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Like many young church people, our first months of marriage were very much a new experience from the very beginning. We were learning how to share our whole life with each other.
When we first moved into our little apartment, we realised that we couldn’t avoid seeing each other naked and would just have to get used it. This was quite a big step for us because we had so recently been virgins, and we were both a bit shy at first. But it was easier for me; I was less self-conscious than Will and very proud of my breasts. I liked being able to parade around our room, showing then off while getting dressed.
At this time a lot of what we knew came from our church teaching about what marriage should be like. It seems a little weird in hindsight, but we thought that Christian couples were not supposed to do it more than once a day and all our love making should be face-to-face. When we were engaged, we had both assumed that our orgasms together would be simultaneous. We had been taught that masturbation was wrong, and both of us had finally been able to stop.
This was the stage we were at when, a few months after we married, I went to teach at a Christian Youth Summer Camp for three days. It was to be the first time we had been without each other since our wedding.
Will took me there by car and went back home. On the last day of the camp, he came to pick me up. He had a pilot’s licence and needed to do some hours to renew it, so he decided to fly a plane up to the local airport to take me home. He borrowed a car at the airport and drove to the camp. It was lovely seeing him, and when he kissed me, I knew I couldn’t wait until we got home.
I took his hand, and we went for a walk. I led him through some bushes to a sunny clearing, pulled my shorts off, and lay down in the leaves with my knees up. It was not what he was expecting, and he could hardly believe his eyes. He pulled off his shirt, knelt between my legs, and slid it under my bum; I was dripping wet. He pushed his jeans down, and I guided his penis into my still-tight vaginal orifice.
When he entered my body, three days of pent-up hormones made us so excited felt dizzy. A current seemed to flow through our juices and join our minds. This was not just about the amazing penis in vagina sensations; it was also the feeling of our hearts being so close that we wished they could share the same space. We gazed into each other’s eyes as each one of us had an orgasm.
We took the car back to the airport, but when I saw the plane he had hired, I was not impressed. It was small with low wings and two seats. When I was getting in, I accidentally stood on the wing flap where it said “No Step,” and this made him a bit anxious, but the thing still worked fine and we got away okay.
When I started to get a little anxious because he planned to take the shorter route home through the mountains, he agreed to follow the road that went around them. I then told him I could feel something uncomfortable in my crotch and said I thought I might have got a leaf in my undies.
He said there was no need for me to put up with it and that I should pull my shorts off and find it. After all, there was no-one else around. I slid them off, but it was in my crack where I couldn’t see. He got me to turn towards him, put my right foot on top of the dash panel, and pull my left leg up so he could look for me.
It was perfect weather, and the little plane was trimmed to fly hands off, so he was happy to attend to me. Before I got him to have a closer look, I unzipped his fly because I could see his penis was erect and needed some space. I parted my labia and he said he could see a bit of leaf stem and would remove it for me. It took him a while and quite a lot of feeling around, but he eventually managed to get it. It wasn’t very big and he made some comment about the princess and the pea.

He gave me a long and loving kiss. We have done a lot of kissing at times when we really wanted to be doing something more. By this time, I was feeling my clitoris with one hand and holding his penis with the other, but even with our limited experience we were already wise enough to know there was no way we were going to be joining the mile-high club in that little airplane. Although we are both of slim build and I am very agile, we are too tall, and there was not enough space.
I discovered this just a few days before, when he dropped me off at the beginning of the camp. I was getting onto him in the front passenger seat of our compact car for a parting quickie when I nearly burnt my bare bum on the dash panel; the plastic trim was hot from the sun and there wasn’t much room. It made me squeal and apparently I looked so comical he started to laugh.
I pulled my leg up, showed him the red patch on my cheek and told him it wasn’t funny and not very chivalrous of him to laugh and that, if he wasn’t careful, he would be doing the gymnastics next time. After all, it was nearly my pussy that got burnt, and if it were his balls, I would have shown him some sympathy. Afterwards, when he hugged me tightly while I was having afterspasms from my orgasm, he said he was sorry that I got hurt. But I suspect he still thought it funny.
So, even though I was very flexible, I knew that there were limits to what a leggy girl can do in a small space to get her pussy to where it needs to be. I reluctantly pulled my shorts back on and Will arranged himself as comfortably as possible. We were flying alongside some big mountains, so we both tried paying some attention to the beautiful scenery.
That evening, we really appreciated the comforts of being at home. We showered then cuddled under a soft blanket and watched a movie. Tomorrow was a sleep-in morning.

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10 replies
  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Really great story. My wife and I came into our marriage fairly experienced sexually…with each other and other people before we met. Yes, we sinned. That said, even 20 years later, we have continued to explore new sexual terrain together and the excitement is still there. As you wrote about yourself, she can still be parading around our bedroom naked and I'll still get hard at the sight of her breasts, her ass, etc. Our belief is that we can do whatever we want in the bedroom so long as it's between the two of us and it's consensual. Cheers to a long, beautiful marriage!

  2. HappyHubby says:

    LOVE your stories, Annewin!! I got excited as soon as I saw your name at the top. Love the tales of your newly married discoveries, and you painted quite the picture in this one. " So, even though I was very flexible, I knew that there were limits to what a leggy girl can do in a small space to get her pussy to where it needs to be." Love the imagery and knowing you accomplished it in the car (albeit with a burned bum) is fantastic! MH has numerous stories about Road Head, and for a minute I thought we were going to get our first story about Air Head. 😁. If he still flies, perhaps you can arrange for that!
    Hope to read more from you soon.

  3. Annewin says:

    Thanks for the all the nice comments. When we were in the plane I could feel something down there, but it wasn’t a problem, I just wanted to get him to feel me up while he was flying. (So he could be doing two favourite things at the same time.) He had everything under control and I was making myself useful!

    • BillyJoeBob says:

      My kind of co-pilot, making sure all the equipment is operating, safe and ready for a smooth landing.

  4. Annewin says:

    At least I now know the difference between a control-column and a joystick. The control-stick is the one with the push-to-talk knob on it that he has his hand on.

  5. LovingMan says:

    The quickie in the clearing was my favorite part of your story. Especially when you said,

    “This was not just about the amazing penis in vagina sensations; it was also the feeling of our hearts being so close that we wished they could share the same space. We gazed into each other’s eyes as each one of us had an orgasm.”

    I think that you described the
    sexual-emotional bond within
    marriage in a very beautiful way.

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