“I Want You Inside of Me”

This story contains brief strong language (L).
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It was a Saturday morning and I was home alone, packing because we are moving homes. I had on next to nothing, only a tight red racerback tank with no bra and silk light gray panties that cut up high on my ass. I love it when that part of my ass is hanging out just begging to be grabbed by strong manly hands and positioned just how he wants it.

As I walked through the house and bent over to pick up boxes, I caught glimpses of myself in different mirrors. The living room, with its panoramic windows,  offered another opportunity to check my reflection. My hair was pulled up in a high ponytail, but I reached up to pull my long brown hair down and shook it out into waves down my back.

I was tired, sweaty, and needed a break. It had been a few days since my last orgasm and, knowing my body like I do, I needed one.

I walked to the bathroom and pulled the door closed, then stood in front of the mirror and stared at myself. Pulling my red tank up and over my head, I watched as my hair fell over my nipples that were now perfectly perky and fully erect. I admired them for a moment before my eyes ran down my body over my smooth stomach and to my just-as-smooth and bare vulva. Then I turned slightly and appraised the curves of my hips and the two dimples on my lower back. I was getting wet; I could feel my juices leaking out onto my inner thighs.

I turned to open the glass shower door and reached in to rotate the handle to the on position then waited on the temperature to get hot. As I stepped into the pebble-floored shower, the water flowed over me. I grabbed my coconut shampoo and tilted my head back, beginning to lather and shampoo my hair, letting the excess run down my body.

I couldn’t wait any longer and reached up to grab the middle section of the shower head, which separates to become a handheld sprayer. I held it with my right hand and led it down to my clit that was now throbbing for attention. I began to run it up and down my lady parts and as it tickled me, my body began to tingle. The water lightly trickled out, just enough to get me going.

I started to breathe heavily and began to moan. “Ahhhhh… ahhhhh… ahhhhhhh… ahhhhhhh, fuck me,” I whispered softly, imagining him with me. As the full glass shower was now fogged, I put my hand up on the glass, streaking it downward as I tried to stabilize myself while stroking the hand-held in circular motions now.

Moaning, “Ahhhhh… ahhhhhh…” I fantasized about my husband here with me, experiencing this moment. I imagined his hands on me, his lips too, his mouth sucking my juices, sucking my breast. I wanted to pleasure him, to stroking his cock, then get on my knees and suck him with water running over us before making love to his entire body.

“Ahhhhhh… ahhhhhh!” I moaned. I needed more pressure. I knew there just had to be a button to turn the water up. I reached up on my tippy toes to the back of the wall sprayer and ran my hand around the back of it. Yes, there it was! I clicked the button, and all of a sudden, I felt a rush of pressure as the water gushed out fast and hard on my clit. I screamed out in surprised pleasure, my mouth opening and my head tilting back trying to take it.

“Ahhhhh… I want you inside of me!” I yelled as I pulled the sprayer further south and plunged the water into my glory hole, fantasizing that it was his cock fucking me.

“I want you inside of me!” I exclaimed again, using my sexy voice. Pushing the sprayer in and out while thrusting my hips as if I were fucking him, I began to cum. I squirted everywhere!

My body began to shake as my abs tightened, and I fell over slightly, letting out a loud half laugh-half moan of relief. Smiling, I looked down to see my legs shaking and cum running down my thighs as the water washed it down the drain. I wished so badly he was here with me to clean me up.

I want to pleasure him daily and meet all of his needs, whatever they may be in life.

(I have a lot of fantasies! One lately has been anal, but I will wait on him for this. I trust and feel safe with him and can’t wait to share all of my fantasies and desires.)

I love knowing my body so well and what it needs.  I felt so good for the rest of the day.

Happy Saturday to me!… and now happy day to you!

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5 replies
  1. SecondMarge says:

    Very sexy and well written. I can put myself in your place. I need a cock inside. But until I find one my fingers and shower water will have to do.

  2. 1blessedman says:

    Aha, “the two dimples on my back”. Research has shown that people who have these two accentuated dimples have a greater ability to orgasm! If my wife was dressed like you describe, we would never get moved. Your depictions are sweet/hot brevity. Minimal yet inspiring.😉

  3. hornyGG says:

    I really enjoyed your story. It was really hot. I love reading stories about how other women practice and enjoy their masturbation sessions. Not saying I don't enjoy hearing about the guys solo play because I do. But a woman's self love practices are alot more sensual and erotic. Sorry Guys! I love my body and love making love to it. Of course it doesn't compare to having my husband kiss, hold and make love to me. Like you in this story, my body hungers for orgasm and I do sometimes get really turned on looking at myself. Especially if I haven't had any in a few days and am feeling really horny. Don't have a removable shower head yet, but I am definitely going to invest in one now.
    Thank you so much for sharing and stay horny! God bless.

    • Sarge says:

      I agree with hornyGG. That was a great story.
      HornyGG, my late wife loved sexual intercourse, oral sex, and masturbation, and I agree that there is something different about women and the sensuality. It’s a spiritual experience, or was, when I watched my wife masturbate. She was so beautiful and sexy, but when she was in the “zone,” it was incredible to watch. She always insisted that I masturbate with her, but it was the essence she exuded as she got near to orgasm and then crested into blissful moans and her body arching up, seeming to want to catch the feeling so it would last even longer.
      I love reading the masturbation stories of you and your amazing Christian sisters. It helps me remember my sweet, beautiful horny wife.
      So thank you Mypleasure814, hornyGG, and all you lovely ladies for sharing.

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