“Shhhhhh, baby.” His hot breath travels down my chilled body, and I tense up in excitement as I feel a surge of electric-like pleasure run through me, ending with something wet and warm seeping through my lips—not the ones at my mouth. In just seconds, I’m soaked. He chalks it up to the anticipation he’s been building in me through the week, but I say that it’s all him. Nothing makes me wetter than his voice.

I love making him go crazy in bed, but one of my favorite parts about it is his voice. Edging him to orgasm brings out a husky tone with hints of desperation scattered throughout. I crave his pleasure as much as I crave mine. Sometimes, he will moan my name along with those beautiful affirmations. It’s a wonderful part of our lovemaking. But he gets in different moods where he’s more assertive and dominant about what he wants to do with me, which is just as hot and sexy in our lovemaking sessions.

He loves to edge me, too. When I’m close, he will sometimes stop what he’s doing to focus on the rest of my body, making me feel beautiful and appreciated, yet I nearly go crazy for release. And he knows just what he’s doing to me when he pauses. He says it’s just as hard for him, but I don’t believe it. Then he tells me to look down at his aching hard cock, and we laugh. While he’s caught off guard, I flip him over and quickly mount him, taking what we want before he has the chance to edge me even more. Sometimes, he will accept it and let me enjoy the ride. Other times we playfight. Either way, it is fun and ends in pure bliss and gratitude.

This time I turned so our eyes met before letting the rest of my body slowly turn to face him. “Why do I have to hush?”

“Because there are other things that mouth can do besides tease me.” He really loves to get me worked up just as much as I love to tease him.

“I don’t just use my mouth,” I respond.

“True. You used just about everything today. Now I get to use you however I want.” He smiles playfully. Before I could respond, he gently places me on the counter.

Despite being caught off guard, I still smile up at him, just daring him to take me on. He knows I’m in a playful mood, and I know what it does to him. I just can’t wait for what’s to come.

After what feels like an eternity of intense eye contact, he kisses me. Not hard, just passionately. Maybe even gently? Or controlled. The pace is nice, but he won’t speed up. When I try to move things along, he stops, looks me in the eyes teasingly, and we giggle before continuing at his slow and steady pace. As nice as it is, I’m hungry for him. I need him ASAP. While his arms hold me close, I wrap my legs around him to bring us closer together. I touch him everywhere I can reach, trying to drive him crazy.

He finally takes me to the bedroom, and we throw our clothes off in a hurry. He laughs at my hastiness, but there I stand in my underwear, flushed and insanely horny. He knows it, and he loves it, finding my need amusing and exciting.

“Baby, undressing you is my job,” he says as he steps closer.

I blush furiously before he turns me around to carefully unhook my bra. He slides the straps down my arms then slowly pulls it to the floor and kneels behind me. He must have a killer view of my bottom because he doesn’t move for a second.

Suddenly, his hands begin to stroke up the outside of my legs from ankles to hips. His lips find my back, his kisses tantalizing me.


So warm against the chills they create.

I throw my head back and moan his name. “You know exactly what you’re doing,” I say encouragingly.

He does.

He knows how to make love to me.

He knows what to do when I’m excited and going insane to be united with him.

He knows how to fully satisfy me.

He knows how to make love to me.

“Shhhhhh, baby,” he says again. I can’t catch my breath and he’s barely started. I’m going insane for him and he knows it.

“This isn’t fair,” I say.

He moves to my neck. “What isn’t fair, honey?” he says while bringing his hands to my panties.

I gasp before being able to respond. “I want to tease YOU,” I tell him.

“You already have been for a week.”

“Not like this,” I say.

I turn to face him. His hard cock pokes me in the stomach, making me smile.

“It’s killing me more than it is you,” he says with a smirk. He lays me on the bed before pulling my panties off and inhaling, with a satisfied smile, the scent of sex that fills the room. I excitedly stare up at him, then use my foot to stroke up his leg to his cock. Then I quickly sit up and take off his boxers.

It was time to get my revenge.

My hands perform a little dance around his body as I lick my lips to take him in my mouth. My fingers lightly travel up the sides of his legs, and he starts moaning my name in an almost impatient tone. I give the naughtiest smile, looking up at him before devouring his hard cock. His breath hitches. My hands continue to dance across his backside, traveling up to scratch his back before lightly playing across his sides and chest.

We loved this teasing game.

I grab on to push him deeper into my mouth, and he groans. My tongue swirls around his head before I suck harder. I know he’s about to lose control, and I love it. I groan while he’s in my mouth to send vibrations through him, and he gasps before suddenly pulling out and pushing me on the bed. I part my knees, knowing I’m going to get what I’ve asked for all week.

He puts his hands on either side of my head for balance while we try to catch our breath, staring into each other’s eyes. Then we begin doing an underrated exercise we both love, this time by accident: breath exchange while maintaining eye contact. (I think it is specifically called “circular breathing.”) We start by syncopating our breathing; I inhale when he exhales. He inhales when I exhale. (Don’t knock it until you try it. It’s an intense form of intimacy I’ve read about online.)

This time, the connection feels incredibly intense. As we exchange breath, our bodies become still except for lightly caressing each other. I thought he was going to ravish me after I teased him so long, but he has plans that are just as great. I’m undeniably ready to become one with him, and before I know it, I feel him push me apart. We moan, satisfied just to be united at this moment. We kiss, slow and steady, with our bodies pressed, souls together, and wanting. Our spirits make love, and our bodies search for release.

We take it slow, taking our time to cherish the feel of us. It’s refreshing. Like virgins, we’re fascinated with what every sense gathers. We touch what we see. We pause to admire the beauty of it all. We stop to gaze into each other’s eyes. We explore and caress what we find. We hold on to what we feel and hear. We discover the tastes of each other. We stir our scent with every move we made. Our responses make us fall apart in ecstasy, but we find ourselves together as one.

The sensations we create end up leaving us breathless. I nearly black out from the pleasure of my own orgasm and I faintly hear him express pleasure of his own before he releases his all inside of me. We end up delirious and spent in each other’s arms, happily lying in the mess we have created of ourselves. We are still in awe of what our bodies have just done, but more aware of how great it felt.

This type of lovemaking never gets old.


And people wonder why I have so much respect for sex, even as a virgin. 

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14 replies
    • SingleDreamer says:

      Thank you so much! I have more on the way! I love reading your stories too SouthernHeat!

    • SingleDreamer says:

      Thank you! Lots of sexual tension in my writing is the goal so I’m so glad that others were able to experience that. Also, I wasn’t teased. Sadly I am not married, this was just a fantasy to enjoy!

  1. WakaWaka123 says:

    Wow, This is an amazing story! At the risk of gushing a little, I LOVE reading your stories singledreamer. They are absolutely amazing, its like someone put words to my own thoughts at times! I hope someday to find someone with a mind similar to yours!

    • SingleDreamer says:

      Thank you so much for the feedback WakaWaka123 ! I am so glad you enjoyed it and can relate to the feeling! I can’t wait to write more. It really helps me accept myself as a sexual being and accept that sex and fantasies are a good thing to have. A blessing for sure!

    • WakaWaka123 says:


      I understand that feeling so much! I don't write myself (at least not much) but I find sites like this and forums like The Marriage Bed or Songs of the Beleivers to be really good outlets in helping me accept that I'm a sexual being and that fantasies are a good thing to have!

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      I second what WakaWaka123 said about Song of the Believers (Google it). Many on this site are there (married and single), and that site (for interactions) and this site for stories, has made me more excepting of myself as a high drive individual!

  2. PatientPassion says:

    I'm not even sure how to describe what I thought of this. It was so hot and intense! I could have written something very similar about my own hopes and desires for my future marriage. I would LOOOVE to have this kind of back-and-forth, mutual teasing with my future wife. That "circular breathing" idea sounds familiar, and so deliciously sensual!

    This definitely goes on my favorites list, and I'm saving the link to be double sure I don't lose it! 🙂

    We may be virgins, but this shows how we can still be intensely passionate and sexual people. God help our future spouses, because they'll need it to keep up with us, haha!

    • SingleDreamer says:

      That means a lot PatientPassion! I’m so glad you enjoyed the story and it’s an honor to have it on your favorites list! I hope couples give circular breathing a try! It seems great for intimacy!

      And I absolutely agree! Just because we are virgins/committed to waiting for marriage or Christians does not mean we aren’t intensely passionate or sexual. I am accepting myself as someone who is passionate about the idea of sex and I cannot wait to find someone to share that intimacy with one day! Our future spouses will be blessed for sure haha!

  3. YoungCouple69 says:

    This is a beautiful, sensual story. Love your word choice. Just went back and read your other posts–amazing! Your description of oral sex is spot on–and super erotic I might add! Overall, very hot! Looking forward to seeing more of your work here.

  4. SilverGold says:

    Wow! What a sensuous, erotic, and romantic expression in prose and poetry of your hunger and thirst to please and be pleasured by your future husband! It evokes every emotion and sensation of deep, marital sexual love and bliss!! Keep writing!!

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