Emergency Sex Part Two. Sperm Test.

When we went to the clinic for the sperm test, they gave us a sample jar and some information. We went along to the room provided, we would have preferred to do it in our car but there was nowhere private we could park. The instructions said to avoid contamination by saliva, lubricant or vaginal juices and advised that the sample be from just one orgasm rather than doing it again to get more.

We sat together on the couch. Will slid his pants down, and he was already erect. I exposed a breast for him and took his shaft in one hand. It was quite hot and felt very hard. We both knew what we were there for so we just got on with it. He was licking on and sucking me while he groped for my other breast and gently squeezed it. Then he got a hand into my panties, fingered me and when he discovered how wet I was his penis gave an involuntary jerk as if it should be enjoying my vagina.

We usually hug each other tightly when we orgasm but I had my hands full holding his throbbing member. A few months before I was still a vestal virgin and had no idea that boys grew so big. When he started ejaculating I held his shaft firmly and managed to catch most of the fluid. I missed some of the first squirt and his pulsations made it quite tricky to catch all the rest of it.

While I put the cap on the sample jar Will was babbling away, ‘That was so good, you are really gifted. But some got spilled, maybe we should do it again.’

I looked at the jar. The markings said we had 10 millilitres, whatever that is. Obviously, it would have been easier to milk him on his hands and knees because his shaft would be at a better angle to collect the semen but we realized that too late. This sample would have to do, I couldn’t be bothered repeating the performance.

I said, ‘Put it away. You’re not getting any more. At least not here. I am going to deliver this and then we are going home. You have made me feel super horny. But you will definitely get some later, as much as you want.’ I put the little jar in a paper bag.

Will’s penis was still stiff and oozing and he needed to relax and tidy himself, so I took it to the clinic. The little jar was still quite warm when the girl took the sample out of the bag to write the time on it. She glanced at the quantity, it was obviously adequate, then just said that we would get a report from our doctor.

As I drove us home we were feeling confident that all was well and as soon as we got into our room we stripped off and I pushed Will onto the bed and got astride him. I was rubbing my clitoris on his mons, he was licking my breasts and starting to moan. I lifted off a little bit and worked my bum up and down using my PC muscles to masturbate him. As he started to cum I pressed down firmly and worked on my orgasm. It was glorious, sometimes a girl needs to be on top.

We lay there for a few minutes then, when we were in the shower Will said, ‘I loved that, you are so good when you in control.’

‘Make love to me later. Sometimes I just need to be laid back, with my knees on my shoulders. And on the receiving end of that handful, I could hardly keep a grip on today.’

When the test results came in they were very good. Will had made a full recovery and was about to prove it. That story was posted on 2015/12/31 entitled ‘Getting Pregnant’.



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  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Oh, I hope they let me help when Rez goes for his swimmers test! I can't wait to try this. I'll test your "milking" theory and report back!

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