Twas the Orgasm Before Christmas (L)

This story contains strong language (L)
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Twas the night before Christmas, in-laws all in bed,

College students carousing. Her lips kissed my head.

Her bra held her breasts ‘most suspended mid-air,

In hopes that my fingers soon would be there.

Our youth were out partying, gathered at Bette’s,

Missed a text they’d be early, which we’d soon regret.

“Mama,” I breathed, with her hand in my lap,

She unzipped, whipped it out, and gave it a slap.

When out in the driveway there arose such a clatter,

We sprang from the couch to the closet. In a matter

Of seconds did I see, rolled up in a ball,

Mel’s panties still out there, not in plain sight of all.

I left the door cracked so that we could see

If anyone noticed her crumpled panties.

My hand on her new-arose nipple for show

Gave the lustre of salvia as my mouth dropped below,

When what in her wandering hand should appear,

But mini drops of pre-cum and inches more down there.

She slid to the floor, so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment she would start to lick.

More rapid than eagles, in our children came,

And they cackled and shouted and called each by name:

“Now Lizzie! You danced and pranced like a Vixen!

Oh, Jess, you’re Stupid! Oh, and Donnie is Blitzed and…”

To the tip of my cock! Down her throat took it all!

Her mouth slid me out! Her lips wrapped ’round my balls!

While the kids’ pizzas readied, the cheese golden brown,

She slipped my tip to her lips, her mouth rubbed up and down

my cock full of desire. And Mel my wife was too.

The kiddo all to the kitchen now flew,

stuffed their faces and heaped teasing libel,

While Mel’s panties lay under the coffee table.

As I drew the closet closed and my head turned ’round,

Down her chimney, my St. Nic-cock-alas slid with a bound.

She had pressed all her fur between her legs to my crotch,

And our clothes were all tarnished with droplets, splotch by splotch.

A bundle of Xbox games crashed to the living room floor.

Seemed we’d not be leaving this closet evermore.

My eyes-how they twinkled! My sighs, low and many!

Her fragrance like roses, she felt tight as a cherry!

The tongue from my mouth, Mel swallowed up nice and slow.

and her warmth it encircled my head like a bow.

Broad smile upon face, she slid up and down; my slight belly,

Holding my ecstasy in, shook like a bowl full of jelly.

My chubby was plump, a right jolly nice ride,

and a small laugh escaped her, despite trying to hide.

Loud wrestling near panties garnered a twist of my head,

Best finish soon,” she whispered, “or we’ll be caught dead.”

I spoke not a word, drove hard into my work,

Till cum leaked out to her stockings. She slid off with a jerk.

And laying her fingers aside of my cock

with a smile and a nod, cum-soaked fingers she got.

The night drug one more hour, ‘fore the children nestled down

in the guest room, on couches; we made sure they slept sound.

Then tiptoeing out of the closet, no peeping,

We slipped past our offspring where they were sleeping,

We sprang down the hall, panties now in my clutches,

and away to the bed to continued our hump-ages.

But I heard Mel exclaim ‘ere I drove in with all might,

“Happy Christmas to all; We’re fucking all night!”

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