Couples Night

We spend summer Friday nights with friends and members of our local golf course. A few years ago, my wife Mel, a fairly new golfer and I, who had golfed since I was five years old, were running late for Couples Night. Pulling into the parking lot we saw the parade of carts heading out to the front nine leaving us behind.

We always enjoyed our weekly escape to the course that year, and knowing that the back nine of the course was still open, we loaded up a cooler with beers, and got Mel a couple of tall G&Ts and went off to play a round by ourselves. The “ping” of the metal driver echoed across the mostly empty side of the course, and we were set to enjoy each other’s company alone for a change.

Mel pulled off the golf look very well: ponytail, white and pink visor, with a pink polo that accented her breasts tucked into a short, form-hugging, golf skort who’s movement invited a peek underneath. I enjoyed staring in her direction multiple times as we got through holes 10, 11 and 12.

“I love golfing with that group, but it’s nice just to go out together,” Mel said, giving me a squeeze around the waist as a grin appeared. “At League this week Kathy did tell me about a tradition here at Tallwood Hills.” She looked back and forth across the landscape before motioning over towards the 13th tee box. “Let’s get to the next hole.” Again, the grin appeared, and her hand slid into my lap.

I drove our cart from the 12th green, and she asked me to stop before an opening in the woods where the path descended.  A 50-yard dive down into a ravine and back up covered in heavy trees led to the next tee box.

“To become a full-fledged member of Tallwood, you must fuck between the 12th green and 13the tee,” Mel told me, her hand sliding over the top of the shorts pressing against my now hardening cock. One more look around to see that no one was in sight on either side, and I sped the cart down the path to the bottom of the ravine.

Mel had my shorts unbuttoned and unzipped before we stopped. She bobbed her head down on my pulsating flesh, her lips slipping over the tender tip until her face, pressing down, pushed the fabric out of the way.

I stopped the cart, locked the brakes, and leaned back. My left hand caressed her hair as she continued to slide up and down the shaft from head to the base, her tongue wrapping around with wet warmth. My right hand untucked her polo shirt and pushed the waistband of her skort and panties downward, working one side then the other until they slid over and exposed her fleshy glutes.

Mel’s hands reached up and pressed down on each side of my hips as she slowly slipped my wet cock between her lips and coated it with her tongue. When she reached the tip, she enjoyed it like a Lindor Truffle, it’s roundness popping out like she’d taken a half bite. Mel looked up and moved in for a kiss, sliding her hips up and shimming off her bottoms. Soon she straddled my cool, wet, shaft.

Our desire bonded the gaze we shared deep in each other’s eyes as our hips searched to join. The cool air against my moist skin was soon replaced by the warmth of her wet folds, and my head popped in and out, forcing a sigh from me. Mel’s sexy smile broadened, as she lined up and sat down on my swollen member, which pierced her from its head to its base in one slide down.

“Oh, YES!” Her exclamation echoed through the trees, startling her with its boldness. Muffling further outcries by biting her lip, she lifted up and sat back down a half dozen times. “Mmmpft, Uhhhh, Uhhh, Ohhh, Mmmmpft, Yesssss!”

My breathing was muted by my lips pressing against Mel’s neck as her hips handled the movement. As we got into a rhythm, I accentuated her downward movements with upward thrusts of my own. We began to kiss, and my hands pressed against her breasts over her shirt and bra at first, then sliding under them and up, pushing her bra above her womanly swells. I had her nipples between my fingers as our tongues swirled.

Mel shortened her bounces, pushing deeper and holding at the end of each, bringing the sensation of her warmth to a peak.  Her small cries filled my mouth as we kissed, her breath quickening before she broke our kiss and exclaimed, “Yes, Donnie, Oh yes!” She pushed down hard, climaxing, then her head collapsed on my shoulder.

Hearing her orgasm always brings me to the brink, and she continued the pace, a little slower but still letting me drive from underneath her hips. My hands moved from under her shirt to her hips and I pulled her down as I thrust up. She kissed my neck, and her arms wrapped around my head as I raced to the finish line.

“Oh, baby,” I exclaimed as my cum shot up and inside, two quick bursts followed by three more, each a second longer apart than the last. We held each other for about a minute, joined in God’s nature, before remembering we were exposed and outdoors.

We completed the next six holes while touching, talking dirty, kissing, and fondling some. It was the sexiest round either had ever golfed. When we finished, we sat in the clubhouse with a drink, her leg overlapping and pressing into mine as the others made their way in from their round.

Kathy saw us, and she and Brent sat down, talking about their round and how the group missed us.

“We got some practice in on the back nine,” Mel said with a smile, and the satisfied gleam in her eye was not lost on Kathy, who paused and raised an eyebrow before taking a sip of her drink.

We talked awhile, our hands still finding each other, until Brent and Kathy had to take off early to get ready for a weekend trip. Then we got up from the table and hung out with the others, sharing golf stories and complaining about the local restaurant scene being stale.

On the way out, we went to park the cart. Taped to the steering wheel we found a handwritten note.

“Congratulations on becoming a full-fledged member of Tallwood Hills. – Love Kathy and Brent.”

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    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      There is a roof, but I did mistakenly say she "Stood up"…it was more of a squat which led to her going down on me to start. Enough room to sit and have that fun 😀

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      It's usually just a quick round, but that night afforded us the opportunity for our "detour."

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      It's a difficult game and Mel has only golfed for about 8 years now. There are not many in the FF members club!

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Write that one…I have one of those but it was before we met, so won't be able to share here 😀

    • Liverr says:

      Ok at the gym??? We have been members of different gyms in multiple states, yet never had that chance. Details?.. between different machines, the Smith machine, or where?? Our curiosity is growing!

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