Your Plans

Seductive glares clouded with peaceful stares.

Colorful minds hidden by neutral smiles.

Bold phrases behind stuttered words.

Desire masked with hesitation.

You’re my anticipation.


I feel a familiar embrace behind me. You reach around to find my sensitive clit while your other hand lifts the hem of my dress. I push back against you to resist the overwhelming pleasure your fingers bring. I end up meeting your thrust, inviting your rock-hard cock into my awaiting folds. You smile in delight as I gasp, almost surprised at such a bold entrance. Was that your plan all along?

We begin meeting each other’s thrust in a synced manner, just enjoying the feeling of each other’s most sacred places. I attempt to keep my eyes open through intense moments of pleasure but fail as they roll back.

Your gaze is more focused, intense, meaningful. I try so hard to meet your stare in the mirror, but your hand won’t leave my clit. I concentrate on the feeling of you, and the room seems darker.

So I listen to your seductive words.  “Come for me, honey… come around my dick, baby… come on… oh… yeah? Ohhh… come, baby… come.” They squeeze between our desperate thrusts.

You’re waiting, and all I can do is nod at your command, then comply. My walls grip you, making you react in an almost funny manner as we double over and thrust. I crack a smile before another wave of orgasmic bliss washes over me. “Oh yes, mmm…” I always think orgasms are familiar until I have another one, and it blows my mind all over again.

When I open my eyes, we’re no longer standing straight, and our knees hit the ground. Was doggy style part of the plan, too?  Your moans echo through the room, not stopping except for a breath and a few of those guttural grunts I love to hear. You’re coming too! I’m thrilled as you grab my hips and drill again and again until that sought-after explosion of pleasure. I embrace your warmth, and your hold on me, making sure to fill me up with every last drop. 

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  1. Bertie says:

    SingleDreamer, great that you are finding good outlets for your sexual imagination. It is so important. Thank you for sharing some of your journey and thoughts with us.

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