A Realistic Honeymoon

Author’s note: There are many stories here about honeymoons where couples go from being virgins to suddenly flipping a switch and having amazing sex. This is a different type of honeymoon story, based on my own, many years ago. While the exact details have faded in my mind, this is more or less how it went. 

Jeff and Jill opened the hotel room door. This was it—their wedding night suite.

After a happy but long day—the wedding, the reception, the goodbyes, and the ride to the hotel—they were finally alone.

And they both knew what this meant. They could finally have sex! While they had had some serious makeout sessions, they had each saved their virginity for marriage to each other.

As soon as the door closed, Jeff began to paw Jill. She playfully pushed him away. “Just wait.” Jeff tried his best to be patient. He had waited so long and so faithfully for this night.

They put their suitcases away, and each used the bathroom. Jeff was first and waited expectantly. Jill took a long time but finally emerged in a fluffy hotel bathrobe. She let Jeff open it. She was naked underneath. Jeff was so happy. He shed his clothes and soon was naked himself and proudly erect. Jill seemed both fascinated and unsure about this strange new sight.

They lay on the bed, slowly touching and exploring. Eventually, Jeff got on top and clumsily began to penetrate Jill. It was all so new. They fumbled with the uncertain sensations, but the basics were clear enough. Soon Jeff groaned with his first ejaculation inside his new wife. Knowing a little about female anatomy, he asked Jill if she had cum. She said she had, and it felt really good.

It had all taken just a few minutes. Exhausted from the day and their first experience of sex, they lay in each other’s arms. After a while, Jill got up, uncomfortable with being fully naked. She put her panties back on, donned the sleep tee she had brought, and settled back in. Jeff was happy staying naked beside his wife. Soon they each fell into a sound sleep.

Jeff woke first the next morning. He lay in the bed contemplating his great fortune. He was married! He had sex! It was a little more fumbling and awkward than he expected—well, he wasn’t really sure what he had expected. But it was definitely good, and now they could do it all the time!

He had Jill right beside him—right now, in bed, with very little on. And it was all good! Finally, they weren’t doing anything risky or wrong; in fact, they were doing everything right. He was so happy. This was their amazing reward for waiting.

Jill—no, his beautiful half-naked wife—began to stir. He began to nudge her and stroke her arms. He wanted to touch her breasts. Why not? They were married. He began to harden at the thought of penetrating his beautiful new wife again.

But Jill groggily pushed back. “Too… early… want to…sleep.”

Fair enough. Jeff lay back on his side of the bed. He wondered if it was okay to play with himself beside his wife. He had masturbated many times, always with a guilty feeling. But was it okay now, while waiting to have sex with your wife? He wasn’t sure.

After a while, he tried again. Same response. “No… not now…”

Jeff looked at the time. They had a flight to catch to their tropical honeymoon vacation, so they couldn’t spend all morning in bed. But he was happy to give his bride a little more time.

Eventually, he tried a third time. Now Jill was more awake. “What time is it?”

Jeff told her. “Wow,” she said. “We need to get rolling to catch the plane.”

Jeff replied, “Sure, but first…” He was a little shy actually to say it. But obviously, she must be thinking the same thing.

Jill knew what he was thinking. But she had a different idea. “I don’t think there’s time for that. I need to get ready, and we need to get to the airport. You know I hate being late.”

Jeff was a little flummoxed. Sure, but… THEY. COULD. HAVE. SEX! Didn’t she understand? Why wouldn’t they? It wasn’t like it had taken a whole lot of time last night. Surely there was time to enjoy this awesome new gift.

He pushed back a little, but Jill was firm, already getting up and heading to the shower. That, of course, gave Jeff another idea. He suggested showering together would be a great time-saver. Jill snorted and said that was unlikely.

She closed the bathroom door, leaving Jeff a little disappointed. She had a point, though; planes didn’t wait for you to have sex.

They soon checked out and arrived at the airport. They arrived in plenty of time. Jeff couldn’t help but point out they definitely would have had time for sex. Jill got a little defensive and didn’t reply. Jeff realized there wasn’t much point in bringing it up, but he silently nursed his disappointment.

The flight was crowded, as was their destination. They navigated the strange airport, eventually finding transport to their hotel and arriving in another room looking much like the previous night’s.

Jeff was ready for a reprise of last night, hopefully longer and improved. Maybe they could try some different positions. Maybe they could try… oral sex. As they were unpacking again, he excitedly raised all these points.

Jill shook her head. “I want to do it again. But let’s just take it slow. Like last night. It’s been another long day.”

They copied the previous night, at first almost move for move. But they were both a little more comfortable touching each other’s most intimate places. Well, Jeff was actually very comfortable, just cautious. He moved Jill’s hand to his erection. She stroked it, but without the full enthusiasm Jeff had hoped for. His own explorations led eventually to what he knew must be Jill’s clitoris, based on her reactions. He was so joyful to hear her make sounds as he stroked and played with it. He was making his wife cum! AWESOME!

Eventually, Jill began to pull him on top of her. He entered her, more confidently than the night before. The sensations were still so strange, though wonderful. He wanted to keep going forever, but soon he lost control and sputtered his load into Jill.

They lay again in bed, content and happy. Jill soon got in her tee again like the night before and quickly fell asleep. Jeff had to admit he was exhausted too but exhilarated at now doubling the number of times he had had sex. And no more planes to get in the way.

The next morning, Jeff was in no hurry to wake Jill. He opened the window, enjoying the tropical breeze on his naked body, and gazed at his sleeping wife. This was the woman he was having sex with and was going to again, hopefully very soon. Awesome.

Eventually, Jill opened her eyes. Jeff figured this was his cue. He snuggled up in bed beside her and began to run his hands under her tee. “Ummm,” Jill cryptically responded.

It wasn’t quite the purring enthusiasm Jeff had hoped for, but he continued, trying to reach her bare breasts under the material. Jill seemed to be letting him, though more passively than he would have liked. He began to play with her marvelous tits, hoping she would reach down and start stroking his cock.

Jeff managed to get all of Jill’s clothes off, his fingers on her clit, and eventually his penis inside her. But he seemed to be doing all the work. He wished Jill would… well… talk dirty to him, or beg to be filled up with his cock, or just… a little more. Still, this was sex, and it was all starting to get familiar. Soon he filled her again and asked if she wanted him to do anything for her.

“No, I’m good,” she said.

After a while, they got up and ready for the day. Jeff again offered to shower together, but it was declined.

They spent a happy day touring their destination. It was an interesting city, and they both enjoyed it. Tomorrow they planned to hit the nearby beach. They had a nice dinner and eventually retired to the hotel. Jeff had a great day, but he was looking forward to another great night with his bride.

But as he began to paw Jill, she gently pushed him away. “Not tonight, okay?”

Jeff was a little surprised. “Why not?”

Jill looked him in the eye. “Don’t get me wrong, Jeff. I love you… so much! You’re now my husband! I am really happy we are having sex. But we don’t have to have it every single night, you know.”

Jeff realized this was technically correct from a scientific point of view. But he was still baffled. SEX! They could HAVE SEX! Why wouldn’t they have as much sex as possible, especially on their honeymoon?? Sex, sex, sex!!!! Sure, he didn’t expect sex every night of their married life. But on night #3, it seemed reasonable.

He sputtered the above points, trying not to sound frustrated. Jill kissed him. “I love having sex with you, my husband. But not tonight. Okay?”

Jeff agreed. After all, it was just one night. They were still three for three days, after all.

They went to sleep. Jeff lay in his pyjama bottoms, unfamiliar with sleeping with his wife while still having a fully loaded weapon. Eventually, he dozed off.

The next morning, Jeff slept longer than the previous days. He checked the time when he woke and realized they had overslept and needed to catch the hotel bus to the beach. Even he had to admit there wasn’t time for sex.

They made the bus. The beach was beautiful. They had been to beaches and pools many times as a dating couple, so there was nothing unusual in hanging out for the day in bathing suits.

But the tropical sun was much hotter than they were used to. The mild sunscreen they had brought was not up to the job, and they soon also realized they had each missed several spots that were beginning to redden particularly fast.

They rode the bus home in mild pain from their respective sunburns and found a messy but effective cream at a drugstore to ease the pain. Burnt and covered with cream, even Jeff had to admit he wasn’t really feeling up to sex that night. Missing two nights in a row now. Oh well.

They woke around the same time as each other the next day. They both still felt a little red and sore, but Jeff was still horny. Maybe they could be… creative? He began to suggest ideas to Jill, sometimes in words and sometimes just with his hands. Maybe… touch you there? How about… this? And… maybe you could… do this?

Jill blew hot and cold; Green light, then red light. With a few yellows. She seemed to respond positively to some things but then stopped Jeff’s hand with others. She murmured vague answers that Jeff wasn’t sure how to interpret.

Jeff got more and more confused. Was she into this or not? What did she want him to do? He didn’t want to do anything that his wife wasn’t fully into. But it was like she wasn’t sure herself. She certainly wasn’t giving him many clues. So what was he supposed to do?

At last, he stopped and just asked her outright in an exasperated tone: “Jill, what do you want? I can’t figure it out. Do you want to have sex, like real sex, right now? Or maybe just other things, like in the book?” Before marriage, they had been given a book on sex, which Jeff had studied assiduously from cover to cover. He knew Jill hadn’t read it all, but they had discussed parts and had agreed there were good and interesting ideas in it.

Jill replied, ‘I… look, Jeff, I don’t really know. This is all so new. I love having sex with my husband,” she said, stopping to kiss him. “But I need some space and time too. To just… get used to it all. Does that make sense? Is that okay?”

“Sure,” Jeff quickly replied. He just hoped that she’d get used to it… a little faster.

“Look,” Jill said. “I don’t really feel up to anything this morning. But tonight…” she traced her finger on his bare chest, “I definitely want to have sex. Okay?”

Jeff took the deal. “Of course. Okay.”

They spent a relaxed day mostly around the hotel. Jeff realized that saving up energy for sex was crucial for Jill, so he refrained from suggesting anything too busy or intense. Instead, he treasured the evening to come—an evening totally dedicated to S…..E…..X.

They had a nice dinner and went to their room. Jeff was so pent up and excited that he ordered a bottle of wine for their room. They weren’t big drinkers, but this was a special night. In his excitement, he enthusiastically overtipped the bellman who brought the wine and glasses.

Jill was a little surprised at the wine but agreed to a glass. Jeff suggested that they enjoy their wine… in the nude. Jill snorted. Jeff was accustomed by now to having his ideas turned down, though he hadn’t expected outright derision. Instead, they went out to the balcony and watched the sunset. It was very romantic. They both felt very happy and content.

Jeff began to paw and touch Jill on the balcony, but that was quickly shut down. “What are you doing? Someone might see us.”

Jeff looked around. It was very unlikely. And so what? They were married! He wasn’t suggesting they get naked or have sex on the balcony, just some married making out. But this was declined.

They went inside, and Jill now consented to Jeff undressing her. His hands trembled with excitement as he removed each item of clothing. Jill purred and was as happy as he had seen her. She even made her own efforts to undress him.

Soon they were naked on the bed and touching everywhere, the most confidently yet. Jeff felt so emboldened. Finally, they had found their rhythm.

Jill began to make motions for him to mount and penetrate her again. But Jeff wasn’t ready for that. Instead, he began to move up the bed, bringing his penis closer to Jill’s face. He whispered as gently as he could.

“Would you like to kiss it? Why don’t you kiss it….”

But instead of putting her lips to his raging erection, Jill stiffened her face. “No… not ready for that yet.”

A little deflated, Jeff moved back down. But of course, he had the opposite move ready. “Sure. Of course. How about… I kiss you instead….” He began to move his face toward Jill’s pussy.

“No. Well. I don’t know…” Jill was hesitant. Yellow traffic light again.

Having failed last time he got mixed signals, Jeff didn’t want to push too hard again. But he was a little frustrated. “Jill, we talked about this before marriage. We agreed we wanted to try oral sex.”

“Yeah, I know. But… we didn’t say when.”

“You mean not right away? Now on our honeymoon?”

“Yes. I’m sorry. Is that okay?”

“Of course it is,” Jeff replied, somewhat truthfully. “I just thought this would be a good night to try it.”

“Sorry. Thanks for understanding.”

“Of course. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Jeff tried a new approach. “How about… some other positions?”

“Like what?”

“Well…” Jeff recalled from his book studies. “How about… you on top? Or…” he hesitated a little, “maybe doggy-style?”

“Um…” Jill responded. “I don’t know. Can’t we do it just the same way again?”

“Well, yeah. But don’t you want to try something different?”

“Don’t you like it the way we do it?”

“Of course I do. Just… there’s lots of other ways we haven’t tried yet.”

“And we will. I promise.” Jill assured him. “Let’s just take our time. Okay?”

“Okay,” Jeff agreed. But inside, he was a little disappointed—actually, more than just a little disappointed. He felt like a sports car, revved up to go but only driving around the dealer lot, even though there was a highway next door.

They soon repeated their previous sessions. It felt almost too familiar now… confining… the only option. Jeff tried to hold out as long as he could and was getting better at it. But Jill started asking him to finish and come, and soon he did. He asked if she had come. She said yes.

He rolled off, and they lay together quietly. Jeff wondered how long he would need until he was ready for a second round. He voiced the question aloud.

Jill was a little surprised. “A second round?”

“Sure. Why not?”

“But we just had fun. Aren’t you happy now?”

“Well yeah. But…” Jeff wasn’t sure what to say. He didn’t seem to have much luck persuading Jill in these conversations.

“I love you so much,” Jill said, kissing him. “I love having sex with you. I like sex.”

Yes, but… why not MORE sex? thought Jeff. But he kept quiet.

“I am going to sleep so well tonight,” said Jill. She rose and began to get ready in her sleepwear like the other nights.

Jeff was wide awake. He checked the time. Their night of unbridled passion had lasted eighteen minutes. He looked at the nearly full bottle of wine.

“I’m going to stay up, okay?” he said.

“Um, okay, but I can’t sleep if the room isn’t dark,” said Jill.

“Okay, I’ll be on the balcony,” said Jeff. He put on some clothes and went outside. It was much cooler at night and frankly uncomfortable. He retreated inside to the bathroom. There he turned on the light and drank half the wine bottle, wondering what he was doing wrong.


Jeff woke up the following day with a headache from the wine. His own fault, too. For once, Jill got up before him and pleasantly readied herself for the day. They had booked a carriage ride and other romantic activities.

Jill was very happy all day. Jeff was too… mostly. Last night still ate at him. He loved his wife and loved doing these nice things with her. But… but… why couldn’t they do certain other nice things too?

As the day grew on, he decided they really needed to talk. This honeymoon was not going as he expected. No, he thought – as we expected and planned. They had talked about sex, including honeymoon sex, in their pre-marital counseling. He tried to recall exactly what they had said and specifically what Jill had said.

They had definitely decided oral sex was okay. That was blazed in Jeff’s mind, and he could recall the exact day and moment they had discussed it. But did “okay” mean interested? Had it not meant “let’s incorporate it into our lovemaking right away”? He wished he had a transcript of their sessions.

The same with positions. Hadn’t Jill said she was open to different ways of having sex? He was sure she had. And what about frequency? He remembered the counselor asking them their expectations about how often they would have sex. He had tried to stay low at two or three times a week, while Jill had said once or twice a week. Close enough, right? But more on the honeymoon? had asked the counselor. Yes, they agreed. But obviously, Jeff and Jill had vastly different understandings of “more.”

As they enjoyed refreshments in the sun, Jeff finally awkwardly broached the subject. “Jill… about sex… I wonder if we maybe had some different expectations for our honeymoon…”

Jill was clearly ready. “Yes, perhaps so. Can we talk about it later, when we get back to the hotel?’

Jeff agreed.

Later, back in their room, he tried to lay out his key points as humbly as possible. He had obviously overestimated how much sex they would have right away and how much variety and new things they would experience. He asked Jill’s forgiveness for pushing too fast. He tried to explain how he had really thought they were on the same page. After all, in their pre-wedding makeout sessions, she had always seemed as hot and horny as him. It never occurred to him that they might have mismatched desires, but now he knew and would try to respect that.

Jill listened and responded. She agreed with pretty much everything Jeff had said and that she recognized his frustration. She admitted she hadn’t been quite sure what it would be like suddenly to go from no sex to having sex.

“I guess I thought everyone kind of flipped a switch on their wedding day,” she said. “For the two years we’ve been dating, I’ve been telling my body no; to resist temptation; to not do the things I wanted to do with you.” She shyly traced her finger on Jeff’s chest. “It’s kind of hard to flip that around suddenly. I mean… I want to. But my body isn’t always cooperating.”

“I guess I did too,” said Jeff. “And I guess I did flip the switch… at least, I think I did. I have been so focused on waiting to have sex… and I built it up in my mind that this was the moment I—we—would be rewarded. I feel totally ready for sex… as much sex as we can possibly have, in as many possible ways! I want to max it out, especially while we are together on vacation in this romantic place. It didn’t occur to me it might be a little different for you.”

Jill smiled. “It’s almost like we have different body parts.” Jeff laughed. That broke a lot of tension.

“So,” Jeff asked, “what do you think about… tonight?” It was the last night of their honeymoon. The next day they would fly home.

Jill answered. “Let’s have sex, all right. I do like having sex.” She continued playfully, “I think I’ve made that clear a few times.”

Jeff continued, “And maybe we could try… new things?”

Jill stiffened a little. “Let’s see, okay?”


They made love that night. It ended up being much the same as the other nights, though Jill played more with Jeff’s cock and let him finger her to an unmistakable orgasm. Jeff gently suggested other options but did not push when Jill shook her head.

“I’m sorry, Jeff. I am just not there… yet, I guess.”

“I understand,” Jeff said. At least partly, he thought in his head. Why can’t she just flip the switch?

They lingered playfully in bed the next morning, but Jill did not invite more, and Jeff didn’t push. Instead, he vowed to be patient and give Jill the time she seemed to need to adjust.

As the plane took off, they held hands. And Jeff hoped that his patience would eventually be rewarded.

The End. (You, the reader, can decide what happened next.)

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12 replies
  1. RockyGapMan says:

    LMAO reading this!

    Not because your (and many of ours) situation was humorous, but because it’s so painfully familiar and “close to home.”

    Your writing skills had me vicariously experiencing your extreme God-given horniness and frustration (and reliving my/our own similar situation) as you patiently attempted to relate and figure out just HOW you were supposed to love and interact with this precious but extremely confusing gift God’s given you…

    WHY is she acting like this???

    WHY doesn’t she want this awesome SEX as much as I do?

    WHY/WHEN is she going to turn into the inquisitive, adventuresome SEXUAL ANIMAL I know is theoretically possible and SO desire?

    Great, realistic honeymoon story. But I’ve got to respectfully request you not “End” it. Like a good sitcom, you’ve set the “hook” at the end of an intriguing episode. I’ve GOT to know how this unfolds… Wanna “tune in next week” for the resolution.

  2. carmelsk says:

    I agree. You can not “end” it. At least answer the question of whether the switch is ever flipped. After that our imagination can take over – hopefully in a “happily ever after” sort of way.

  3. Euroman24 says:

    My guts twist reading this. Because I’ve been there. Love is patient but my body had no Clue. Takes time for there to be that intimate understanding between each other as a couple. Took a long time for her to be happy in her own skin. But after 20 years she’s an amazing lover. Takes great care of me.

  4. NotMadMax says:

    Brings back a lot of painful memories for me. I felt his masculinity wither as his wife devalued him. I remember the times that she hurt me. She didn’t want to hurt me but she didn’t have a way to process sex in her young mind. Our immaturity stole the joy and it took years to recover.

  5. LovingMan says:

    I think realistic stories like this where sex isn’t perfect are important for MH. We all are wired differently and different is good.

    My wife acclimated to sex right away, but she and I definitely have desire discrepancy. (I had been married before.)

    When desire discrepancy actually became a real problem was when we retired. We were no longer exhausted from work so I assumed we would have way more frequent sex. But she didn’t see it that way.

    So we went to a couple of Christian sex therapists who basically said that we were already having way more frequent sex than most married couples.

    What really helped resolve our conflict was setting up a sex schedule. We negotiated it between ourselves and discussed it with our therapists. (A married couple who did therapy with couples) Things went pretty well but after a few years still new modifications were made due to worsening health issues.

    We choose to be grateful for what we have instead of long for the good old days when we were younger and more fit.

    One thing that helps me – since I have a high libido – is that my wife stimulates my nipples as I masturbate to orgasm on most off days. I wrote about that in a story I submitted to MH last night. (Smooooth Sex)

  6. Atlantic Man says:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. If you click on my other posts you can get your answer about how things turned out. But I wanted to leave it open for people to imagine their own.

  7. anonamos says:

    For any frustrated newly married man out there, this situation could have been easily resolved by just a couple simple actions by the man. Caress your wife, in non-sexual areas like her hands. Don't act like you want sex, even if you do. Compliment her beauty and her body, caress her hair and other things that DO NOT give the idea that you want sex.
    Tell her about how much you enjoyed her last night, how much you felt like she was a gift from God, And TELL HER what you think when you see her laying there and about your desire for her without telling her you want sex right now. It may seem contradictory, but that is what is going to get her in the mood. Words about how you are thinking about her and feeling about her (however awkward it may feel to tell her) and lots of purposely non-sexual affection. As much as you want to grab her sexually DON'T DO IT, it will have the opposite effect of what you want. If you keep caressing her and wooing her with words, she will not be able to handle you not groping her after a short while.

    • Atlantic Man says:

      Thank you for what is meant to be a constructive suggestion, but you've missed the point fo the story.

      I realize there's not much of that specifically in the story, but look at how they prepared with counselling, books, and theory/advice and Jeff in particular is wracking his brain and overthinking everything. But in reality the switch is just not flipping the way they both want it to. It's not like they are just missing some easy solution.

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