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Fresh Meat

 Sometimes, a girl just needs fresh cock and nothing else. You know, a nice warm, juicy tube steak—the type a chick like me can really sink her teeth into. Yes, I’m a proud meat-eater, a true carnivore. There are times the urge to take my husband’s big veiny dick down my throat totally overwhelms my thoughts and emotions. On those occasions, the primal craving to devour Ken’s healthy throbbing penis can overwhelm a girl.

 Can I get a witness, ladies?

 Such an amazing part of the male anatomy is the male prick. As Elaine once lamented to George in a classic Seinfeld episode, “I don’t know how you guys can walk around with those things hanging down there.”

Sex and raw passion are wonderful mysteries bestowed upon us by our Creator. There are literally days when all I think about is having Ken’s incredible cock down my throat or burrowing itself deep into my sacred lady garden. Likewise, Ken tells me there are days he wakes up erect and obsesses about boning me all day.

 I am his, and he is mine.

 God created Woman to crave her husband emotionally and sexually, and He created Man to crave his wife in the same manner. What an incredibly beautiful mystery when Ken buries himself deep into me, enabling us to join together. Our bodies, souls, and spirits meld together as one entity. One being.

 As Jesus taught regarding marriage: “the two shall become one flesh.”

 I complete Ken.

 Ken completes Kate.

 This brings me to the point of the story:


The Wedding Reception

 Early on in our life journey together, Ken and I attended one of my dearest friend’s weddings, a total LA affair.  Approximately 100 close friends and relatives packed into a private reception ballroom nestled upon a hidden hilltop. Wait staff kept guests well plied with hors d’oeuvres, an intimate smooth jazz ensemble played, and the soft lighting and the sunset behind the giant westerly facing windows all created a perfect setting for the attractive young couple embarking upon their new life together.

Romance was in the air as the drinks flowed and the music played. Couples danced dangerously close to one another (I know we sure did). Before we knew it, the time-honored tradition of the proud groom removing his new bride’s garter was at hand.

The guests stopped what they were doing to witness the spectacle at hand in the middle of the dance floor. A mischievous grin was plastered upon the new bride’s face as she carefully took her place upon the throne of honor. As the groom nervously approached her, the beaming couple was accompanied by the sound of spoons clattering against champagne glasses, signaling the cute couple to share an embarrassing kiss. The groom then got to work.

Tradition instructs brides to place the garter approximately six inches above her knee. But our bride had another trick up her sleeve—or in this case, up her beautiful leg.

 For reasons unknown, perhaps for shock value, our bride strategically placed her garter approximately six inches from…her hip. Her poor husband’s face grew several shades of red as he became increasingly exasperated, slowly peeling her flowing wedding gown higher and higher up her thigh to retrieve her wedding artifact. He truly looked relieved upon finally discovering her garter, as she playfully yet erotically made him work for it. And she did have really nice legs; I was impressed. Perhaps she was showing off. With legs like that, I couldn’t blame her.


Did That Just Happen?

Speaking of showing off, the next erotic spectacle of the evening was quite the eye-opener. It was unexpected and unplanned.

Or was it?

Soon thereafter, all the single women gathered for the traditional catching of the wedding bouquet. As the bride turned her back to the eager ladies and tossed her bouquet over her shoulder, imagine everyone’s shock and awe when a tall and quite attractive young woman suddenly jumped up, fully extended her arms, and snagged it in midair! The combination of her perfectly timed vertical jump and the law of gravity lifted her prominent breasts right out of the strapless neckline of her formal dress, causing the fabric to bunch right above her waist. She had gone braless for this occasion, and her lovely, perky breasts plopped right out for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

In the excitement of her moment of triumph capturing the bouquet, she didn’t seem to notice that many people (especially the men) were admiring her lovely bare breasts now on full display. It took several seconds for her to realize her predicament and cover up. She didn’t seem too bothered by it, nor by the photographers and those lucky enough to capture the moment on their cell phones.

No sir, I’m never surprised—especially in public—when my crazy sister pulls a stunt like that.

Beaming from ear to ear after finally covering up, she quickly drained the freshly poured glass of bubbly handed to her, her eyes scouring the crowd for Ken and me. She finally gave us a subtle wink, blowing us a kiss before disappearing into the crowd.

“Uh, Kate, did that just happen? Or have I had a little too much tonight?

 “No, babe, your eyes didn’t deceive you. That was her alright. I tried to warn you when we married that Sis likes to show off and get a rise out of people.”


What’s Happening Down There?

“Hey, what’s that for?”

I had placed my hand on and squeezed Ken’s crotch. “Oh, just seeing if you ‘rose to the occasion’ of unexpectedly seeing Sis topless.”

“Oh, you mean like the time when Adam West was interviewed about working with sexy Julie Newmar as Catwoman on the classic Batman show of the ’60s? And he answered the interviewer, ‘Well, working with Catwoman always caused strange stirrings in my utility belt.’”

“Like this, I see,” I teased while tightening my grip on his manly package.

“Kate! Watch it. People might see you.”

“Really? Under the table? I’m not worried. I’m just resting my hand upon my dear husband’s growing dick. I can’t tell if it’s due to seeing Sis topless or my hand manipulating your goodies.”

 That stinker Ken just winked at me before reaching for his wine glass. Regardless, the more I rubbed his cock through his trousers, the harder it became.

Just the way I like it.

I scooted my chair closer so that I didn’t have to reach as far, and Ken started to squirm. “What’s the matter, Batman? Is my hand causing strange stirrings in your utility belt, too?” Before he could answer, I planted a brief, passionate kiss on my sexy husband, my hand still manipulating his ever-hardening crotch.

We made small talk with the other couples seated at our table. Were they curious as to why we sat so close to one another? Did they suspect anything?

Gently, while carrying on the conversation with the woman to my right, I began palming my husband—you know, running the palm of my hand slowly up and down his ever-expanding bulge. I laughed at a joke while rapidly rubbing him as one does a lamp when hoping a genie will soon pop out. Did she notice my left arm moving up and down as I secretly rub Ken’s junk under the table?

The couple seated next to Ken switched places so the husband could talk to another dude who had just sat down next to him. His wife, now sitting next to Ken, began making small talk and giggling at my husband.

Ken shifted in his seat as they conversed. I wondered if she had any inkling that my man had attained full combat readiness under the table as I continued working that manly hunk of meat between his legs. The sexual tension and the fearful thrill of being discovered rubbing Ken’s penis were making me wet. I was really getting aroused and beginning to crave the sensation of taking him down my throat and into my pussy.

My mind wandered while continuing the conversation, listening to this woman brag about herself as I anticipated being alone with Ken. His rock-hard manhood stayed confined in his tight pants as I increased the friction under the table. Man, could these people ever talk! Blah, blah, blah…

I heard Ken give his tablemate one of his patented fake laughs in response to whatever she told him. Was she flirting? Didn’t she see his ring and the beautiful woman he with him? Growing hornier by the second as my hand continued its work and seeing no let-up in the conversations engaging us both, my mind started looking for an excuse to leave. I wanted to be with Ken. Right then.

Our salvation arrived from an unexpected source.



“Oh, excuse me, hon.” My sister interrupted the droning woman seated next to me. Leaning between us and planting a big kiss upon my lips, Sis said, “There you two love birds are! I’ve been looking for you. Come on; we’ve gotta go. Remember, we’re supposed to be at that other party in half an hour? Don’t want to be late. Let’s go. Meet you in the parking lot. Hey, Ken!”

“Hi, Sis.”

Is Ken smiling at me or the eyeful of lovely cleavage Sis just displayed by leaning over to kiss me?

Somewhat reluctantly yet rather excitedly, I let go of Ken’s man toy as we rose from the table to say our goodbyes. As Ken stood up, both women seated next to us and Sis nearly simultaneously stole glances at his crotch. Damn, look at that hard-on crammed beneath his well-fitting trousers!  


The lady seated next to me looked incredulous, while the chick seated next to Ken did a double-take and gave me an all-knowing smile. I smiled back as Ken, Sis, and I joined hands and sauntered off to the parking lot.


Racing Home

 Weaving in and out of traffic on the 5 with my hand down his pants, playing with his soft pubic hair, Ken carefully balanced the delicate act of driving with one hand as he fingered my pussy with the other. We were both on the verge of cumming right there in the car.

“Careful, babe, careful.”

“I know, I’m keeping up with the traffic flow. Not too heavy tonight. No worries.”

“Not your driving—your two fingers. Don’t make me cum yet. Not here.”

Ken laughed, reminding me not to finish him off either. Not yet, anyway. “Pretty sly of your crazy sister to make up that excuse for us to leave. Where’s she headed tonight?”

“She didn’t say where she was going. Only that she was keeping an eye on us all night, and she sensed it was time to rescue us.”

“Her timing was impeccable. Like you told me from day one, you both seemingly have the uncanny ability to read each other’s minds.”

“Yep, ever since we were kids. Now, mister, enough about dear Sis. What’s on my mind right now? Hmm?”


Come Together, Right Now, Over Me

We were both so horny that we practically ran into the bedroom after pulling into the garage. (Did we close the garage door?) We reached the bedroom together, and as Ken stood in front of the bed, removing his shoes, I lowered my head like a blitzing linebacker, aggressively wrapping my arms around his torso, churning my legs, and driving him backward onto the bed. I landed on top of him.

“Hey! Personal foul. Unnecessary roughness—no, that’s spearing. Fifteen yards, and you are ejected,” Ken responds.

“How about I eject that big cock of yours, mister?” Ken couldn’t put up much of a fight because I had him pinned on his back, and he didn’t want to rip this formal dress he just paid for accidentally. Quickly, I finished removing his shoes and socks, then pulled down his pants and boxers to reveal his one-eyed monster. Looking him square in the eyes, I spit on the shiny bulbous head and watched the saliva travel down his shaft before taking him into my mouth. I held him there several moments, his pubes tickling my nose, before coming up for air. 

“Oh, Kate, you are so good at that. I love watching you and listening to you practice your craft.  Mmmmmm.”

Coming up for air, I grabbed his penis and slapped it against my face, harder each time. I liked the sound it made and the gentle sting across my cheeks. Then I took him all the way down again.




“Damn girl, look at you!” Ken admired my red cheeks, runny nose, and the strands of saliva connecting my lips to his dick as I took a breather. “That’s very hot. I love it!”

Using Ken’s granite-like thighs as a platform, I sprang backward onto the floor and quickly stepped out of my dress and bra—I hadn’t worn panties that night—before pouncing back on top of my half-naked husband. I literally ripped the buttons off while opening his shirt. Mounting him again and grabbing his hot cock, I plopped onto him, and he immediately filled me to the hilt.

“Oh… Ken… You feel so wooooonderful inside me. Mmmmm, you fill me up all the way. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Wow, Kate, you are soooo hot and wet. I love when you bounce on top of me like this.”

“You like fucking this hairy pussy, don’t you, Ken?”

“Mmmmm, you know it, Kate.”

“And you like these big tits too, don’t you? Especially when I do this!” Bending over, I buried my warm jugs into Ken’s face, firmly holding them across his nose and mouth while riding him. He mumbled something, yet I kept my tits right there.

After several moments, Ken’s body began to twitch. He continued mumbling until I felt several hot jets of semen shoot deep into my greedy cunt. Then, like a WWF wrestler kicking out of a three-count, Ken suddenly raised his legs and pounded both feet upon the bed, literally lifting me into the air and onto my back. I saw his cock still shooting jism in my direction as he pinned me to the bed. Ken pushed my knees back over my head and pinned me down by the ankles with his strong hands, then started lapping at my messy wet pussy and fucking me with his tongue.

“Mmmm, Ken, you are so strong and powerful. Mmmmm. And your mouth feels sooo good on my… pussy… I love it. Oooooo, that’s right. Ahhhh… Ohhhhh.” When he stuck two fingers into me, I lost it! “Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! Oh, god. Ohhhhhhhh!! Mmmm, ahhhh. Ohhhh. Ahhhhhh, I’m cumm—” A massive orgasm possessed my entire body as Ken’s tongue worked its magic.

As I came down from this intense bliss, Ken released his vicelike grip on my ankles and fully extended my legs before mounting me. Our bodies were hot and sweaty, our breathing heavy, and my hair must have been a complete mess. But we were both wonderfully naked, husband and wife, as our lips met. Ken shared the nectar of our love with me, the wonderfully exotic vintage that our bodies had just produced, prepared especially for us.

Our breathing slowly returned to normal though our hearts still raced. Together, we reveled in this primal marital bliss. Not wanting the moment to end, I regretfully whispered to my husband, “Ken… I’ve gotta pee.”

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6 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    LG…Wow! You write sooo well! Your love for each other also shows through in the passion of your story! And what a story! It’s sad how the media lies and implies that married sex is boring and extramarital sex is exciting. You both seemed VERY excited in this story! Please keep loving each other, writing, & sharing the stories with us!

  2. FunJames says:

    LG, well, this is about as wet as I have ever been after reading a story here. I’m heading out to my deck to sprawl out on my lounger to finger fuck myself (Jim’s away) and I want to thank you for preparing me for what I’m sure will be a wet and sloppy orgasm. I think part of my excitement was the part where your sister “accidentally” gave your hubby an eyeful of her tits. I think showing off is so cool!

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