. I didn’t want to be crude, but I did want to be passionate and uninhibited. I would imagine putting my fingers in my wife’s mouth and watching her suck on them. Then I would suck on her toes as she squirmed and giggled, eventually working my way up her soft thighs to her pussy. I would imagine her spreading her lips for me, begging me to suck and lick her until she came.

I would dream of her shaving her pubic hair so that she was completely smooth and naked to my sight, soft and vulnerable.  I would envision her spreading her legs for me as wide as possible and saying, “I want you so bad,” with desire in her eyes as her posture suggested, “I am open, please fuck me.”

I would dream about asking her to roll over onto her hands and knees and spread her legs very wide, thrusting her lovely ass out at me. I loved to think of kneeling behind her, lapping and sucking at her pussy in that oh-so-sexual position. And then I imagined running my tongue all over hips and bottom, finally drawing closer and closer to the shocking intimacy of her pink ass-pucker.  To this day, I don’t know why the thought turns me on, but from our wedding night on, I just knew that if I could gently lick and tongue her ass, while I fingered her clit, that it would turn her on; I knew it would me. My penis throbbed as I imagined her getting into this, moaning and panting in a breathy voice, “Oh yes, Honey, put your fingers in my pussy,” and, “Yes, baby, keep licking my ass. I love that!”

I imagined having sex in every variety of position known to man and making up some of our own. I wanted to make love in the kitchen and living room and on the back porch on a summer night. I dreamed of her looking at my throbbing cock with admiration and passion, and then bending down to take it into her mouth, sucking and licking it while I moaned in ecstasy.

But of course, none of that was happening, and I was very frustrated.

Our breakthrough came a few weeks later when my wife visited one of the older ladies in the church. This woman had served as one of the youth sponsors when we grew up. Of all the people in the church, this woman and her husband seemed to be fun-loving and open-minded. She made a good choice of confidant, one who understood when my wife came to her and just sort of blurted out, “I need to find out about sex. It’s not going so well with us.”

The woman was very patient with her and very open. They began meeting once a week, and she bought or loaned my wife several books about sexual techniques. Carol was sort of shocked at some of the things they talked about, but those ideas were exactly what she (and we) needed.

I didn’t know about all of this interesting sex instruction at the time. So I continued in my frustration for many weeks while Carol’s mind began to open to all of the possibilities that we had been missing.

Several weeks later, I had awakened after one of my sex dreams at about  2:30 in the morning. The details were fuzzy, but I knew that my penis was as hard as it had ever been. I could almost feel its heat, and my pulse throbbed through it: Shuf-shuf. Shuf-shuf. Shuf-shuf.


I longed for ejaculation—to feel my white, warm cum spurting out the passionate climax. But more than that, I ached for the intimacy of connecting with my wife. I wanted to hold her and kiss her, my tongue thrusting into her warm mouth in rhythm to my cock plunging into her pussy’s softness. I longed to lick her all over and then feel her cumming  around my hard member with sweet abandon.

I sighed and tried to sink back into the shadows of sleep, but my erection kept drawing me back to wakefulness.

And then Carol rolled over against me. I guess my restless sighs and the hardness of my erection against the thin sheet woke her up. She turned toward me and put a warm hand on my chest. Slowly she moved it down my belly and touched my hardness. She slowly pulled the sheet down, and my naked cock stood tall, feeling like it was going to burst as she gently held it.

I was embarrassed and unsure of what to say.  But Carol softly moaned, “mmm…” and began to touch and stroke my naked penis. I groaned. Then she said, “I want to give it a kiss.”

I couldn’t discern if I was awake or still dreaming as she lowered her face to my belly and then began to trail down to my manhood with soft wet kisses. I could feel the heat of her breath as she paused and then finally began to run her tongue around the head. Slowly she warmed to her task, licking more wetly and firmly and then taking the head into her mouth and sucking up and down. She had never done this before, and I felt like I was in heaven. The soft wet pleasure made me gently thrust up into her mouth as she began a rhythm of sucking and stroking with her delicate fingers at the same time. Every time her lips passed over the sensitive glans, my cock contracted.

She softly whispered, “Are you doing that on purpose?”

“Doing what?” I asked, out of breath.

“Twitching like that,” she said.

I started to say “no,” but she was already sucking me again, giggling every time I spasmed.

“Is it nice?” she asked between long sucks and licks around the sensitive spot where the head meets the shaft.

“It is SO nice. It is so… oh, please, don’t stop!” I gasped. I’m sure I was leaking little bubbles of seminal fluid into her mouth, but she just kept sucking, slightly increasing her speed as she sensed my mounting pleasure.

Her rubbing and sucking were starting to blur together into what I was just beginning to recognize as my very first blow job. She continued stroking me but took her mouth off of my throbbing pole just long enough to murmur, “What would you say if I said you could cum in my mouth?”

I was so astounded to hear those words from her that I almost came right then, and I couldn’t come up with an intelligible answer except to groan in rapture.

She quickly resumed her soft rhythm that promptly brought me to the edge of ecstasy. My body tensed, and she rapidly pumped my shaft as my head pressed back into the pillow, and my hips bucked upward. I began gasping and moaning, with my body jerking, submerged in a river of pleasure. I could feel spurts of cum jetting out of my cock, and the fact that I was cumming into her mouth just blew my mind.

Such ecstasy consumed me that I couldn’t tell if she relished it or felt revolted. She kept on stroking and sucking for what seemed like forever until my final spasms filtered down into little shocks of unbearable sensitivity, and I had to lift her face off of me because I couldn’t take any more.

In our nightlight’s soft glow, I could see that Carol had allowed my copious flow to dribble out of her mouth and down her chin. She looked utterly sexy and yet adorably cute and innocent as her face dripped and shined, absolutely wet with cum. She smiled at me, with a very proud look that said, “Look what I did!”

I burst into ecstatic laughter and sat up to give her a big wet kiss, which sort of shocked her, given the messy state of her lovely face.

I held her and told her how much I loved her and how utterly wonderful she had made me feel.

I eagerly offered to reciprocate, but she pushed me back and said, “Not so fast, Tiger; I’m really tired. Later, you will have your chance.”

What a new beginning! We reached a balance in our love life after that. Things got hard again when our kids were teenagers, and sadly, for several years, we just didn’t have time for each other. However, now that our nest is empty, we have rekindled the adventure.

Grace always gives us hope of starting fresh, and how wonderful that is!

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  1. HappyHubby says:

    What an incredible and relatable story. So much of that could have been us. Still waiting for her to open up to me coming in her mouth but we have had many adventures that I only dreamed of when first married. Hope to hear more of yours soon!

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