Been Loving On the Railroad

This story contains brief strong language. (L)
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This is a fantasy based on the train trip we had to cancel due to quarantine.

We planned a vacation for just the two of us, and we weren’t going to be in a rush. Driving was too tiring, and frankly, it wasn’t relaxing. No, we were going to slow down and reconnect at a slower pace. The trip we agreed on went from our home in the Chicago suburbs out to Los Angeles. We had four days reserved at a nice clothing-free resort that was family-oriented, but we also wanted the journey to be part of the fun. What we settled on was going by train, and since Chicago’s Union Station began the line, we booked a small sleeper car on the Southwest Chief for the two-day trip.

The excitement was building as we arrived at Union Station and waited for the train to board. Considering the type of resort we were going to, my wife had a large suitcase with her. “Of course we will do some shopping while we are there,” she explained, as my eyes rolled and my wallet cringed. Finally, we were able to board and settled into our sleeper car for the trip. As the train pulled out, we settled back and relaxed as we exited the city and began to see picturesque little towns go by. Suddenly, she got a mischievous look on her face.

“You know, with the speed we are going, there is no way anyone outside can see what’s happening in an individual rail car. We can see out, but they can’t really see in, even in broad daylight.”

Hesitantly, I asked what she had in mind.

“Let’s just take our clothes off now. We can put them on if we need to go eat. We can be naked in the sunlight and no one else will know.”

Well, that sounded fine to me, so we both slipped out of our clothes but made sure we could shut the curtain if we suddenly pulled into a station.

I got a good look at her there.  I was reminded of the absolute perfection of the dark brown areolas on her gorgeous breasts. How many times I had delighted in them! And I remembered the times she rode my cock and moaned as I sat up and sucked the cool damp air across those nipples.

As my mind was wandering happily with such thoughts, she looked and noticed my firm erection. She smiled as she glanced out the window and said, “Let me take care of that for you!”

As the warmth of her mouth surrounded the head of my cock and her tongue flicked against the front of the glans, I let out an involuntary moan of ecstasy.

“No one can see us, so let’s do it now,” she said. “Fuck me like the first time we ever did it!”

“Now?” I asked.

“Right now!” she demanded. She swiftly moved up and started riding my cock—slowly at first, but working up to a fervor we had not seen in years. I was starting to get self-conscious about how loud we were getting but figured everyone was either at dinner or in the viewing car watching as the sun was about to set.

I decided to give it my all and began thrusting upward with my hips, pounding her hot wet pussy for all it would take. She was starting to climax and went over the edge as we had begun to fuck to the rhythm of the rails. What happened next was an explosion of sexual energy that we had not experienced before or since. It was like we were in a higher spiritual plane as we united in orgasmic ecstasy.

Rather than collapsing into each other’s arms, we had a cool-down period where we gradually slowed down until we stopped. It was wonderful to just sit there without movement, with my cock still inside of her, and bask in the glory of the moment. I didn’t think anyone heard us until suddenly we could hear the couple in the next room ahead of ours. The muffled sounds of their lovemaking gave us the pleasure of knowing that perhaps we had been an inspiration to another couple. We met them the next morning at breakfast in the dining car as we crossed Colorado. They smiled at us, and quietly thanked us. They said that it was the best they had all year.

We did it again on the way home after a relaxing time at the resort, which was a family atmosphere and not a place that such activity would have been tolerated. But going home, we filled the Arizona night with our love of the railroad. Better yet, with our railroad of love!

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  1. Mercury7 says:

    Great story, thanks for sharing! We have made quite a few trips on Amtrak, usually booking a sleeper. We have done the entire route of the California Zephyr, from Denver to Chicago once, and Denver to San Francisco several times. The route the train takes through the Colorado mountains, the desert, and the California mountains is spectacular, and we highly recommend it! Making love on the train is a unique and very pleasurable experience. The motion and the noise of the train provide a great deal of privacy. And the vibration and rocking motions of the train just add to the sexual pleasure!! The "bedroom" sleeper is pricey, but it has a private bathroom right in the unit. Also the price of the sleepers include all meals, and surprisingly the meals are usually very good. Does anyone else have a story about sexual experiences on the train??

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