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Mel and I have reconnected in so many ways over the past five years. We’ve grown our marriage like a new branch replacing an old, dying limb that had been struck by thoughts of infidelity and self. The sprout, nourished by the past we shared, has woven into new discovery and intimacy.

I have always slept and dreamt well, and for a while now, I have been erect a lot (learning this while rolling over.) Problematic is that I don’t remember a lot about my dreams, though I don’t think they’re all that sexual.

Occasionally, I’ll wake up during one, and those I can recall very clearly. This writing is the account of a dream I had last night and how we have emerged to Love more sensually; for me, it illustrates the development of our marriage and where we stand today, emerging from the cloud of where we were.

Love in the Shadows (The dream)

Suspended in the murky haze of the latest that Mother Nature had thrown at our community hovered a face: alluring, bronze tan skin with bright red lips. Her eyes were on me, doing the head to toe scan over and over, intently catching my gaze and holding it with the power of her beauty.

I turned away and back to the work at hand, shoveling in the heat of the summer, my shirtless back cascading with sweat. They relied on me being there on the front line, using my strength, conviction, and organization to lead us in this troubled time. Voices were yelling, calling out orders put in place by those of us in the community who mobilized this group.

I looked up and again saw a shadowy figure covered by the smoke or fog of the morning, this time helping guide small children towards a safe destination, stirring in me adoration and then lust at seeing the shape of her legs and body. I was drawn to her for a moment, turning before reality brought me back. There wasn’t enough dirt in the pickup, and so I continued shoveling.

Sweat, exhaust, and the scent of moist ground set the scene. All of a sudden, I turned and was right there, face to face with a bronze beauty, her gaze even more alluring and wanton, no words coming from lips that demanded mine press forward. I leaned in, and we coupled in the most basic, loving way. I slid my arms around her waist, and hers lay flat on my chest. I continued by pushing my lips and then my tongue forward, penetrating her deeply. We joined, swirling together the tastes of our mouths.

In my dream state, we held each other. Stopping our kiss, I opened my eyes to see my wife, Mel, was in my arms now, staring lovingly back at me.

I awoke abruptly, my cock jutting through the front of my boxers into the covers, throbbing hard, ready to pierce anything. Mel slept soundly on her side, facing away, and I turned over, slid my body next to her, and wrapped my arms over and around.  She stirred a little and snuggled in reflexively, still dreaming her dreams.

Stiff, my penis now lay against an edge of the nightwear covering her ass, and I pressed into her body. My head slipped underneath cloth to find flesh, so I began a very slow push in a relaxed motion. In my arms, I could feel her awaken a little at a time, getting tense, relaxing, her breath stirring with confusion, then awareness.  She joined my rhythm, pushing back into me as I pushed forward, my head depositing little drops of moisture and sliding over it, again and again.

Leading with her face, Mel spun towards me, head, shoulders, hips, and legs. Soon we were looking into each other’s eyes, the fog of morning clouding our vision. She reached down and caressed me, holding my shaft and running her hand to my balls and up. She had noticed my boxers and, with both arms slid under the covers, first worked them off me and then took her garments off. I’d slept shirtless, so we were now both naked in each other’s arms.

It was fast: her body pushed mine down on the bed, our hips joining, and our flesh made one. She leaned over, her breasts suspended above me. I had worked myself to the point of explosion, so when she then fell back on her hands—stretching out her full beauty with her eyes closed, enjoying my morning hardness—I quietly deposited my cum inside her.

She continued to ride me, not really calling out, still in a dream state, pushing and bouncing on every inch as I receded, leaving just a little there for her.  She finally fell to my arms and lay there for several minutes, just breathing.

“Good morning,” I whispered.

“Good, morning,” she said, describing the moment.

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  1. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    I liked this one a lot! Morning sex in that groggy, half-dreaming state has a primal, instinctive nature to it that I really enjoy. You captured that beautifully.

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