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Parts of this story are real with pieces embellished as fantasy; it is up to the reader in the “Theater of the Mind” to decide which.

The beautiful woman sitting next to me at the bar after work smiles a devious smile as she orders a chocolate martini. Not dressed in her usual work attire, this beauty is wearing a thin skirt along with a silky button-down shirt. I express my delight at her choice of outfit, telling her how sexy she looks and asking her what the special occasion is. Smiling, she recalls and shares how this day started.

Waking from a rather steamy dream and finding her pj’s a bit sweaty, she stripped out of them. She moved across the room nude to cover her now tingly body in her short silky robe, desiring a warm cup of coffee. When she got downstairs, she found a simple note of love beside the coffee pot. It brought a smile to her face that her love had her coffee all ready for her. Ah, that first cup of coffee felt so good, as did the sensation of the thin robe covering her and teasing her skin. Her senses began to wake as the warm, wet liquid flowed down her throat, the warmth sweeping through her.

Noticing the bright morning sun outside, she chose to step outside the box. Usually, she’d enjoy her coffee on the back porch, but today she went to the side yard instead. Nervously at first, she made her way out the door in nothing but her thin robe so loosely covering her nude body. The sense of daring brought to mind the steamy dream from which she’d woken. She found herself enjoying the daring act of wandering outdoors, barely dressed, with coffee in hand.

A new feeling and thought began to take shape as she started feeling very racy and playful. She found her hand loosening the tie belt to allow the robe to open, leaving her somewhat covered but not fully. As it opened more, her enjoyment of the naughtiness surprised her. She realized just how much she wanted to be nude right then and there.

She let the strap loosen completely, and the robe slipped off her body. Ahhh, nude and free behind the fence—her sexy little secret. Leaving the robe where it fell, she enjoyed a walk around the side yard and let the air tickle her bare skin. The sunshine warmed her as she sat back down to enjoy her coffee, closing her eyes, reclining, and soaking up the rays. What would her love think if he knew she was out here like this? A smile played at her lips with the thought.

Time seemed to fly. She wished she dared continue, but she must go.  But she knew this would become a new habit.

She walked toward the house and picked up the robe, loosely draping it over her shoulder. Her shower continued the theme, turning into a hot, wet, slippery, and steamy fun time with a bit of extra soaping up and rubbing in all the right areas. As she toweled off, she made her way back to the bedroom.

Feeling playful, she chose to try on some thigh-high stockings, knowing how much the one who loves her enjoys seeing her in these. She admired her reflection, then reached for some very sheer and skimpy panties, the kind small enough that they barely covered her front and tickled as she moved. In the back, they left her cheeks exposed with only a slender strip of material dancing its way through her fold. Next, she selected a bra, also thin, sheer, soft, and silky. It rubbed her areola and nipples and had affected her nipples all day, keeping them constantly at semi-attention.

Being nude in the side yard empowered her to do something different, something bold and fun. She would become a sexy librarian. The vision in the mirror, along with the stimulation of her time nude, encouraged her to go for it. This time she wouldn’t shy away from how attractive she looked but dare to flaunt it overtly, no matter how people might react.

Throughout the day at work, she played this up a bit.  She hiked up her skirt as she sat at her desk, just enough to expose the top of her stockings, wondering if anyone could see. She pretended and hoped that I might pop in and catch her. Her thin, silky blouse seemed to have a mind of its own; all day, the buttons had trouble staying done up. She’d feel a draft and look down to find her cleavage exposed. Was this by accident or careful play? Her smile seemed to answer. She told me how she enjoyed this playfulness that kept people on edge and her going.

As she worked, she dreamt of playing the part of a sexy librarian as we had talked about: I’d come in and ask for help finding a book off in a secluded corner. As she assisted me by climbing up and reaching for books on the top shelf, her skirt would rise and show off her stockinged legs—almost to the point of uncovering her panties. It may not have come true today, but she provided plenty of potential down-the-blouse views to patrons when reaching into the fridge for her Coffee-Mate. She played a combination role of the sexy librarian and a bold barista dishing up some creamy cleavage.

All day long, she teased me with texts about her sexy outfit and how it turned her on to behave so daringly. She stroked her nylon-clad legs while egging me on to imagine the hardness of her nipples, even sending some enticing pics. Then, towards the end of the day, she said that, instead of going home, she wanted to meet for a drink.

I was excited; I couldn’t wait to meet her at the bar and see how she had dressed and what else she had in store for me. I arrived first and eagerly awaited her arrival. When the door opened, her slow, seductive entrance did not disappoint. Her outfit and the way she carried herself—confidently and purposefully, oozing sexiness—turned me on to no end.

Her sexy play continued as she sat down next to me, kissing me deeply and telling me how turned on she had been all day. It began slowly, she said, but shyness and nerves turned into fun, excitement, and boldness.

As she tells me all this, she moves her hands to my face, smiling. She makes sure that I catch the aroma on her finger before she coyly moves it to her mouth. Hmmm, she must have had fun on the drive from work! I love that she felt free to tell me about her sexy day and how the sharing turns her on even more.

She orders another chocolate martini, and the conversation shifts. She tells me about her love of chocolate and how she would love to lavish it on one another, reliving the times we dabbed it on our bodies. How fun and exciting, coming upstairs with a bottle of chocolate syrup and can of whipped cream and drizzling it on her breasts. So erotic! But it left her wanting more. She wants to lose control and enjoy super-messy chocolate fun.

My mind is now racing as she describes having her body covered in chocolate, slowly and sensually rubbing it in. While she elaborates, she casually undoes one button to give me a peek at her beautiful breasts in that sexy bra.

After all of this talk and play, she wants to take a break outside. Refastening that button and kissing me as she gets up, she heads toward the door alone. I admire her as she walks away, thinking just how incredibly sexy she is.

It seemed like she spent forever outside. Maybe she had found someone to talk to out there. Knowing how she loves shocking people and sharing her thoughts, I can only imagine the conversation she might have. But perhaps she only stayed away so long to toy with me, keeping me on edge.

The door finally opens, and I watch her come in. She makes her usual stop at the bathroom and again makes me wait. When she emerges, she’s beaming. It didn’t take long for her smile to become contagious, nor for me to figure out what inspired it. I believe I see some extra bounce in the front of that top. YES! My dirty li’l gal just removed her bra. Someone has just turned this up a notch! Surprisingly, she looks like she loves this feeling of freedom and boldness.

When she realizes that I notice,  she slows down and takes her time getting back to our place at the bar. She’s putting on a show not just for me but for anyone else that might notice. When she reaches her seat, she leans into me and whispers, “My bra isn’t the only thing I removed,” as she secretly passes me her panties. She says she wanted to remove them all day but chose to wait to do it for me.

As I grab the wadded scrap of fabric, their wetness against my palm indicates her arousal. I put them in my pocket. At this point, I’m overwhelmed by the desire to get out of there. I want nothing more than to take her home, but she doesn’t want this most delightful game of cat and mouse to end.

She orders another chocolate martini. This time, she motions the bartender in close to ask her if she finds chocolate a turn on. The mixologist enthusiastically agrees. A whispered conversation between the two of them ensues, and they giggle, glancing sidelong at me.

As the two of them engage in their banter, the martini disappears, and I can see it working its magic. When my wife coyly opens a button, her love of the shock factor evident, the peek I get of her braless breasts starts pushing me to the edge. Not to be able to touch or kiss them—aarrgghh! But then again, this is all part of her plan.

Draining the last bit of her drink, she ‘accidentally on purpose’ drips some of the chocolate into the valley between her breasts. She feigns embarrassment and asks the bartender for a napkin to dab at the spill. She plays it up, asking if she got it all and drawing attention to her uncovered cleavage.

The martinis and sensuality of the evening have taken their toll. Now my beauty says it’s time to go home and play. She buttons up a bit, but the placket is still open more than usual. I stroll through the bar with my head high and her on my arm.

The fresh air outside gives welcome relief to the heat that she’s inspired in us both! Pretty soon, I give thanks for the darkness, too. I open her door and settled her in, and when I make it to the driver’s seat, I look over at my beautiful wife. Unbelievably, she has her shirt and skirt off and sits there nude except for her stockings.

I sit frozen in awe, not able to start the car. Not only does the beauty of her body overwhelm me, but I also can’t believe that she would sit naked right there in the parking lot. I start feeling a bit jealous and protective, wondering if anybody can see my beautiful and now very naked wife. But then it occurs to me that she doesn’t seem to mind the possibility of being seen, and appears to enjoy it.

So I play along and sit there for a while, taking in her beauty and her act of sexiness. As we drive away, I ask how she feels about being nude, and she tells me about the days she used to pose nude for art classes. She says she misses the sensuality of being naked without care of what others think. She raises her legs onto the dash, enjoying the feeling of slowly stroking them seductively. Not do the movements seduce me, but now they seduce her, too, as the sounds of enjoyment start turning us both on. Leaning her seat back, her hands now move up her body until they find her breasts.

I want nothing more than to get home and ravage this very sexual beauty. I start driving that way, but she has other plans for us; after all, she has seized control. Loving the feeling of her sexuality and the freedom of her nudity, she leans the seat back farther and tells me, “Instead of heading home, just drive for a while.” Then she hands me her shirt and skirt and tells me not to give them back, even if she gets nervous.

Hmm, I like this game.

The more we drive, the bolder and more comfortable she gets. At first, she only wants to explore the dark backroads. She gets into the music, dancing in her seat at times. Then, thinking over this entire day of fun and sexiness, she tells me she wants to head back into town. As we do, she sits up more in her seat, a bit nervous at first but quickly getting excited. She even seems to look forward to stopping at traffic lights because of the fun of being daring and naked. By now, there is no doubt that she loves the possibility of being seen. She even says she thinks we should hit a drive-thru for a snack, but I suggest that we wait for another time.

We drive around a while, and it starts getting late, so we decide to head home. My wife realizes that if we pull into the driveway, the lights will come on, and she won’t have the dark to cover her nude walk to the back door. After some thought, she tells me to drop her off at the darker far end of the driveway and let her walk in through the side porch.

I park and go into the house to open the side door, but she isn’t there waiting. The porch light is off, but I can see her walking through the yard in all her naked glory, much like how this day started.

Once safely in the house, still wearing her sexy stockings, she asks me to make her another drink, which I quickly get for her. As I sit down, she begins to give me a show, slowly and sensually removing the stockings for me. Aroused from the sexy escapades of the entire day, she declares it dessert time.

While standing naked, she sits me in a chair and places a towel on the floor down in front of me like her own little stage. She grabs a bottle of chocolate syrup. Lying down, she begins to seductively apply the chocolate to her body, first drizzling it slightly on her breasts and then slowly moving down to her legs.

By her sounds, the aroma and sensation of the chocolate dripping on her skin must give her a thrill. Then she seems to sink into herself, rubbing the chocolate into her skin as it warms. Such an erotic sight! Her creamy white skin, naked and exposed this past hour or so, she’s now covering in chocolate. I’ve never seen anything more sensual than her rubbing it all over her breasts. But then she does me one better: Pulling one up to her mouth, she locks eyes with me and begins to lick the chocolate from her nipple.

Knowing how intently I’m watching only adds to the fun and sensuality for her. Handing me the bottle, she asks me to pour the chocolate on her. The slick silkiness must feel terrific because she can’t seem to get enough. She wants her whole body covered and even starts rolling around in it. Her body looks so delicious!

The day has been filled with a lot of sexuality, teases, and toying, and this explosion of sexy fun. For the finale, she tells me to strip and come drink up her “chocolate martini.” It didn’t take long for me to lose my clothes and join this party. Soon both of us become coated, rolling around together playfully and pouring and rubbing more chocolate on our bodies. The chocolate kisses taste heavenly as our bodies slide against one another in the syrup.

But both of us hunger for much more of each other. We lay opposite each other. My wife licks and sucks what is now my lollipop, and I do the same, eating up her bonbon. Both of us climax, satisfying each other orally. The taste of chocolate and our love juices mingling adds to the treat. Before long, we rearrange ourselves face to face, sharing that mixture through long, sensual kisses full of our aroma and flavor.

Now spent, she pulls me up by my hand and leads me upstairs to shower together, an added delight. I watch the chocolate drip down and off her naked body as her hands roam over it, a second sexy show. Then, all clean and satisfied, we go to our bed. We forgo any pj’s this night, in keeping with the nude theme of the day, and drift off skin to skin. There’s no need to wish each other sweet dreams. We just lived them.


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