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I’m Carol and Xavi is my husband.  My hands are shaking a bit as I write this because I am quite turned on and the thought of the MarriageHeat community reading about our sexual life and being turned on by it as much as we are is very exciting. I would never dream of being this sexually open to anyone in person, but the idea of sharing with committed married couples who love each other and love the Lord enough to practice sexual and marital fidelity seems so safe and wholesome (in addition to being really hot in a good way!)

First, let me tell you about us. We are a reasonably fit, fairly attractive couple (so we are told) in our very early 50’s.  We have two children who are both married and we have always been a very close, happy family. Our faith and our church life is the foundation of our life together and is so very important to us. Our friends, parents, and social acquaintances know that we are fun-loving and young at heart, but would never dream that we have such a passionate sexual side that we are have recently reawakened and are beginning to explore and celebrate more and more.

As our children came into their teens we got deeply involved in their schooling, sports, plays, youth group etc. That and our hectic careers caused us to draw apart as a couple into a very deadening routine. I admit that much of it was my fault. My husband had a much higher libido than I did, and sex just wasn’t one of my priorities. I’m afraid I was becoming quite dull sexually and terribly inhibited.

Through several circumstances, I’ve had a real sexual awakening, and I’m thrilled to say that I have fallen in love with my husband again. And with our newly empty nest, our sexual lives have become and are still becoming much more adventurous, sensual, and orgasmic. In my reawakened mindset, I now find myself relishing the following:  sexy lingerie, affection and romance, long sessions of French-kissing with hot slippery foreplay, giving and receiving oral, and thinking up exciting new fantasies (to be acted out, if possible!)

At a recent women’s meeting at our church, the group went around the circle and answered the question, “What are some of the favorite things you do with your husband?” We had a good time talking about cooking, walks, hobbies, etc. But what I really would have liked to have said was: “Well, I love masturbating my hubby with lots of oil while I talk sexy to him. I love being sucked, licked, and fucked to yummy orgasms. I adore watching my man’s face while I suck his cock. (He loves it when I suck him all the way to a creamy climax and let him come in my mouth and all over my lips and face!)  I wouldn’t dare say it, of course, but I can only imagine what their faces would have looked like!

But I really do love having this new-found passion with my beloved. We try to keep our sex life red hot by always touching and being affectionate, giving each other erotic massages, talking sexy, acting out our sexual fantasies, occasionally making a sexy video of ourselves and sending naughty texts during work hours. We have tried sex in the backyard at night, letting him take nude pictures of me (my body is not what it used to be, but he still loves it!) and experimenting with sex toys. So much fun!

Bear with me while I explain one more thing. One of our favorite turn-ons is telling each other sexy fantasies and stories. When Xavi leaves for work and I have a free morning, I usually shower, silence my phone, and go back to bed for about 30 minutes. I slip naked beneath the covers and think of a sexy situation—many times these are elaborations on favorite past fantasies that we have told each other, but often they are brand new.  I gently play with myself as I begin to develop my fantasy, and then as I get really excited I throw back the covers and turn with my feet facing the mirrors beside our bed (large mirrored sliding closet doors—very sexy!)  It really turns me on, for some reason, to watch as I lift my legs as high and wide as possible (I am completely shaved and love the daring nakedness of it), and I masturbate until I’m right up to the edge of orgasm. After keeping myself in this pre-orgasm fever for a  while, I stop right there without climaxing—especially if I know we are going to make love that night. This keeps me frustrated and hot and deliciously turned on all day long!

When I am done with my little session, I immediately write down my fantasy in as much detail as possible. I stay nude and play with myself, adding sexy details as I think of them. When we have sex that night, part of our foreplay is to get out my “Fantasy Journal” and tell my husband what I have been thinking about all day. It makes us so hot!

A variation of this is when he sets up the video camera on the tripod before he leaves, and I’ll record my masturbation session, talking out loud about what I’m thinking and who is saying and doing what in my fantasy. I am always shy about this at first, but as I get turned on and closer to orgasm I can really let loose and talk sexy and hot. In these fantasies, it might be, “I have been dreaming about the time we…” and I will describe how I want to do it again. More often lately it will be a fantasy where I am an insatiably sexy slut who has hot sessions with repairmen who came to the door, businessmen during their lunch hour, weight-lifters at the health club, athletes in the locker-room shower, etc., all of whom end up being my husband. In these dreams, I love to suck and have my man cum in my mouth and on my face. Then as I drip with cum, he spreads my legs and licks me to powerful and loud orgasms. As I record these sessions, I’ll sometimes use a dildo in my pussy or ass (though I don’t tend to do this when I masturbate just for me) in order to put on as sexy a show as I can for Xavi, bringing myself to a loud, shivering, moaning climax for our future viewing pleasure. We absolutely love watching this later!

What is thrilling is that this sexiness is so hot and fun and it is guilt-free! It is not only good for our relationship, it is what God intended as we rejoice in our marriage!

Happy loving,
Carol for x&c

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19 replies
  1. Fiftyfitfidelity says:

    Thank you for sharing a glimpse into your sex life. We look forward to you sharing sexy stories of all of the things you described here and more! Welcome to Marriage Heat!

  2. TLC2383 says:

    Great story. My wife enjoys cum dripping off her face almost as much as I love shooting it onto her face. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed an uptick in the number of stories that contain facials lately? If this is a new trend I say keep them "cumming." The only thing I love more than giving my wife a facial is reading about it and knowing I'm not the only person who finds it sexy and enjoyable.

  3. tdx30 says:

    It is so refreshing to hear more couples like you experience what could be called a monogamous and godly sexual revolution. Think about this. . .we were once instructed by spiritual leaders that sex is for procreation only. Well, if that is true then what is the purpose of a clitoris? It has no other purpose than bringing about female orgasms just as God intended. And for ages, the only acceptable sexual position was the missionary position. Think about that term for a minute. It reveals a lot about how prudish the church has been in the past. As empty nesters now, I invite you to experience the joys of being naked as a lifestyle in the privacy of your home and back yard if it is private. Seeing each other in the nude doing daily chores brings us right back into the Garden of Eden where our nakedness as husband and wife was totally normal. I also commend you for your new found freedom to pleasure yourself and make yourself wait for sexual release until later. You would be amazed at how delaying your husband's orgasms a few days (while teasing him mercilessly) will give him a super orgasm, and his libido will be on high to pleasure you all through the day. Just a thought. Keep posting and telling us more about your new-found freedoms.

  4. LovingMan says:

    Wow! And double wow! I think that you making up and acting out fantasy stories (and filming yourself as you masturbate while composing the story) is really hot! Maybe you could post some of your fantasy stories on MH …and be sure to include how it went when you acted them out with your husband. I did that in my Mesozoic Massage story. In fact, the way it turned out… when we acted it out… was better than my original story. So I altered the story some. Then I added what we did at home in acting the story out. Then I posted it on MH as an Ignite Story. (We we’re self quarantined at the time.)

    [ https://marriageheat.com/2020/05/08/mesozoic-massage/ ]

    • x&c says:

      Thank you all for the welcome and the kind words. They inspire us to keep using God's good gift of sex to serve each other and glorify God by the "act of marriage," and expressing the passion He has given us!

  5. Lovinghusband says:

    I'm so glad you wrote this. You did it well – in taking us from someone who could not see herself opening up like this about sex on MH – to actually writing this.

    I like how you set the context of who you guys are: "Our faith and our church life is the foundation of our life together and is so very important to us. Our friends, parents, and social acquaintances….would never dream that we have such a passionate sexual side that we are have recently reawakened…"

    I like this so much because it was important to you to make it known that your life with God and His church, are at the core of who you are. I appreciate it when the testimony of a Christ-loving disciple is shown to also include a very alive and well sexual desire.

    All that you wrote was also very hot – adding to the heat of Marriage Heat. Thank you again. God bless you and your family. LH

  6. JohnMar says:

    Thank you for sharing. My wife Gina and I enjoy masturbating but only in each other’s presence. I wish she would start a journal or would video tape herself while at home.

  7. Funcouple5476 says:

    Hi. We love your story. God created sex and it is wonderful. We are empty nesters in our early 60s. Our sex life is great. We finally got over the guilt of using slang words in the bedroom. It makes sex so much more erotic. We have mirrors too. I love to get on him and look back and see his hard shaft in my pussy. He loves to take me doggy style so we can watch each other’s faces in the mirror and my titties swinging.

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