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🔊 Learning by Doing

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist Like many young church people, our first months of marriage were very much a new experience from the very beginning. We were learning how to share our whole life with each other. When we first moved into our little apartment, we realised that we couldn’t avoid seeing each other naked and […]

🔊 Our First Time Hiking (L)

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist This story contains brief strong language (L). You can read about annotations here. A few months after we were married, we took our church youth group hiking, staying the nights in cabins, and sleeping in separate bunks. We were in the “perpetually wanting it” phase common to newlyweds who are still […]

Emergency Sex Part Two. Sperm Test.

When we went to the clinic for the sperm test, they gave us a sample jar and some information. We went along to the room provided, we would have preferred to do it in our car but there was nowhere private we could park. The instructions said to avoid contamination by saliva, lubricant or vaginal […]

Emergency Sex Part One: Hiking injury.

We like to hike on mountain trails. But one evening, Will was very lucky to survive when a rock slide pushed him over a cliff near the camp we were staying at that night. He happened to straddle a sapling tree which broke his fall, but he was brought into the camp in considerable pain. […]

Getting Pregnant Again

 In my story ‘Getting Pregnant’ I wrote about when we were very innocent, we conceived the first time we tried. Our second baby came easily, too. But even though I found that babies are more work than I ever imagined I still wanted to have another one. This time I asked my better half to […]

What Really Happened

I tried putting some sexual tension into my previous story ‘Obedient Wife’ by interrupting our attempts at love making, but I am not sure it worked. It is easier just to tell it the way it happened. What happened at the Christian Summer Camp a few months after we were married. I was looking forward […]

Obedient Wife

  We kissed. Our first passionate kiss for days. Will had his hands under my bum, and I suddenly wanted him. I had been teaching at a Christian Summer Camp, and when Will came to pick me up, I took him for a short walk along the river. I dropped my shorts; Will lay down, […]

Getting Pregnant

We grew up in a very conservative church and when we married we were both virgins, very much in love, but very innocent. We were also both very idealistic about the idea of Holy Matrimony and the ‘purity of the marriage bed.’ Although we didn’t know much about sex we were very keen to learn but there wasn’t much […]