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Your Plans

Seductive glares clouded with peaceful stares. Colorful minds hidden by neutral smiles. Bold phrases behind stuttered words. Desire masked with hesitation. You’re my anticipation.   I feel a familiar embrace behind me. You reach around to find my sensitive clit while your other hand lifts the hem of my dress. I push back against you […]


“Shhhhhh, baby.” His hot breath travels down my chilled body, and I tense up in excitement as I feel a surge of electric-like pleasure run through me, ending with something wet and warm seeping through my lips—not the ones at my mouth. In just seconds, I’m soaked. He chalks it up to the anticipation he’s […]

The Wait

I was inspired to write this through my yearning for intimacy. it describes how lonely I feel sometimes after pleasuring myself and how my experience will never compare to what is to come. Yes! Yes! Ahhh!…   But it’s not the same. It will never be close to what it will be with you my […]

New Member With Questions

Hey everyone! I am new to this account but not necessarily new to the site. I’m quite young—I am over 18, but will not reveal my age—and I have found myself visiting this site repeatedly for years. I am in awe, and as I have gotten older, I understand that there is no reason to […]