Swedish Fantasy (L)~ Ignite Story

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“Do you want me to undress?” Mel asked me, sitting cross-legged on the hotel’s large king-sized bed. The left strap of her yoga tank had fallen down her shoulder, highlighting her sports bra underneath.

I shook my head no as I laid out some massage oil I had created. Then I arranged pillows on the foot of the bed and gestured for her to lie down there. I had told her simply to trust me and relax.

Her long body stretched out over pillows that I had arranged.  Her feet were hanging over the edge before she adjusted herself forward. She closed her eyes and hugged the soft fabric of a plush, frilled cover close to her face.

I carefully rolled up her tank, exposing just the small of her back. Her stomach pushed against the comforter, her breath steady but anxious with anticipation, and her arms cradled the pillows with her head pushed into their softness.

“Alexa, play ‘Night Moves playlist.’” I said.

Mel gave me a brief look over her right shoulder, inquisitive but smiling. A soothing, sexy, jazz groove started to fill the air, and she sunk back into the pillows as I reached for the massage oil.

I opened the bottle of scented oil. The fragrance joined the music in establishing the proper sensual backdrop for the activity I had planned—and practiced for—leading up to our 25th anniversary. As I placed my oiled palms on the exposed flesh of the small of Mel’s back, her lips released a small sigh.

My hands moved under her shirt, my wrists moving it upwards, and her torso wiggled to allow it to slide further. The fabric frill from her bra brushed my fingers as I worked in the oil; with a pinch, I sprung it loose. She wriggled as I left the shirt bunched just under her shoulder blades and head, baring her back.

I slipped two fingers under the tight fabric of her yoga pants, on each side of her hips, finding her panties. With ease, I quickly slid both down to her thighs. Her naked ass presented itself nicely as I accessed some more oil and began to massage her beautiful glutes. My fingers pushed into her, leaving small imprints as I released and pressed in again and again.

Smooth jazz switched to the sultry and sexy voice of the late Amy Winehouse as my hands pressed straight down on her fleshy orbs. Mel took a deep breath and rose onto her elbows. After I rolled her shorts and panties off her legs, I directed her to spread legs with a gentle nudge. I began kneading Mel’s flesh, starting with the hamstrings at the back of the thigh, then back to her glutes and on to the small of her back. I followed my hands, moving up to a seated position over her legs.

I slid my shirt off before reaching under hers and pressing it over her head and down her arms. She pushed the shirt and bra off and to the floor, then I resumed pressure—now to her shoulders and down her arms and back, alternating using the palm of my hand and my fingers. The tension released, and her hips squirmed beneath my legs. Then I let my fingers run through her shoulder-length hair and onto her back. I continued this pattern of touch until she ceased propping herself up and melted back into the pillows.

I had rehearsed this process for several days, massaging the mattress pad where I imagined her naked body lay. Now keeping one hand on her to not break contact, I swung my leg over her and off the bed before moving both hands to her bare shoulders.  Then I changed my pattern, standing at her head with my thumbs above her collarbone and my fingers on top, moving from the neck, away and back.

“Alexa, play Night Grooves,” I said, and the sultry voice of Alicia Keys filled the air. Down Mel’s back to the triangle of muscles above her ass, my palms worked—no fingers.

Leaning forward had put my stomach and hips close to the edge where Mel’s head lay, and she surprised me by reaching out to pull at my shorts, sliding them and my underwear down. My hardened cock was tugged with them and sprung up when the waistband finally released over the head. I didn’t flinch from what I had rehearsed, focusing in on the three sides of those lumbar muscles.

Mel sighed, her face planted on the pillow; one open hand now suspended my cock and balls, her fingers underneath as mine pressed into her. She quickly let go, her body shuddering from the pressure and the release of tension, as my hands continued to push a path into the flesh of her lower back. As I worked, I shifted my weight to allow my shorts and underwear to fall to the floor.

My left, then my right hand slid to her hips, gently turning her at first. Then I suddenly spun her from her back to facing upwards. I was still leaning from the side of the bed, and this put her face just under my torso, looking up at my chest. My hands found the front triangle just above her trimmed mound and the wet, swollen lips of her vagina, and I pressed similarly to how I had on her back. Mel’s breath cascaded across my skin while my cock lay stiff on the pillows just inches from her temple.

Mel squirmed and sighed as my hands moved downward, gently brushing her throbbing folds. The tips of my fingers parted her warmth, then moved back to the deep kneading of her muscles. I kept my focus on the full body massage I had promised to deliver, resisting the temptation to dive in and push my lips to her wetness. I slid my torso to the right side of her head, pushing down her inner thighs with my fingers, pulling back to her stomach, and repeating this several times.

The room filled with her favorite country artist, Luke Bryan, singing Crash My Party. Her head pushed against my ribs, stirring me again, while my fingers found tension deep in her quads and hamstrings.

On my last pass, I detoured and buried two fingers knuckle deep into her wet flesh. I held them there, dropping my face to her stomach, kissing, and beginning to trace circles below her belly button with my tongue. I pushed my fingers deeper inside her pleasure, expanding them and twisting, brushing her clit with another.

As quickly as I dove my phalanges deep, I pulled them out and moved their glistening tips to under her rib cage, the fragrance of her fluid hanging beautifully in the air. The surprise had quickened her breathing. My fingers traced along the bone, back and forth across one side of her body to the other. My palms flirted with the underside of her breasts, lightly brushing her nipples each time they passed. The cool evaporation of her pleasure rose off both her skin and my fingers, her pulsing folds still pushing out intoxicating aromas.

My attention turned, and I moved over both breasts. My fingers spread, pushing lightly into flesh, rolling Mel’s nipples between my thumb and forefinger. She sighed, her eyes opening and closing, and her look told me to take her, to fill her wet void with my cock.  I leaned over to wet her nipples with my lips, tongue, and to flirt with biting them, pulling the hard tips upwards and releasing. Her legs twitched and rocked open and shut.

I moved my hands to her neck, over her face, and to her scalp. I moved under her hair, splaying it out on the pillows, my fingers spreading out and applying light pressure. Her eyes were shut, her mouth agape with her breath pouring over her teeth in tiny pulses, erratic and short. I kissed her cheek, then ran my tongue into her ear as my hands continued a scalp massage, only the fingertips pressing as my fingers combed through her hair from the back of her head to the front.

It was time. I had scripted the playlist purposefully to ensure I didn’t act on my urges or give in to hers. I had found a simple Bolero-style Spanish song with a slow, building pulse while playing around with Spotify. Its low bass and rhythms signaled the change.

I shifted so that my face moved from above hers, down to her hips and between her thighs. We were in reverse as I rose over her on all fours. My cock hung suspended above her face as I dove down into her wetness, my lips parting the moist, wet flesh, my tongue bursting through the surface.  It burrowed up towards her sensitive hood, lapping, pushing, parting skin so buttery warm. The flavors amplified my desire. My throbbing head released a droplet of clear precum, first suspended above her and then leaving a string of juice from the tip of the head to its landing spot on her neck before creating a circular pattern of clear liquid on her skin.

The music was building, the rich and sensual rhythm climbing to a crescendo.

Mel gasped and shuddered; the orgasm’s waves that were building rushed over her quickly. My fingers helped my descent inside her cavity, pushing inside and rubbing on her swollen lips as her clit slipped around and off my fingertips. She cried out, a loud gasp mixed with a distinctive pleasure-filled vocal release. The music was almost perfectly building and was ready to cascade back down to a whisper.

“Ohhh, ummm—Ahhh!” she exclaimed. “Oh, YES!”

I felt a small release in the sea of her pleasure; her legs had tightened, and she relaxed some. Her thighs loosened from around my head, and her pelvis stopped squeezing against my fingers and mouth. I continued to feast on the juices pouring out while I lowered my hips some, placing the tip of my cock on her cheek. The wetness released there smeared down the side to her shoulder as we assumed a 69, my body on top of hers. In the background, the remnants of the song still played, almost waiting to build again.

I continued to lap and devour her. My suspended weight gave way, and gravity took my torso down onto hers. She twisted her face and, one hand helping, her lips began to coax me inside her mouth. I sighed into her oral cavity as she took me in, her tongue now caressing the head, holding it with care, as her other hand caressed my ass and flirted with my dangling sack.

“Oh, Lord,” I breathed.

I began to pay less attention to her with my mouth, my cheeks glistening with her fluids while my fingers still massaged her clit. Mel let me push in as deep as I could; my hips, gently moving up and down, found resistance, stopped, reversed, and drove down again. She played with my balls and stroked the exposed shaft, pulling some salvia from her lips to help her fingers slide across its flesh, greasing the skin and moving me too quickly towards a finish. I had to stop, or there would be a warm explosion soon in her mouth.

I pulled up and lifted out, her lips letting my head pop out of them but cradling it a split second longer. One hand held me and began to stroke the entire length from the salvia soaked base and out across the head and back. My legs tremored hard, and I pulled back quickly so as not to release into her face, pausing to hold the rush back. I leaped up, my knees pushing off the bed as I hopped off of her, and I saw her smiling with delight.  Quickly, I reversed my position so that now we were face to face,  and we began kissing the remnants of our 69 off of our faces and mouths. Tongues swapped flavors, and lips smeared the succulent aftertastes from giving each other oral pleasures.

Once in position, I dove my cock down and quickly parted her wet warmth. It burrowed deep in the bed of flesh I had readied with my mouth. Mel sighed, her eyes now closed, and I stayed there, the rush of my near orgasm now having the opposite effect of numbing me. I moved my hips back, sucking all the air from inside. Her moist recesses made a wet, popping noise as they tried to hold me inside before finally releasing. I burst back at her, plunging hard as deep as I could penetrate.

She turned her head to the side, eyes still closed, with a half-smile of relaxed pleasure, and my cock began delivering the rhythms my hips created. The music rose in volume and intensity as I shifted forward. Some thrusts got a surprised gasp, her head nodding to the other side, each stroke driving through warm, wet, pleasure. I quickened the pace, and her body bounced below me, breasts pulsing from back to front with each hard push.

Numb, I felt invincible to the finish and ripe to extend our coupling even longer. Mel began to awaken from her post-orgasm relaxation and now felt the buildup of possibly a second. Her eyes open, and for a moment, I was entranced by their thirst for more. I began to pull back further, almost out of her each time now, then hurled my body weight forward, my cock driving deep and hard. Her eyes were wide on each descent, body braced each time, our bounce moving the bed a little and banging the headboard against the wall.

Maybe it was the music, still low and not built up, but I didn’t end it there. Mel exclaimed, “OH, God, yes! YES!” I wanted to finish behind her, so I took the risk of slowing her orgasmic momentum by pulling out, twisting her around, propping her up quickly, and pushing her face into the pillows.

“Oh, Donnie!” Mel said as she bent back a little, positioning her ass high.  I again slid my length easily inside her dripping flesh as we both awkwardly adjusted and found the rhythm once more. Like the pistons on a train, it began slowly,  incrementally finding a faster and faster pump and turn.

Quickly, the slap of my thighs against her cheeks began, and I reached around her waist to play with her again, drawing sighs amidst her soft grunts. Our bodies heated up, and sweat began to pool on my brow. My numbness kept me firm, the release I wanted badly nowhere in sight. “Oooooo.” Mel was now muttering sounds rarely heard in our bedroom, “Ummmpfff, Ah…yes.”

She looked back over her shoulder, her face tight, her mouth opening for the release. My hand stayed buried between her legs, rubbing her clit as my cock slid past again and again. Mel’s pained, pleasure-filled expression locked my gaze, inspiring me to mutter, “Fuck, Yes!” I wondered how much more she could take or if this was too much. Was the pain worse than the pleasure? The physical nature hit a tribal, animal note we hadn’t reached very often.

“Cum inside me,” she said breathy and firm, eyes joining our souls. “I need your warmth.”

So simple, yet so effective. Mel’s eyes stayed locked on mine, my body responding to her words stirring our desired outcome. I pulled my hand out from between her thighs, steadying her hips with both hands now and focused on the decadent offering her warmth bestowed around me. I pulled on her hips with each thrust, the flesh slaps echoing against the music, while her head turned forward and her arms braced more.

I felt the pressure of my orgasm build. It collected deep in my hips, and they began to shake me like the wheels shake the passengers upon a plane’s landing. I thrust deep, fell forward onto her body, my body pushing energy out with the blast of semen. As my warm shot spurted out into her flesh, my lips released a half moan mixed with her name.  The release shook me up from my groin through my torso and back. My hands met the bed to partially brace from her taking all of my weight as I collapsed.

“Oooo, baby,” she whispered, turning her head as my cum continued to burst out in multiple surges. “Mmmm, so warm.”

I kissed her cheek, still joined, and stroked her hair until I receded out of her. My flesh felt the coolness of so many fluids evaporating off my neither regions, mouth, lips, forehead, and hips. I slid off to one side, and she rustled over into my arms.

We didn’t talk, just let our hands express their appreciation in slow strokes, tracing patterns, and small kisses.

We fell asleep in the relaxed celebration of our union.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    Fiftyfitfidelity… WOW! Wonderful use of words to describe intense massage sex! My wife and I have also reached this level of sexual crescendo in epic massage sex sessions! The complete body massage as part of the experience was clearly wonderful too! I love massaging my wife too. Thanks for sharing!

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Thank you for the kind comments and glad you two can share in something that is both intimate and more of a workout for me than I had anticipated.

    • Fiftyfitfidelity says:

      Thanks! I had to practice long and hard … well, for a long time anyway…to get that down so I didn't mess it up.

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