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After 15 years of marriage, three kids pulling us in every direction, running a family business, and working to make ends meet, Jordan and I needed a long-deserved couple’s vacation.  We had been able to get away for a romantic long weekend once every couple of years, but those weekends ended up being more like business retreats where all we would do was discuss business growth and challenges that we were facing.  We were finally at a point where we could leave the work and the kids behind for a week and not have to worry about anything.  We decided we would try a romantic retreat to the Caribbean.  After searching through countless resorts and destinations, we decided to visit a five-star resort located in the Dominican Republic.


After a short three-hour flight, we landed in the beautiful Dominican Republic.  The air was hot and humid, and we very much looked forward to starting off our vacation with a steamy night at the resort.  We boarded the bus that would take us to the resort.  I couldn’t wait to get out of my jeans and t-shirt and into something lighter, thinner, and sexier.  Unfortunately, the airport transfer to the resort was going to take another two hours with a couple of stops along the way to drop off others at their respective destinations.  With an hour left on the bus, we were the only two remaining to be dropped off.  I couldn’t wait for the much-anticipated romantic evening in our hotel room.  The fire in me was unquenchable, and I had to release the tension.  Jordan was watching a movie on his phone, which he seemed to be enjoying.  I decided it was time to distract him and get this romantic vacation started.  

I put my hand on his knee and slid it slowly up his thigh until my hand was caressing his flaccid penis.  Touching him obviously felt good because his penis went from soft to hard in seconds.  I continued to stroke him as he turned off his phone, closed his eyes, and leaned his head back, displaying the pleasure on his face.  I have to admit that touching his now hard penis through his shorts really turned me on, and I started to get wet.  It wasn’t long before he placed his hand on my thigh and slid it up to my now wet pussy.  His touch felt amazing, I was so turned on.  Then he unbuttoned my jeans with his other hand and slipped it into my panties.  He aligned his middle finger with my slit and moved it down to start gently rubbing my clit.  His touch was heavenly, and his fingers were magic on my wet clit.   

After a few minutes of touching each other, Jordan removed his hand from my pants and gently grabbed my stroking hand to stop me.  He leaned over, kissed me on the cheek, and whispered, “I can’t wait to get naked and continue this in our hotel room.  This warmup on the bus is going to make things so incredibly intense later tonight.”  I have to admit, he was right.  Later that night, I came three times during our first of many sexual escapades that week.


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