Play with Wine

I woke to a lovely, warm, and sunny day, perfect for a late-afternoon trip to a local beach. As I left for work, my wife put her arms around my neck and gave me a quick tongue kiss as she grabbed Dickie. “Oh, he’s getting hard,” she said. “Will he be able to wait till tonight?”

I arrived home early, and my wife welcomed me in a little sundress that stopped just below her bum. It tied around her neck, leaving her shoulders bare and her cleavage on display. Her stunning boobs sat pertly without a braI went commando in shorts, which did little to hide my raging hard-on.

In the car, my wife grabbed Dickie, laughed, and said, “He’ll have to relax, or you’ll be walking funny down to the beach.”

Finding a quiet spot a distance from others, we lay a rug on the grass above the sand and relaxed in the summer sun. With my arm on her back, we chatted, kissed, and almost fell asleep. After a while, I undid the necktie on her dress and rubbed sun lotion on her shoulders, then let my hand slide to down squeeze her bum.

“You aren’t wearing any,” I whispered.

My wife replied, “That gift you gave me? I’m wearing it.”

I ran my hand between her thighs and slipped my hand under her dress to caress her silken naked bum. I knew that the only thing there was a little G-string between her cheeks and a pretty triangle that would barely cover her lovely pussy.

Unafraid that we may be seen, she lifted slightly to let me slip a finger into her molten wet pussy, then moaned, “Ooohhh, no,” as I slipped it out.

I patted her bum. “Later, darling. Food first.” Leaving her to lie in the sun, I wandered off to buy some seafood and white wine.

When I returned with dinner, my wife sat up and said, “I’ll get you.”

“Why?” I asked.

“You undid my neckties! When I sat up, my dress dropped, leaving my boobs on display just as two young guys walked past. They said, ‘Wow,’ then ran off, doing a high five.”

Picking up our gear, we move along the beach to a more private spot. Then we settled down to eat, drink a little wine, and chat as the sun went down.

As she lifted the last oyster to her lips, she said, ” Don’t talk. I want to roll it around on my tongue before it slips down.” As she swallowed, she smiled and said, “I just love their silky smoothness—like something else I know.” her fingers played with the tent on my shorts.

Sitting behind her as the moon began to sparkle on the sea, I caressed her bare shoulders, cupped her titties, then slipped my hands in the sides of her loose top to play with her nipples. When they began to harden, she leaned back and whispered, “Oh, that’s nice.” I undid and slipped down my shorts to give my throbbing dick room to grow, and she put her hands down, lifted her bottom, and slipped off the wet G-string.

I reached up to untie her dress again, and the top fell so that I could play with her moonlit, perfect tits. As I continued to caress and tweak her nipples, she moaned—though she tried not to make noise—as she almost came from me playing with her nipples. Then to my delight, she lifted up and dropped her warm wet pussy over Dickie, engulfing him in one move. Immediately, her hips began to buck with orgasmic pleasure. With a muffled cry, she announced, “I’m going to ….Aaah!!!” And, arched in ecstasy, she came and came again.

After relaxing and recovering, my wife said, “My turn.” She turned and lay between my legs, sipped a mouthful of cool white wine, then bent down and let it fall all over throbbing Dickie. The wine ran down my balls, and she began licking and sucking it all off.

Sensing I was close, she stopped and said, “Lie back and relax. Just keep a lookout for anyone coming.” She sipped a little more wine, then slowly began to suck tighter and more quickly. As I exploded, she opened her mouth to catch it before letting it run back down Dickie and my balls. Finally, she slowly sucked and licked them clean and said, “Nutty cream beats chocolate any day!”

We lay embracing, talking and kissing. All the while, she held Dickie and gently played with him until she said, “I can feel him stirring, growing again. Shall we go home for the main course?”

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