Lake Life Lovin’

The hustle of loading, traveling, unloading and settling in was finished as was dinner and a quick swim.  We had family lake trips for four years or so when our kids were toddler-aged, but they were magical in many ways, especially when it came to the sex.

Grandma and Grandpa would take one or both on most nights and the oldest would venture to his cousin’s cabin for a sleepover. The first night of our third year, we were relatively young (nearly 20 years younger than we are now) when we stepped out onto our small deck to watch everyone play, drink, converse by the campfire by the small beach. The kids were accounted for by sight and sound and I let an exhale out, taking a sip from a cup of wine, plastic, but fitting for the venue.

I felt Mel’s hand slide around my waist and she curled into my back, looking out with me, pressing her hips into the side of my thigh, her breasts against my torso. The heat of the afternoon was surrendering to the cool evening and her body warmed mine and mine hers. “Look at the moon,” she said.

The bright silver beacon was high and larger than most nights. It lit the areas between the five cabins we had occupied, and showed a game of tag going on.  There were other couples enjoying themselves or congregated by the fire – almost as visible as during the day. Mel’s hand then slipped down the front of my shorts, and held the tip of my shaft before caressing its entirety as it swelled there.

I turned to kiss her, taking her cheeks into my hands as she slipped her other hand under my shirt. We shuffled back inside, our lips still locked, her hand holding me, the other now fumbling for the button and zipper of my shorts. I latched the small hook of the screen and we ducked down below the window onto the couch at the front of the cabin.

I was soon erect and out of my shorts and boxers. I quickly had her shorts and panties on the floor as my stiffness melted in between her legs. The old couch gave reduced support, it’s cushions old and experienced from decades of use and probably a vacation romp or two. I entered her, a soft moan met her lips, it was audible through the screened-in front, but I was not caring as I slid deeper.

The lights were out and the moon’s intensity cast shadows as I struggled to gain leverage, pulling back and pushing forward. The voices outside seemed closer one minute and then around the other cabins the next. Her breathing escalated as I felt the vacations first surge build up in my pelvis.

She muffled her enjoyment with a pillow as I quickened. We heard feet on the front porch, a child’s voice, not one of ours, hiding from the seekers. My wife quieted until the intruder scampered off. I felt the need to finish this and pulled her hips to me, sinking deeper into the couch and between her legs. I felt the rush, sighed her name in her ear as I collapsed with my orgasm, my cum spurting three, four, and then a fifth time inside.

We gathered our clothes, dressed, and made an appearance by the campfire.The gathering at the campfire went longer than we had planned, and Mel and I were both privately hoping for something more before we slipped into bed. The reality was with all the energy it took to get there and settled, with the drinks and after our full moon escapade, we fell asleep together on top of the sheets.

My phone alarm sounded way too early. Groggly I remembered setting it to continue the three-year tradition of fishing just after sunrise with my brother. Scrambling to shut it off I jostled Mel, she had pulled the edge of the comforter over herself and had never truly gotten underneath it. The sun was still below the horizon, though providing enough light that I could see outside the window above our bed. I smiled as the full moon was visible on the horizon, even though daylight had begun.

I looked down at her, remembering well our coupling last night. The combination of a swelling penis and her bare legs, short PJ bottoms was enough but she opened her eyes to see me hovering. I dropped down and kissed her deep and whispered in her ear as I pressed my cock against her backside, “The full moon is back.”

Her hands moved up to my face, but were there only moments as mine had found her hips and spun her around, propping her knees under. I gave one graceful tug and the bottoms where at her knees and a 2nd pull had them off and on the side of the bed. The smell of the old covers, mixed with the morning, hung dank in the air. My boxers hit the floor and in an instant I was inside her, my body folding forward on her back.

She situated pillows to rest her hands upon. I kissed her neck, running my hands through the back of her hair, imagining prior nights where there were playful tugs. None of that this morning, just serenity in the moment.  My focus was on her warmth surrounding me. My hips helped burrow me inside deeper. She let out a soft sigh as I pulled back and thrust inside again. She sighed a little louder, “mmm,” with a cascaded release of her breath.

I rose up off her back and began to establish a rhythm. My hands were on her hips as she clutched one of the larger pillows. Her long hair spread out to the right of her and she peaked back at me and closed her eyes. The sleepiness still there, and her relaxed body just let the air move in and out of her lungs, it being audible most times, in sync with my action from behind.

My stamina was always better in the morning. I began putting weight behind each thrust and her soft cries and coos turned into my guttural moans as I landed my thighs against the sweet curves of her ass. Her rising tone just motivated me to thrust hard and her decibels increased in unison. I switched gears and added speed to my approach and pulled her to me on each glide into her flesh.

Her head rose out of the pillows. Her arms pressed down to take my weight and her hands clenched the comforter as she gained even more sensation from my ride. Skin against skin smacked as we bucked against each other, timing the collisions with perfect pace. My climax was brewing and with each moan getting louder it swelled until finally rising up my shaft and shooting out inside. I slowed with each spurt before collapsing on her back, she fell to the side, I was still inside her but I soon receded out.

We kissed and she fell back to sleep, slipping under the covers first as I dressed to fish. I made my way to the dock, my bother having the boat loaded with fishing supplies and everything we needed.

“You can load up tomorrow,” he said with a sheepish grin. “Hey did you hear that Lake Loon this morning?”

I was confused and disoriented by the comment, as I hadn’t heard a bird, the only thing I heard was…

“Ummm, yeah I did hear something,” I said looking away waiting for the shoe to drop.

“Eerily human,” he said, as we started our fishing trip. 

We caught a few fish over a few hours, enjoying the first morning on the lake together. We made our way in and were greeted by Mel and two soon to be splashing children with floaties. Mel’s tank top was supporting her bikini top and breasts, as she leaned over, from the dock, to place the kids in the floaties.

“Hey Mel,” my brother yelled out and waved, she looked up in her squat as she placed one child into a floatie and she waved back.

“Did you hear any Lake Loons this morning?” he added with a grin, causing Mel to ruffle her eyes in confusion.

I just did the Michael Jordan thing with my hands up, and face like ‘I have no idea’.


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    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      It was just that and it's funny how vivid those things are now, over twenty years later. I can still feel those emotions and her flesh on my flesh.

  1. 1blessedman says:

    Oh crappie. Thanks for sharing your fish tale. Dipping your bait and then going fishing sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day. When vacationing at such locations, folks may hear your Evinrude or Johnson revving up!

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