Free Hands and Hands-Free (L)

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Free Hands and Hands-Free by Husky

Setting: 10 p.m. – a hotel room during a work trip that ended up taking longer than anticipated.

Scene: Alone on my bed watching FX on the television, fresh from a shower and butt-naked.

Story: an exchange of texts that took a turn…

*cell-phone vibrates*
KITTY: Hey babe, u up???

HUSKY: Yep! Not tired, watching TV, u???

KITTY: Same! Just took a bath.

HUSKY: Oooooh…how was it?

KITTY: Lonely…

HUSKY: Did you use the bath bomb?

KITTY: Mhm! Fluffy bath <3

HUSKY: Nice!

KITTY: Did you shower?

HUSKY: Yes ma’am! Just finished

KITTY: I love you after a shower..

HUSKY: I know you do 😉 I’m also naked…

KITTY: Mmmm…What r your hands doing rn💓??????

HUSKY: My hands are missing you, that’s what! 😉

KITTY: I love your hands…kinda in the same way you love my feet..

HUSKY: Ha! Really????

KITTY: Mhm :3 They’re so strong and manly…and they know where to touch me and grab me.

HUSKY: Awwwww! That would explain why you suck on my fingers so much during foreplay…

KITTY: 😉 Can you send me a pic of your hands?? Please?????

HUSKY: Hahaha! Kinky kitty…sure!

*IMAGE SENT* [It was a snapshot of my left hand resting on my hairy leg, with my semi-stiff cock resting beside]

KITTY: Oh my!! That one came with extra 😉

*IMAGE SENT* [The next pick I sent was one of my right hand making the V-for-victory shape, with my tongue in the middle]

KITTY: Now you’re just teasing me!! You know my peach is ripe for you, Husky…

HUSKY: I know it is! You can’t spread your legs wide enough for me…I want the juicy peach 🍑 🍑 🍑


KITTY: You mean this one???

[The picture was a full close-up of her freshly shaved and beautifully colorful pussy, with her fingers spreading her labia apart for my viewing pleasure!]

HUSKY: Damn baby… That needs a tongue…

KITTY: It needs YOUR tongue, papa bear!

[Papa Bear is another one of my monikers! Hers is Mama Bear, respectfully. Maybe a story will come about how that one came to be *wink,wink*]

HUSKY: I can see it’s already a little wet…

KITTY: I’ve been touching myself for a while now…

HUSKY: Mmmmmm…maybe I’ll join you…

[My cock was already at attention after the pussy-picture, so when I wasn’t crafting a text, I was playing around with my manhood and fuzzy ball sack, which hung low tonight.]

KITTY: Tug on that sausage, baby!!

HUSKY: You already know I am 😉

[I decided to use the talk-to-text option on my smartphone so I could have more hands-free action…It worked pretty well!]

KITTY: Hey…remember sweet talk?? <3

HUSKY: Of course baby girl ;D

[Reader, “sweet-talk” was our code-word when we were dating that we would use whenever we were in the mood to talk about more “adult” matters – our approaching wedding night, fantasies, fetishes, desires etc. This quickly turned into HOT-talk once we were married.]

KITTY: Do you remember the beach date? 😉


KITTY: That date escalated quickly! Like your cock 😉 What was your favorite moment?

HUSKY: It’s a tie between the time I sucked your toes after putting sunscreen on your thighs and when you let me pull out your breasts and fondle them in the photo-booth 😉

KITTY: NAUGHTY boy! Lol. I remember when I first felt the shape of your stiff cock through your swimming shorts.

HUSKY: You started stroking it like you knew what you were doing already! So confident 😉

KITTY: ❤️❤️❤️

[In all honesty, Mrs. Kitty and I pushed the bar while dating. We were very clear about our Christianity, of course, but when you’re on the edge of 18 and finally get your driver’s license where you can take your girl almost anywhere; things get tempting. We spent many nights just texting each other what we were going to do to each other when married and even though things got hot and heavy, we still had some things saved up for our wedding night – praise be to God – to the tune of three total orgasms that night! Sexting was probably our most adventurous platform while dating, and we’ve still kept it up when married as an homage to the early, horny days!]

HUSKY: Still rubbing?

KITTY: Yes I am ;3

HUSKY: Same…

KITTY: Was the beach date the same day when I gave you that first, mini blowjob? Lol.

HUSKY: I believe so! We had changed back into some dry clothes, but I was rocking shorts with no boxers…

KITTY: Oh yeah! And then I said I wanted to see it, so I whipped it out and sucked on the foreskin for a second to tease you 😉

HUSKY: Oh I felt teased!! Lol. 😉 You’re still such a tease…

KITTY: NO! YOU are…you’re always going for my nipples on the couch and then make me wait for sex until later! So mean…;p

HUSKY: Hehehehehe! 😉 Hey, do yo thi-

[Just then, as if she read my mind, I got a FaceTime call that appeared on my phone]

“Hey, baby girl! What’s u- oooooooohhh. Fuck.”

There she was, naked on camera, dry-humping my favorite pillow. She had her hair up in pigtails and her hands on her tits.

“Can we talk dirty now, papa bear? I miss you sooooooo much!” My mouth dropped and my cock tingled with more life. I set up my phone so she could see my meat and flapping balls, but still hear me. My cock took up half of the camera angle. I began to stroke it, just for her! “Pleeeeease?”

I obliged happily!

“Dirty talk? I’m not sure you deserve dirty talk, you needy, whiny, pillow-slut….”

“Oh yes, papa bear….more….”

“More? You need more, baby? You need more of papa bear’s paws grabbing your love handles and pressing you into the pillows for sex? Showing off your honey-comb tits, you kinky kitty-cat?”

“More, please. YES. Your voice is hot, and I miss you SO much. Please.” Her grinding intensified and I could see the stain she was making on my pillow. She told me later that she used my pillow on purpose to masturbate because she sleeps on my side when I’m gone.

“Yeah, make noise, baby girl! Make noises for papa bear. Make your mess where papa bear sleeps! Needy pillow-fucker…”

“You’re so bad, and I fucking LOVE it. More. I’m so damn close…”

“Show that pillow who’s in charge, you horny house-cat! Squirt on it and mark it for husky bear!… Baby, I have to cum—do it with me!”

I watched her fall backward, which left her pussy wide open for my full view as my cock released a fountain of cum which landed powerfully on my hands, thighs, chest, and even splattered on my cheeks.

“Yes, Husky!! Make it messy for me! Fuuuuuuuuu…Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. YESSSSSS.”

She was exhausted. I was a mess. WOW.

“Where did that come from? Haha!”

Kitty didn’t even answer. She just moaned in a sleepy tone, catching her breath.

“Thanks for that sex-show, beautiful!”

She crawled over to the camera and blew me a kiss.

“You’re welcome, handsome! I couldn’t help myself; I miss you SO much. Please come home soon…”

“I’m almost done, babe. I promise! Just some more meetings to go to.”

“My peach is ready for you to come back though!” she whined.

“I know, baby. I know! Just one more week.”

“Grrrr!…Fine. Get some sleep, messy boy.”

“It’s your fault, cam-girl!”

“I don’t deny it…”

“Have a good sleep. I love you!”

“I love you too! Praying for a safe trip back!”

[All I remember after that was hitting the pillow hard in the sweet knowledge that my own pillow back home was getting it good in my stead!]

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17 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Great story! Reminds me of all the times we’ve been apart and how we remained “intimate” with each other. Technology has certainly made it so much more bearable (but never completely) to be away from our spouses. I think back to all the ways we did this over the years, beginning with actual hand written and mailed letters. Somewhere in my files I have a saved IM chat from one of my trips. Maybe I should hunt it down and see if it could be formed into a story. I just loved the way you told this, like we were tapping into your message app.
    Keep it UP!

    • HuskyKitty says:

      @StillLikeNewlyWeds – Thank you so much!! Technology definitely has its perks with regards to intimacy and is an awesome tool for teasing. 😉 Thanks for the awesome feedback! I hope the immersion helped. Stay horny and God bless! (Looking forward to that IM log story *wink*)

  2. Lincs17 says:

    Oh my goodness this is super hot stuff, HuskyKitty. I love masturbating, and it’s even better when there is “dirty talk” involved and it’s not something that should ever be seen as sinful. I love your stories, and it’s a shame we can’t communicate more as I would love to get to know you better, given you are a similar age to myself and my wife. Have fun and take care. 👍🏻

    • HuskyKitty says:

      @Lincs17, thank you so much for reading and enjoying the story!! I totally agree. I think a lot of couples, and men in particular, miss out on being more vocal during sex; it’s always an awesome rush! – And I’d actually really like that! That would be so cool. I understand that MarriageHeat probably doesn’t allow a chat option (and I think I know why..) But! If maybe they could come up with a chat option that requires a mutual approval for both parties prior to chatting? [Something to think about MarriageHeat!] I’d love to chat with you too. Stay horny and God bless! 👍🏼

    • texasman76 says:

      Lincs17, Song of the Believers has a chat function which I have found very beneficial for one on ones. Let me know what your name is when you join. We have alot of marriageheat folks there.

  3. SouthernHeat says:

    This is so Hot! I love sending sexy texts, but I sure wish we would have had FaceTime back when he traveled a lot. It would have made things a lot more interesting! Thanks for sharing.

    • HuskyKitty says:

      @SouthernHeat, thank you so much for reading! You’re an inspiration to us. Maybe try some FaceTime in different rooms to keep it fresh? Food for thought!

    • HuskyKitty says:

      @hornyGG, thanks for reading!! We have one more story coming in October on a topic I hope more people can relate to. It’ll be about a certain fetish of mine. Stay horny and God bless! 🔥

  4. Collegehopeful says:

    Hi @HuskyKitty, I’ve read through a couple of your stories and absolutely loved them! I was hoping however to get some advice about marrying young. My girlfriend and I are getting very serious, and I was hoping for some advice from y’all.

    God bless,

    • HuskyKitty says:

      @Collegehopeful, thanks for reading the story and for reaching out! – Marrying young was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m a part of a fortunate few who discovered their life-companion very early (around 18-19, though that was well over 6 years ago now). The most significant thing about it to me is that you get to actually grow and learn WITH someone who, one, doesn’t really have much emotional baggage from previous relationships because of their youth, and two, is willing to be with you from the beginning (literally) to the end. Sure, there was some skepticism among family and friends, but overall the reaction was positive. I’m of the opinion that “soulmates” aren’t found, they’re made. So you can become someone’s “soulmate” over time as you learn and grow and mature, kind of like two vines that grow upward together and intertwine into a stronger vine. My biggest advice is really only for you to be sensitive to God’s direction, whatever age you are. God bless!

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