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We recently had a weather event. Meteorologists call it an Atmospheric River. Those of us along the Northwest coast call it the “Pineapple Express.” The basic result is high winds and a massive amount of moisture. Power outages and flooding will normally occur. My wife gets very anxious during these storms. Sometimes property damage occurs, and people get hurt or die, and she just worries something bad will happen.

On this particular night, we both got home early, had dinner, and went to bed early. Our house is in a place that takes the wind and rain directly. It makes it difficult to get any sleep, but we turned the covers down and got under the covers. “I’m scared,” came from her lips as she lay in a half fetal position, with her back toward me. I rolled over to face her back and started running my fingers through her hair. I continued with that for a time, then rubbed her neck.

The rain and wind pelted the bedroom window as I moved my hand to her shoulder. Every once in a while, you could hear a small limb hit the house as I moved to her back, caressing her shoulder blades and lowering toward her buttocks, then back up again. The noises coming from outside, some of them strange sounds, made it hard to distinguish sounds coming from inside. But I swore I thought I heard a soft moan. Not sure, I continued and repeated my previous actions. I was right; I heard another moan, louder this time as her ass pushed into me like she wanted to spoon with me.

My hands were now rubbing her arm down to her fingers. Then they jumped to her hip and down her leg as far as I could reach. On the way back up, I squeezed her ass cheek, and she responded by pushing back into my manhood, which was increasing in size.

About this time, the neighbors’ garbage can lid hit the house; at least I think that’s what it was. Whatever it was, I had her going enough that she never heard it.  The hand I was touching a few moments before was now reaching back and clutching my hip. A finger moved down into the space between us and felt my now raging hard-on, flicking that little triangle under the hood.

Over the 30-plus years that we’ve been married, I’ve learned to recognize when I’m about to get very lucky. My hand now went to the breast and nipple nearest me, then down to the far one and back again. My wife’s moans were getting louder, and she was now grabbing my cock, stroking it hard. With that, I pushed into her, as if I was humping her.

With my work on her tittie’s doing the job, a “Fuck” came from her lips. Then, “That feels so fucking good.”

Her hand released, and she was now bucking into me. Then her top leg moved up and over the top of mine, spreading her legs. My rigid cock fell into the space between them, and she worked that for a little bit. Because I’m not that long and we’re a bit overweight, I could not fuck her, but she was able to stimulate her clit to a small degree.

Still playing with her tits, I asked, “Do you like that cock?”

“Oh yes, I love that cock, but I want your fingers in my pussy. Rub that clit.”

She moved a little more on her back to allow me better access. I could even now suck on one of her nipples. The dirty talk continued.

“Fuck, rub my clit. Fuck, fuck, rub it harder.”

I knew she was getting close. I now rubbed at a feverish pace and licked her nipple at the same speed. Then it happened. Her legs clamped, and she started shaking while trying to get the “Fucks” out of her mouth. It was incredibly hot.

The whole time up to this point, we had snuggled under the covers. Now with my wife’s orgasm complete, she threw the covers back, climbing onto her hands and knees.

“Fuck me, and do it hard,” she said. As wet as she was, I had no problem finding that love hole. Now it was my turn to talk that sexy talk we all like.

“Oh, yeah, baby. That’s a nice tight pussy. I’m fucking that cunt, and I’m gonna fill you up. You like that cock in you, don’t you?”

“Yes, baby, give me that cock. Fuck me hard,” she answered between gasps for air.

I was so horny, it only took me a few more thrusts, and I unloaded, pounding into her the whole time. We finished, and I took one of the washcloths we have stashed under the pillows, wiped off my soaked cock, and placed it over the hole that I’d just left as she rolled back over.

We then snuggled back under the covers and listened to the storm raging outside while basking in the afterglow of our married sex. We soon drifted off into a light sleep, waking every so often when a hard gust of wind and rain hit the house. Compared to the bliss we had just experienced, the storm was much easier for her to deal with. I, for one, can’t wait for the next “Pineapple Express!”

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