The Showerhead

A few days off of work makes for a very nice for a change. I always use the days to do some extra cleaning work in the garage and, of course, inside the house. But the first days are relaxing days—like last Thursday. I woke from a good night’s sleep at 8.10 a.m., feeling relaxed, and stepped out of bed right away. After I did my thing in the bathroom, including a quick wash, I went downstairs. The temperatures are very nice at the moment, so I remained nude, though I have to leave the curtains closed because I have neighbors all around.

I made myself a cup of tea and two sandwiches to enjoy at my PC in the living room. After I watched the latest news, I automatically checked my mail but had no messages. While my tea cooled, I logged in on MarriageHeat to read the latest stories. My hand went automatically to my cock as I read, and I slowly started to stroke as it got harder, and my balls grew bigger. But I didn’t want to cum right away; after 15 minutes of stroking up and down and fondling my balls, I decided to give it a rest and finish drinking my tea.

I returned my cup to the kitchen, my cock half-hard but my balls up close to my body. I felt quite horny now. I decided to have some coffee and go back to reading MH, this time finding some nice stories about male and female masturbation. I like to read male stories because I know what it feels like. I guess females like to read about female masturbation for the same reason: they can relate to it.

Within a few seconds, my cock had gotten hard again. My glans felt so nice and was quite reddish by now. I stroked it wildly, a moan leaving my mouth. Wow, what enjoyment! I still didn’t want to cum, though.

A quick thought of the shower made me shut down my computer and go upstairs to the bathroom. I start at the sink, cleaning my face and then my cock and balls in preparation for a good shave. After applying some shaving foam on the face and balls, I took the razor to them. Mmmm, that made them feel way better. I shaved a bit around my cock and my balls and perineum. Pro tip: with a little stiffness in the cock, it shaves very nice and smooth because the skin is tighter then.

Next, I let the shower come to temperature before wetting down and quickly soaping my body. Then I took down the showerhead and rinsed off all the soap. Mmmm, the soap running down along my shaved balls and cock felt terrific. I pointed the shower stream on my balls, and a loud moan came out of my mouth. My cock had gotten so hard by now, and my glans was dark purple. With a few strokes and some loud moaning, three big drops of cum hit the shower wall. I needed this so badly.

It took a while before my breathing came back to normal. As I cleaned up and dried off, my legs shook. But by the time I got dressed, I was calm and relaxed. What a way to start my day—with a little bit of help from MH! 😉



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